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  1. Hoorah .... praise to NCH .... this is fixed and works correctly in ver 1.52 There was no firewall issue, whatever was wrong has been fixed - well done.
  2. This is still an issue ... I have tried other rippers and athey all get track details no problem (iTunes for example) ... but the success rate with NCH ripper is about 1 CD in 10. and that is with freeDB and muicbrainz. iTunes never fails .... ? The fact that it does work sometimes would suggest that my Firewall is not the culprit ... it seems more likley to be a bug in software.
  3. I don't see how this is a problem with my Firewall ? .... if it was how come it works part time ? And works 100% of the time for Windows Media Player & iTunes .... it is only a problem with Express Rip ? The version I use is 1.48 many people on this forum report the same problem, we can't all have a firewall problem.
  4. Interesting & worrying that NCH have not bothered to even answer this, it was also emailed directly to support - and again no answer. Anybody manage to get any support out of NCH ??
  5. You really need to act on this. Look in this forum and there are loads of posts about same problem - and people are getting peeved. If I put in a CD to rip ... almost always reports 'operation failed when trying to access the FreeDB Internet server .. Please check you are connected to internet' Your FAQ even suggests connecting to www.freedb.org .... I do and get an instant connect no problem. If I try your alternate server (Musicbrains) the same thing .... this must be an NCH issue, if I fire up Windows Media Player or iTunes they find tracks details instantly. This appears
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