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  1. I have VideoPad version 5.20. It's my understanding that we're now on version 7.02. Is there a list somewhere of what improvements/changes have been made in the various versions? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a borderless graphic in my video which I'm scaling from 60% to 90% in 3 seconds. No matter if it's in preview or play mode, Videopad is placing a thin border around the image the whole time, which I don't want. How can I eliminate/delete this border? Videopad places the border around different versions of the same graphic -- jpg, gif and png. I'd attach an mp4 of this, but can't see how to do that in this forum. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  3. @c_major -- Certainly. Just the vpj file, or everything? If everything, it's 422 MB. That'll take a while to upload.
  4. Yep. Here's what I just did: Re-opened the vpj. Inserted a video clip (thus "patching" just one hole) File --> "Save Portable Project As" Opened up the vpj in the "Save Portable Project As" folder. Hole is still there (IOW, my patch job didn't save).
  5. When reloading the project does VP prompt for the missing clips? No. Or does it load, but have 'holes' in the timeline? Correct; it loads and has holes in the timeline (you'll see the holes in my uploaded vpj file). Are the original clips in the media bin? Yep. It's like 5.02 has selective amnesia. ; )
  6. Good news: The freeze issue seems resolved. Bad news: Unfortunately, 5.02 is buggy. Here's how it goes: I open up a vpj file I've already created. I notice in the timeline that about 1/3 to 1/2 of the clips in the sequence are missing. I re-insert the clips where they're supposed to be (some have effects; some don't). Save the vpj project AND save it as a different name. Close VideoPad. Re-open saved file. Re-inserted clips aren't there anymore. File looks the same as when I previously opened it (with missing clips). Ditto with the "Save as" file. I've submitted a bug report and have FTP'd to nchpublic my file (1988941521.vpj) per the "Bug File Upload" email I received last night. Sigh. This sure is getting exasperating. I'd much rather use the previous version I had (where I inserted blank text clips so I could export a non-freezing video). At least that version saved what I had created.
  7. Crap -- I bought my software last December. Does that mean I'm ineligible for your next version (which resolves a technical bug which I reported, and prevents me from effectively exporting my videos), and I'm stuck with a defective version (unless I pay more)? Is that fair?
  8. Sad news to report -- Just created a new video, and it's freezing again. Some specifics: 1. Trying to export a 2 minute 26 second video as an mp4. 2. Saved project, then clicked File / Export video / File / Video file / Preset: Custom / File Format: mp4 / Resolution: 1280 x 720 - YouTube 720p / Frame rate 29.97 [TV NTSC] / Constant frame rate checked. 3. Video (not audio) freezing periodically throughout exported vids. 4. It freezes when exporting to wmv, mov, avi as well as mp4. When exporting, I have brought down ALL other programs except my OS (Win 10).
  9. @NotADevWinkWink: Microsoft Word: 38.7 MB (1 document file; 260 KB) Windows Explorer: 44.8 MB Google Chrome: 293.9 MB (9 tabs) BTW: I'm not counting my antivirus/antimalware, nor am I counting the various Windows-related system files, which I kept up. I have 16 GB of RAM in my system. I know it doesn't make sense to me, either.
  10. @NotADevWinkWink -- I pulled down Microsoft Word 2016, Google Chrome and Windows File Explorer.
  11. @GTCulbreth-- Haven't tried. This is a video to be shown on a website/Facebook ads. I'll tell you this, though: My client had one minor revision to the video, which meant I had to change it and re-export it this morning. I did the same thing: brought down all other programs (ensuring my RAM was as feed up as possible), then exported. No freezes. I'm very happy. I'm still wondering why the program would need a lot of my 16GB of RAM for a simple 1 minute 40 second video.
  12. I think I may have found a solution: Reduce your RAM usage by other programs. Actions taken: I pulled down all other programs, then a few more (via ct/alt/delete - task manager - details), then exported to mp4. Result: No freezes on the first try. Then brought up a whole bunch of programs and exported again. Still fine. Video was 1:40 in length.
  13. @C Major, Thanks for the reply. I uploaded to my Google Drive here. Freeze is from 1:21 to 1:37. Would you mind answering two questions for me? 1. Where do I go to see how the problems for @Bamboo and @GTCulbreth were resolved? 2. Is there a time frame for fixing this version of VideoPad?
  14. Happened to me a month ago, now happening to me again with a different video. I can't upload it but I can tell you the following: Duration: 2 minutes 26 seconds Export Preset: Custom Export File Format: mp4 Export Resolution: 1280 x 720 - YouTube 720p Export Frame Rate: 29.97 [TV NTSC] Export Constant Frame Rate: Checked. Freezes at :33 until :46 Freezes again at 1:01 until 1:06 Any special effects at the points where they are freezing? No. Audio does not freeze. If this can't be fixed soon, I'll need to look for another, more reliable editor. I shame because I spent money for this; and it's not working as advertised. NOTE: An hour later, I was able to successfully export. I shut down all other running programs, export to AVI, then upload that AVI to YouTube. Still, I would like to be working with mp4s.
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