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  1. Over in the Express Invoice forum, I've posted my issue that I'm having with EI and comboboxes. I'm not sure if it can be resolved, or even what's causing it. In the event that it can be figured out though, I have two alternatives going forward: 1) Upgrade to the paid version of Express Invoice, or 2) Start with Express Accounts (paid). I like both of them, and although I've had problems before with EI the paid EA program I've since used elsewhere is working far better than I expected it would. Does anyone know if it's possible to import 'everything' from EI to EA? I have several 'businesses' in my current EI (really just different parts of the same business), and hundreds of items, customers, invices, payments... and I would need to import them all to a new install of EA. Has anyone done this before? Did it work, seamlessly?
  2. Try this: Go to the Customer list and open your Customer. Take the address in the Shipping Address field, and post it in the Address field. Delete everything from the Shipping Address field. There's no way to remove the Ship To or Bill To fields on the invoice altogether, or even to rename them. You're stuck with them.
  3. Having had a little faith restored in the software, and now running another business using the paid version of Express Accounts (which works really well), I have tried to upgrade my old rolled-back version of EI to the latest v3.28. My plan was to use it for a week and if no glitches appeared, to pay for it. Unfortunately, I've hit a glitch. When trying to use the web access, a user will open an invoice/order/whatever to get an error with the combobox.js:123 that contains the descriptions. Now for the strange part. A clean install on another computer and loading in some test data doesn't have this problem (we tested it to see if the latest version would have what we needed before trying to upgrade). As well as that, the actual program often seems to 'hang' for long periods. So what's the best thing to do here? Completely uninstall and try again? Is anyone else having this issue, or is it my computers. It happens on all web access, irrespective of the computer. Even the same computer that previously didn't have any issue with the new install. Once again, I'm a little nervous about buying it if I can't use it properly without problems. I need to know this is fixable if I'm going to get out my credit card. Another thing, I'm loading it on a windows server, and it's accessible through web access via firefox to anyone with a login (3 people). Could that be the problem? Any help appreciated... Rachel ------------------------------ One top tip suggestion for the next version: The old v2.01 would automatically move to the items codes as a user started to type, this one doesn't. It was very handy! Alternatively, have the old item box return in a future upgrade so that users can search by description if they don't know the code. The new description dropdown isn't alphabetical... harder to find things when in a hurry.
  4. Does ANYBODY have ANY older version than the one that's just come out as an upgrade? I'm being asked to pay for the one I've got so my partner can access it over the network. In the attempt to upgrade it, the developers have caused absolute chaos inside it. So many things can't be used any more. Dropdown menus are unusable so you can't find products. Editing invoices are almost impossible.... So back to the original question... any older versions out there??
  5. OK, here's what happened. I clicked 'Run Automatic Statements' thinking it would print out the statements to my printer (all customers are set to 'Mail' for their statements). The printer popped out one statement... and then nothing else happened. On investigation I see that I have got the options set to send directly to other side (own server ???) which was the default option in the program that I've never changed, and now I'm paranoid that I've sent everything by email. However, I also have 'Do Not Send' chosen in the options. So now I'm not sure what has happened. QUESTIONS: 1) Has the program sent my statements by email? 2) How can I check, and shouldn't there be a record of sending those emails... somewhere? 3) I'm assuming that if I have sent out emails, I've sent the clients personal statements out to them, and not sent everyone else's statements out to everyone (if that makes sense?)
  6. I can't find it in the list on the purchase page! What's with that??? In fact it's been such a hassle to get the info I need I'm reconsidering altogether. Is support for the product available?
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