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    Checking back after 6 months to see if the "freedb" issue has been fixed. Help screen still lists it, although the URL was taken down long ago.
  2. Was the dead database ever replaced with a functioning base? I quit using this software several months ago. Is trying again a waste of time?
  3. Is the newest version 3.07? I'm still having trouble with about half of my collection. The misidentification of Disk 2 for Disk 1 of a set which was discussed above seems constant.
  4. Incorrect data is one problem. Now I'm finding that every disk I have that is not on the "Top Hits of 2020" list comes back with no data and tells me to check my internet connection. I have three other windows open and working fine, so I doubt it has anything to do with the internet connection.
  5. I'm getting incorrect data for all multidisk sets.
  6. Same problem; Disk 2 of 2 retrieves Disk 1 data then tries to overlay the rip of Disk 1 with Disk 2 files mislabeled as Disk 1. The suggested file link is of no help
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