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  1. I've been entering expenses using the "Make a payment" option to create a journal entry. However, when I go back and view the journal, the supplier entered in "Pay To" doesn't show up anymore (so I don't have a record of who the payment went to). Is there a way to report on payments made like this? Maybe there's a better way to enter these expenses? The expenses are ingredient purchases for a bakery. 4.07 Mac, Free version
  2. It appears that there is a limit of 1 web user on the free version. Having multiple users is actually something really valuable (so I can keep track of who's doing what, or at least have different levels of access. I could give an accountant R/O access, for example). I too am not sure why I want Express Invoice in addition to Express Accounts. Express Invoice seems to have a subset of features of Express Accounts (just invoicing/quoting, but no banking, etc.). They also don't seem to share data?
  3. A few weeks ago I downloaded the "free" version of ExpressAccounts, and today it seemed to expire, and wouldn't let me in unless I bought it. I never saw a notice about it being a trial or anything like that ... I deleted the app and redownloaded it today. Now it says that my "plus" trial expired, even though I didn't get the "plus" version? Aside from that notice, everything works the same way it used to. Nothing seems to be different. The "About" box says "Free Version" just like it did before. While free is better, I'd be happy to buy the "plus" version, if it had some kind of feature that made it $80 better than the "free" version. What's the difference between "free" and "plus"? This is on Mac OS X, if that matters.
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