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Exported video keeps freezing in consistent place


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It turned out that @Bamboo's problem was completely different to @GTCulbreth's. We've got both problems taken care of.


If you encountered the same issue please upload and share your files if you can. Maybe your problem is different from the one we fixed. It will also help us to confirm that the problem was fixed.

We'll return free license key of the new release to users whom provided files or information to help us fix bugs.

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Could you please upload the project files (the .vpj file and video/audio files used in the project)?

Bug fixes will be applied to the next release. We normally make a new release in 1-2 months, sometimes longer though if big changes are applied. I can't tell the exact time for the next release but we are trying to make a new release in 2-3 weeks.

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I think I may have found a solution: Reduce your RAM usage by other programs.

Actions taken: I pulled down all other programs, then a few more (via ct/alt/delete - task manager - details), then exported to mp4.

Result: No freezes on the first try. Then brought up a whole bunch of programs and exported again. Still fine. Video was 1:40 in length.

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Haven't tried. This is a video to be shown on a website/Facebook ads.

I'll tell you this, though: My client had one minor revision to the video, which meant I had to change it and re-export it this morning. I did the same thing: brought down all other programs (ensuring my RAM was as feed up as possible), then exported. No freezes. I'm very happy.

I'm still wondering why the program would need a lot of my 16GB of RAM for a simple 1 minute 40 second video.

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Microsoft Word: 38.7 MB (1 document file; 260 KB)

  • Windows Explorer: 44.8 MB
  • Google Chrome: 293.9 MB (9 tabs)


  • I'm not counting my antivirus/antimalware, nor am I counting the various Windows-related system files, which I kept up.
  • I have 16 GB of RAM in my system.

I know it doesn't make sense to me, either.

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Sad news to report -- Just created a new video, and it's freezing again. Some specifics:

1. Trying to export a 2 minute 26 second video as an mp4.
2. Saved project, then clicked File / Export video / File / Video file / Preset: Custom / File Format: mp4 / Resolution: 1280 x 720 - YouTube 720p / Frame rate 29.97 [TV NTSC] / Constant frame rate checked.
3. Video (not audio) freezing periodically throughout exported vids.
4. It freezes when exporting to wmv, mov, avi as well as mp4. When exporting, I have brought down ALL other programs except my OS (Win 10).

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I continue to hit this problem but have developed a workaround that has worked so far.

During Project A I inserted Video B at 1:32-1:42 and Video C at 1:53-2:01.  Upon Exporting, there was freeze from 1:43 until 1:53 (the frame AFTER Video B finished was frozen lasting until Video C started).  I replace Video B with Video D for the exact same amount of time in the same spot and got the same freeze.

Workaround -

I cut Video B/D out of the Sequence (but left them in the Project) and exported with only Video C (which worked fine the whole time).

I then renamed my project to "Project A Final" and saved it as a new project.

I added a new Sequence and brought in the video of "Project A" and placed it into Sequence 2.  I then put Video B back on Sequence 2 where I wanted it on Project A Final, Exported Sequence 2, and <drum roll> it worked!  No more freezes!!

Now here's the part that bothers me the most Videos A, B, C, D were either shot with the same camera at the same rates and exposure OR were a screen capture of a PowerPoint Presentation using NCH's Debut software.  In other words, I kept thinking the root of the problem had to be because I was mixing and matching from other sources but my sources are all the same. I was convinced it was something about mp4 vs. avi or incompatible frame rates or something.  But none of those things seem true now.  Messing with frame rates, output type, encoder values, etc. never got me where I wanted to go and quite frankly, got pretty old!

To me, here's the BIG QUESTION:  Why would Video C work no matter what I did but Vidoes B and D did not work no matter how much I tinkered with the settings?  It makes no sense to me and obviously is going to be very tough to debug.  To be clear...ALL Video A is an output of Debut with some "live shots" from Video B and C now cut into it.  However, C is cut into the original and B is cut into the output of the original project as a new Sequence/Project.

Developers:  I know you want to get your hands on my videos to see if you can replicate this.  Unfortunately, these are not videos that I can share.  However, now that I know what I'm looking for, I think I can recreate the same circumstances in a less than 3 minute video and put the project/video files in a Dropbox for you.  However, it might be a week or more before my schedule will allow me to do that (business travel, etc.)  If I can get to sooner than that I will.  I know I've been hard on you in earlier posts but I have a lot more sympathy now that I see how odd and illogical the problem is.  After 30 years in the IT industry, I can bet this is going to turn out to be some minor change that that no one ever considered possibly impacting ANYTHING.

What smells really fishy to me is that several of us started complaining MONTHS after v5.01 was released.  Which makes me think that whatever has triggered this came to us later in the form of Microsoft update or something like that.

(Oh BTW - The computer I'm using to do the work is a Dual Core i7, 16GB memory, Geoforce GTX, <insert male grunting noise here> etc.  So it's not the hardware slowing anything down or fighting for some system resource - All work (project files and Exported files) is done on an external drive with all caching on the C: drive -   That's not to say this isn't hardware related - can't eliminate it yet, I'm just saying, there's not an obvious answer there either).

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We've found the problem in 5.01 which causing the freeze.

If you have two clips with effect applied in the same track, and there is empty space between the clips. The sequence will freeze for the duration of the gap. A workaround would be insert an empty text clip to fill the gap.

Thanks everyone for reporting the issue.

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The next version is in testing now. We are hoping to release a new version in the next few days.

Your registration and activation code will work on any fix or new version of the software released within 3 months from the date of purchase. Our upgrade policy can be found on this page.

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Crap -- I bought my software last December. Does that mean I'm ineligible for your next version (which resolves a technical bug which I reported, and prevents me from effectively exporting my videos), and I'm stuck with a defective version (unless I pay more)?

Is that fair?

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I have created a single scene video that begins with text and art elements, followed by an approximately two minute mp4 video, followed by two text frames. In total, the finished product should be 2:45. In preview mode, everything works fine, but after Creating Video, the beginning and up to the end of the mp4 video is rendered, leaving roughly the last 10 seconds of text out. I've tried many workarounds and have spent more than five hours trying to fix this issue. I have a presentation Tuesday morning, so any help will be most appreciated.


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With your project on the time line, click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT.  Upload all the files to a server, such as DropBox, MS OneDrive, Google Drive or the like.

Create a public link and post it here.  Someone will analyze your production.  You can also zip the saved project files and upload the .zip to the server, if that's easier for you.

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