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Incorrect named tracks and artist when ripping CD


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I get the same thing, wrong album titles when trying to rip major releases like

Phil Collins: "Both Sides" & "... But Seriously"

which I would expect to exist on freedb.org

I'm not sure if this is because the service supposedly was shut down a week ago?

Urgent notice: 
freedb.org and its services will be shut down on March 31st of 2020.

I started using Express Rip after that date (without knowing this in advance), and for some CDs it still works fine.

I hope the software author seriously considers adding musicbrainz.org as alternative DB source or just switches over to it.

I would definitely like to get the CD titles from any DB where it's available, without having to enter it myself (I've done for a few CD's)

The information needed is available at the links below, but I would like to have them fetched automatically.


I want to rip my complete CD collection (over 400 CDs) and if I have to manually enter 1 of 10 or even 1 of 20 CDs that's still a lot of unnecessary work I don't want to do.

Please update Express Rip to include other free CDDB sources (like musicbrainz et.al.).


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I took a look at the network traffic from the freedb.org lookups, and it looks like there's something going wrong...

So the first request returns two entries for the correct album (Chicago, Greatest Hits 1982-1989), but then three more requests are made, two returning "no such CD entry in DB" (for blues and classical), but then the last one returns just one full entry for "supersonic girl" with some Chinese characters as band name and in titles. This last (wrong!) entry is then displayed in Express Rip.

I wish the program would let me chose which of the entries found (2 of the 3 are correct, just the one displayed is wrong) is the correct one for me. I only did this for this CD, but I strongly assume it's the same cause for the problems with wrong data for other CDs as well.

59    3.819799    HTTP    245    GET /~cddb/cddb.cgi?cmd=cddb+query+a10c480c+12+183+23278+41505+58680+84445+107418+126498+143758+161215+182518+201743+219218+3146&hello=anonymous+localhost+ExpressRip+3.00&proto=6 HTTP/1.0 

Line-based text data: text/plain
    210 Found exact matches, list follows (until terminating `.')\r\n
    rock a10c480c Chicago / Greatest Hits 1982-1989 [Reprise 9 26080-2]\r\n
    reggae a10c480c Chicago / Greatest Hits 1982~1989\r\n

67    3.878596    HTTP    165    GET /~cddb/cddb.cgi?cmd=cddb+read+blues+a10c480c&hello=anonymous+localhost+ExpressRip+3.00&proto=6 HTTP/1.0 

Line-based text data: text/plain
    401 blues a10c480c No such CD entry in database.\r\n

77    3.935130    HTTP    169    GET /~cddb/cddb.cgi?cmd=cddb+read+classical+a10c480c&hello=anonymous+localhost+ExpressRip+3.00&proto=6 HTTP/1.0 

Line-based text data: text/plain
    401 classical a10c480c No such CD entry in database.\r\n

87    3.992695    HTTP    167    GET /~cddb/cddb.cgi?cmd=cddb+read+country+a10c480c&hello=anonymous+localhost+ExpressRip+3.00&proto=6 HTTP/1.0 

Line-based text data: text/plain
    210 country a10c480c CD database entry follows (until terminating `.')\r\n
    # xmcd CD database file\r\n
    # Track frame offsets:\r\n
    # Disc length: 3146 seconds\r\n
    # Revision: 0\r\n
    # Processed by: cddbd v1.5.2PL0 Copyright (c) Steve Scherf et al.\r\n
    # Submitted via: CD2WAV32(JP) R3.22\r\n
    DTITLE=\346\260\264\346\250\271\345\245\210\343\200\205 / supersonic girl\r\n
    TTITLE0=Love\342\200\231s Wonderland\r\n
    TTITLE1=The place of happiness\r\n
    TTITLE2=supersonic girl\r\n
    TTITLE3=Heaven Knows\343\200\234Brave edit\343\200\234\r\n
    TTITLE4=\346\203\263\343\201\204\343\200\234Pedigreed mix\343\200\234\r\n
    TTITLE5=Look Away\343\200\234All together version\343\200\234\r\n
    TTITLE9=NANA\350\211\262\343\201\256\343\202\210\343\201\206\343\201\253\343\200\234Special album version\343\200\234\r\n


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I have been having the same problem with several of my CDs that I am trying to rip.  I dropped the $20 on this software because it is a lot faster than using Windows Media Player, but now I am just using MP because every other CD comes back with the wrong info from the server.  Why can't we select the server we want to use?  Come on guys, HELP US or I am going to ask for a refund.

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This is very frustrating - just bought the software and I am not able to use, for several of my cd's and thats really a shame; I like the software BIG TIME :-)

Please NCH; come up with a solution for us :-)

Mads, Denmark

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Let's see if someone at NCH will actually listen to their users / customers... Just submitted this to the suggestions


Please read this thread on the forum:


Several users complained on the forum having the same problem!

The Disc-ID from audio CD's are not unique in every case. Sometimes different CD albums are returned from freedb.org and E.R. often uses the wrong data.

I took a lot of time to analyze this (from network traffic) and posted on the forum.

If a Disc-ID returns data for different albums, please let the user pick the correct one.

I also have a support case for this:
[TK-1lr9300001-5CB] Pty4 ExpressRip TechnicalSupportRequest Windows +


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likely related threads (to the same problem)


(started in 2011 !!)



NCH - you need to FIX this

By Osprey, March 17, 2008 in Express Rip

(from 2008 !!!)

I think if people start reading the forum first, before buying a licence, NCH will not sell many more Express Rip licences anymore.

NCH, why not fix this problem, compared to the existing features in ER the fix should be quite simple to do.

JUST FIX IT !!!  (pretty please)


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I like others have purchased this software based on positive reviews. The sole purpose of re-ripping my entire music collection. What I didn't plan for was manually entering the correct artist / album / track names. The worst of it is, you don't get the full incorrect details; it is missing lots of data. 

There are plenty of databases out there, please offer the ability for the user to choose others, or get yours up to date.

Or, i'll happily take a refund. 

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Incorrect data is one problem. Now I'm finding that every disk I have that is not on the "Top Hits of 2020" list comes back with no data and tells me to check my internet connection. I have three other windows open and working fine, so I doubt it has anything to do with the internet connection.

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Recently I have noticed that when I put a CD in to rip it shows me a different artist and track listing.

One example - I put a Beach Boys in the CD Drive and Express Rip showed me that the artist was Tennessee Ernie Ford and listed tracks that were nothing to do with the Beach Boys CD.

Second example - I wanted to rip a Beatles CD and it came up as a Ramones CD with Ramones tracks.

On some occasions it omits the track name and simply says Track 1, Track 2 etc.

So I find I have to go back to Windows Media Player to rip these CDs which is disappointing.





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