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  1. Below is a list of the updates/upgrades copied from the browser page (IE) that is displayed by going to Help-the word > check for updates from the fly out menu > a window will open stating there is a newer version of the software and asking if you would like to see the updates to the new version > clicking yes should open a browser window displaying the upgrades as listed below. I've included the updates from 4.01 thru 4.02 so you can see what has changed. Enclosed is a screenshot (hopefully) BradUSA Version 4.02 Windows Upgrade Release: Fixed Help Related issue Fixed in new account payable item quatity showing minus Fixed in new account payable window Supplier list buttons shows wrong tool tips Done Accounts Payable Report Fixed in few places Expand menu & right click menus few options are active improperly Fixed just after installation home tab left panel footer window bit overlapped Done during profile wizard, prompt user to select country if regional settings are inconsistent Done add button/function to reset tax rates to a country's default Uploaded 2011-05-18 Version 4.01 Windows Upgrade Release: Fixed shortcut improper activation issue's Fixed F3 active when mainmenu is not active Fixed field info says 'Select customer' on Account payable Fixed if Express Invoice is not installed then should show alert "No data Found" Or "EI not installed" Fixed Account selection lost when you click cancel in "Confirm Delete" Fixed the 'Tax Included' option is permanently active, but works only for 'Income' and 'Expenses' account types. Fixed check print does not align with stationary Done buttons should be inactive when there are no entries on screen Done improper activation of web panel calender Done multiple account delete cause of multiple "Confirm Delete" message Fixed Emails not working for Express Accounts Fixed the 'Account Properties' dialog allows create accounts that prohibited by 'New Account' dialog. Done consolidated report for multiple businesses Fixed items sales report not sortable Uploaded 2011-05-13 <center> <a href="http://s1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb416/bdjanitorialor/?action=view&current=helpmenu.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb416/bdjanitorialor/helpmenu.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <br/><br/> </center>
  2. ===================================================================== Reply 2 pyz01 To read about the new changes or upgrades to version 4.05. Click on Help( the word) on the menu bar not the help icon. From the fly out or context menu and choose Check for Updated Version. A browser window will open and display all updates from 1.01 thru 4.05 BradUSA 1 head many hats
  3. Ben I don't use the web services offering for Express Accounts. AS far the PayPal API my guess would be to try your account details. If PayPal will export a report / statement as an .csv file you then could import that .csv file in the Transactions--on the menu bar > Reconcile account. I do not know a way to import invoices from another program--paypal into Express Accounts, I'm using ver 3.30 and you are probably using a newer version. BradUSA My link
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To enter a purchase and have it recorded as a Purchase = it will show up in the Journal in the Purchase tab. On the Quick Launch links--those in the shaded blue area on the home screen--click on Manual Journal Entry > from the drop down arrow choose Purchase and then fill in the other fields / entries as needed. From businessdictionary.com Purchase=buy a product or service--office paper/light bulbs etc. Payment=an amount that is paid or payable--ISP/Hosting service or electric bill BradUSA My site
  5. =========================================================================================================== cruscntrl I am using Express Accounts 3.30 and I assume you are using the newest version. To activate to the the paid version. Did you get a keycode in an e-mail ? To activate my older version NCH sent me an email with 2 codes to activate to the paid version. I am assuming the activation procedure is the same (my version & your version) The company setup is done from the Options button on the Menu bar on the home screen. I'm not a mac user, but I assume the set up and program features are the same. BradUSA 1 head many hats
  6. =============================================================================================================== voilette83 If you go to the Home Screen > Options button > click on the Tax tab. In that window you can enter your Tax info. The Quote & Order & Invoice windows / screens offer a box / column heading titled TAX that will auto enter your tax amount. Hope this helps BradUSA 1 head many hats P.S. the other work around would be to use the Receive Money link on the home screen. Then change the entries to reflect a Cash-CSH Not a REC receipt transaction + add the tax on a separate line (below the cash transaction) and save as a template ? To see if it works go to View tab > journal > all > select the date range.
  7. James I'll take try at your question and it is a good one. Perhaps setup an account in the Accounts tab and call it Refunds--enter as an expense ? for the category/classification. I would use the customer # or transaction # or invoice # to create a paper trail showing that a Refund payment was made to the customer #_________. Editing the invoice could be an option ? Write a check to the customer using the invoice # customer # etc in the check memo field or setup a separate checking/bank account just for refunds and be sure to tie each refund to a customer name / transaction # / invoice # --- this way would give you a quick look at your refunds. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you. BradUSA My Site
  8. Komis To answer your question. To make a Purchase transaction . click the Green Link Make a Payment or Purchase Transaction > In the Payment or Purchase window under the words Account Allocation the under the Number Button > click in that box and a drop down will appear with all the Account numbers Purchase should be Account 005 unless you have changed or edited your Account Numbers > Fill in all blocks/spaces for each entry. To view your Purchases click the View button on the menu bar or the View Journal quick link ( in blue on the list on the left on the Home Screen ) On the Journal window set the Start & End Date then look for Account: > from the drop down pick Purchases you should see a list of all your purchases. In the Journal entries ( all ) I believe Purchases still show up as payments. Your transaction to Office Works could be done a Check, Purchase, Payment, Credit card -- Hope this helps Brad USA bdjanitorial.com
  9. Zane Wilson Try this: On the Main Screen/Window > click the Reports button > from the drop down menu choose Payments + Select the Period - Start Date & End Date > from the window that displays the results you'll see Customer & Invoice # & Method (check/cash/visa) & Reference # ( number on the customer check) & the Amount. In the same same window click the Report button and from the drop down menu choose the Save as .CSV. This will export all the data from that Report: Sales Payment Invoice to an Excel file from there. from the Excel window click the the letters A B C D E F above all columns containing data > click the Data ( on the menu bar in Excel ) button > from the drop down menu choose Sort > choose customer from the drop down menu. I hope this helps or answers your question. The Bolded refers to Express Accounts and the Underlined refers to Excel. Brad Included are 2 screen shots 1 of Excel & 1 of Reports window from Express Accounts
  10. Brad132


    Baroo When you write a check to pay a bill or a vendor are you using Write Checks from the Transaction button that is on the Main Screen/window ? Also to set or begin the Check Numbering go to Options button on the Main Screen/window > Numbering tab > the last entry on the Numbering tab should be Check Numbering Check number. Once you use the Write Check option as mentioned above, then your Checks with a number will appear in the View button > Checks window. Hope this helps. Brad My link
  11. Zane Wilson You can sort/list customers by name to do this:1. on the Home/main Screen on the left look in the Invoices box and choose Open Invoice List > in the Invoice window click the Customer button it's next to the Order button this will / should sort by Customer Name. Also in the Invoice window you hold down the control key and select multiple customers & highlite a group of customers also. I hope I answered your question. BradMy link
  12. Twanda Let's step thru a received payment/check from a customer to see if this will help you. From the Home Screen/Window: 1. click Apply A Customer Payment > 2. you should see a Payment window > 3.click drop down arrow next to Customer: choose the customer 4. there is a button next to Invoice: -- this window will display a list of the Invoices for this customer + the Invoice # - Date - Ref Payment # --- this tells you that the invoice has been paid. Also on the Payment window you'll see a space titled Reference # here you can enter the check # or info that is on a customer's check--this helps if you need to correspond with a customer regarding payments received. Also from the Home Screen / window > on the Menu bar click View button and from the drop down menu choose payments you should see a list of invoices & payments received. BradMy link
  13. Brad132


    Baroo Sorry I'm slow at getting back to you on your Checks question. To see the checks and their check # do: Main screen or Home window > click the View button > choose Checks from the drop down menu. You should see a list of the checks you have written. I'm still working on the bank statements. You still should be able to Reconcile you account(s). I am using the paid version 3.41 as of today. Brad My link
  14. Zane Wilson What Statements are you trying to print out ? Bank Statements ? If you go to View button on the main window > to Journal from the drop down menu > on the Journal screen look for the Account: from the drop down choose the Account you want to view such as a Checking Account or ?. To view past transactions adjust the Start & End dates in those drop downs as well. To print click on Report on the menu bar of the Journal screen/window or save as a csv to export to an Excel spreadsheet. Hope this helps, if you have more ? just ask BradMy link
  15. Web Account Try Options button on the Home window-Then the Web Access tab, I think you have to set up web access 1st then add you Web Accounts. I don't use this feature so I can't help you here. BradUSA I have tried to get Web Access but haven't been able to so far, tried the public access link but I don't have or don't remember my password.
  16. Novice I'll try to answer your question. Let's look at a simple answer 1st. On the Home screen/window click on the word Transactions it's just above the Payment icon. From the drop down menu click on Write Checks. In the Checks window you can choose the supplier you purchased an item from & then fill in the rest of the information. Back on the Home screen / window click on the word View and from the drop down menu choose checks here you can view the checks written / issued and to which company. While the checks show as "open" I confess I don't know how to have them change to cashed / processed or ? I've reconciled the account but I have not loaded my local bank statement, that maybe the missing piece of the "open" check question. Make sure you enter the $$$ amount of each check/transaction in both of the Amount space and the Account allocation space. Hope this helps BradUSA
  17. Brad132


    Baroo On the main screen of Express Accounts if you click on the view tab then click checks from the menu you'll see a list of checks, also the amount, check #, date written and to who. If you click on view tab then click on journal from the menu--in the journal window look for the account:in the drop down menu choose the checking account you set in the accounts tab from the options tab from the tool bar. I just reconciled my bank account listed in Accounts Express and while it balanced the checks still show as open. I have asked why this is or how can it be changed but haven't gotten a answer as of yet. When I enter a check to pay for supplies as an example, transaction tab then click checks from the menu. In the Check window look for a the box that says memo -- write in the item you purchased such as tools, gloves, a service etc. These write ins will show up in the journal window and will help you to see what you actually bought with that check. Hope I answered your ? BradUSA
  18. James While I don't use the recurring invoice feature, have you checked the link "Recurring Invoice Schedule" in the help section from the Express Accounts title/menu bar ? BradUSA
  19. Dickson I'll try to answer your question about setting up a Trust Account. On the Start / Home page of Express Accounts 1. Click on the Options tab (tools as an icon ) 2. Click the Accounts tab next to the Company tab 3. Towards the bottom of the Accounts window click the Add button 4. Account name box type Trust Account or ? 5 Below the Account name box click the 0 that applies to your situation Asset or Equity or Income. Back at the Account window you add in expense accounts related to your trust account by clicking the Expenses 0 then selecting the Type of Expenses from the drop down and giving the account a number. Brad
  20. traceal If you go to: Express Accounts main page and click Options Tab/Button--in the new window click on the Accounts tab--Click the ADD button towards the lower part of the window--a New Account window will open-- to set up a bank account--enter a Name For The Account--choose 0 next to Asset and from the drop down arrow click bank accout. When you make a purchase or write a check that Bank Account (you created) should appear in the Account Paid From box for each purchase or payment--not payments received from a customer. In the Accounts window ( where you set up the bank account) you set up new accounts )-- Give New Account a Name such as gasoline, equipment, tools, etc.--- click 0 next to Expenses and from the drop down arrow click operating expenses or 1 of the other choices. Good luck BradUSA
  21. James Go to the Journal (Exp. Accounts Main menu--View--Journal) select the Start & End Date in the boxes then to the right select the Account: you wish to see such as purchase, business expense, etc. New window will open say Purchases--on that window's menu bar choose Preview to see it as a PDF or Click Report ( above the Preview button ) from the menu click Save As CSV which will save it as an Excel worksheet. BradUSA
  22. Maybe this will help with view Purchases. From the toolbar on Express Accounts... Click View--then choose Journal--on the Journal menu/tool bar choose the Start & End dates from the 2 boxes--from the Accounts: box choose Purchase or an account from the drop down menu--you should see a list of Purchases--( opens in it's own window )from the menu/tool bar in the Purchase window select Preview to see it in a PDF format or click Report (just under the Title / Blue bar ) choose Save As CSV--should save to an Excel spread sheet to where your saved files go to. BradUSA
  23. If you go to View from the toolbar and from the drop down menu choose Invoices you should see: Date Invoice# Customer Payment Ref--the number given to each recorded payment Amount. If there is no Ref # then the payment hasn't been recorded. BradUSA
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