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  1. I've filed the suggestions. Thanks!
  2. You have to do stabilize before aspect ratio conversion, is that because of you want to output back to analog TV format (non-square pixels)?
  3. Also, we will make some change the default export name in the next release. It will use the project name if you are exporting a single sequence without changing its name.
  4. I tried drawing a perfect circle around the car wheel. It does seems 640x480 is the right aspect ratio of the picture. 720x480 640x480
  5. It seems to me that it was the processor that converting analog to digital signal do the cutting and also corrected it's display aspect ratio. I can see the car wheels in the 720 frame are stretched to ovals.
  6. Hi Russ, Have you tried my suggestion in newer VideoPad versions: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/32049-problem-made-in-this-863-version/?tab=comments#comment-85628 If you really want the image being stretched to 720x480, which will look distorted, you can apply a "Stretch to Aspect Ratio" effect. Select "Auto Aspect Ratio"(default) then export to 720x480. Hope this helps.
  7. 64 bit build is currently in testing and bug fixing stage.
  8. Hi Russ, Is the resolution you've seen are reported from the Properties dialog? Those number are not affecting the export result. You just need to set export resolution to equal or higher than 720 x 540, VideoPad will try to use the maximum resolution available from the original video when export.
  9. There was a bug in 7.51 and previous versions which assuming all input video are in square pixels. If the output is in 720x480 (with square pixels), the picture will look distorted. You can compare the result from 7.51 to the original video when play in a video player.
  10. Hi Russ, Regarding the DV issue. The video is with non-square pixels (Pixel Aspect Ratio is not 1:1). The video's display aspect ratio is 4:3 (720x480 is not 4:3). If you play the video using a video player for example VLC, you'll see it's a 4:3 video. VideoPad can only output square pixels (PAR = 1:1) therefore it converts the image to 4:3 with square pixels. To avoid lost pixels, you can export the video as 720x540. It will keep the horizontal resolution and scale up the vertical resolution. Hope that make sense.
  11. Confirmed this is a bug and well be fixed in next release.
  12. Hi Russ, I'm working with Alex on this. Could you please check your PM?
  13. Hi Russ, Would you be able to run a debug version of VideoPad and sent us the trace log?
  14. @kristiansen Confirmed "Place in 360" can't be previewed properly in the sequence - this is a bug. [Edit]: This bug has been fixed in recent versions. About the distortion. This is unavoidable. "Place in 360" projects the 2D video on a very small portion of the 360 video - which is a spherical surface. This is a lossy process and a lot of information could loss during the process.
  15. Confirmed the bug is introduced in v8.34. v8.32 doesn't have this problem. We will release a new version in a few days and get the bug fixed. Please roll back to use v8.32 for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  16. Sorry no Beta yet at this stage. We are definitely pushing 64 bit forward. It will be applied to all NCH products.
  17. Thanks for the input. Yes, we are working on 64 bit VideoPad. We are hopping it can be released it in a couple months of time.
  18. The behavior is working as intended: Dragging a clip over another clip will replace(overwrite) the clip. Dragging a clip over the join of another tow clips, the clip will be inserted by making space to the join. We will review the UI and try to make it more responsive and shows exactly what happen when you drop the clip.
  19. Yes, the bug has been fixed in v8.18. It's officially released. @Adamu We will send you a free upgrade key soon.
  20. This bug has been introduced since v7.50. We've fixed the bug and will make a new release soon.
  21. Borate and Nationsolo are VideoPad users just like everyone. Our developers are working with them closely and trying to solve every reported issue. @14red We are working on making the GPU work more effectively. It will take more advantage for high-end graphics cards. It will be released soon.
  22. We are working on this issue and getting it fixed asap.
  23. It looks like the shadow is covered by the outline. It's a bug since the shadow should also be outlined. We will fix it for the next release.
  24. Hi, Currently VideoPad uses GPU to compute effects and transitions. We are working on also using GPU for encoding and decoding as well as format conversion. Entire video processing will then runs on the GPU if suitable. Reviced hardware pipeline expect to be released early next year.
  25. Sorry, the "show beat line" option has been removed. We'll put the option into the right click menu in the next release. We also polished the look of the beat lines in this release.
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