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  1. Is the newest version 3.07? I'm still having trouble with about half of my collection. The misidentification of Disk 2 for Disk 1 of a set which was discussed above seems constant.
  2. Incorrect data is one problem. Now I'm finding that every disk I have that is not on the "Top Hits of 2020" list comes back with no data and tells me to check my internet connection. I have three other windows open and working fine, so I doubt it has anything to do with the internet connection.
  3. I'm getting incorrect data for all multidisk sets.
  4. Same problem; Disk 2 of 2 retrieves Disk 1 data then tries to overlay the rip of Disk 1 with Disk 2 files mislabeled as Disk 1. The suggested file link is of no help
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