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  1. Thanks but no. I am looking for complete year end process. i.e. when I want to look at 2011 data I do not want entire account from 2010 with opening balances of 1.1.2010. When I try to put the required dates like 1.1.2011 to 31.8.2011 the opening balances still shown are as of 1.1.2010. In short I am looking for closing entry process. I would like to close the 2010 entries ,start with 2011 so that when I ask for 2011 data the opening balances are the closing balances as of 31.12.2010.
  2. How to run the year end process?
  3. yes with your user id and password

  4. hi all trying to find out if Express Accounts can be access from the web from more that one computer....

  5. Can " Apply Customer Payment" option be accessed from "web access"
  6. How to enter Debit Notes and Returned Checks in Express Accounts? Can we view and make entries to customers account through regular manual journal entries and not through "apply customer payments?"
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