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  1. Low pass filter aint doing it. How do i make it like this.
  2. I'm using Pan and Zoom to animate an object. When I've green screened something, that feature seems to be the only feature that lets me move it around the frame. I'm just asking why aren't there numbers so I can make the process more precise.
  3. Why can't the Pan and Zoom feature has numbers like the Scale feature or Zoom feature? Wouldn't the pan and zooming be more precise with insertable numbers instead of manually dragging the box all the time?
  4. Done. You can find it by clicking on the same link from before. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_U1sNaZGyzBSkJFeHBMV3FRWk0
  5. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_U1sNaZGyzBSkJFeHBMV3FRWk0 The mp4 file is the exported video (Believe me though the same result occurs on every exportable file) The avi file is the source material. The problem doesn't appear if the video is untampered and exported as a whole, but it arises when I cut it and copy paste it a dozen of times as seen in the exported video.
  6. Well, I worked my way around the issue by using a static image since the main purpose of the video was just to show a song. The problem hasn't come back on other videos. I still have no idea why this is a thing though. I don't know why I didn't bring this up but the videos that had this problem had this aspect ratio issue when I try to render it and ask if I want to resize to fit or crop to fit.
  7. Well, I've exported it in the same framerate multiple times with no luck. It's the latest version, 5.01.
  8. I know that two threads have been made regarding this but neither provided an answer. So I've encountered this bug multiple times already. The video plays just fine in the preview. Once I export a video, the exported video just freezes at a very specific point, the audio keeps going just fine. The video unfreezes at a specific point and this goes on even though I tried a lot of things and no matter how many times I've exported it. I know this is a bug and not a problem with my computer because I've made similar or even more demanding videos and they exported just fine.
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