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  1. My sincere apologies. I don't recall how I ended up in this forum but my assumption was it was for Explaindio. That explains the confusion. Again, sorry for taking up so much of your time!
  2. There is no FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. The only option available after clicking SAVE AS is ALL FILES, *.*
  3. Timeout. I just purchased the Explaindio license within the past 90 days. You're now telling me to scrap that program and buy a new license for new software VideoPad?!!!
  4. I am not a techie and have no idea where to find files you are referencing. However, when I go to the Asset file I find four slides, but none contain the mp4 video. The audio file for this video is there. The Asset file is missing the mp4 video and two text frames. Can you do remote diagnostics?
  5. I had tried exporting using all the various settings you suggest below, yesterday. And yes, I always Save before Exporting. I'm on version 3.045. If not most current version, where is link to update?
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2llx2rn69d3lsb7/AADDdtztOUCjiFWqWivg5uKQa?dl=0
  7. VERY FRUSTRATING! I have created a single scene video that begins with text and art elements, followed by an approximately two minute mp4 video, followed by two text frames. In total, the finished product should be 2:45. In preview mode, everything works fine, but after Creating Video, the beginning and up to the end of the mp4 video is rendered, leaving roughly the last 10 seconds of text out. I've tried many workarounds and have spent more than five hours trying to fix this issue. I have a presentation Tuesday morning, so any help will be most appreciated. Thanks
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