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  1. Hi Russ, VideoPad always read the file as 720x480(which how it was stored). You can manually add a "custom" export resolution - 720x540 and select "stretch". I guess your problem is that since export settings are saved in project file, when you start a new project the settings restored to default? Maybe you can try just replace the clip and export again in the same project?
  2. Video processing is computational intensive. We do intend to reach 100% usage of both CPU and GPU to maximize performance when necessary computation need to be done. We aware of overheating issue on some older CPUs but we do not want to compromise performance which we think it's more important and apply to every user. If overhearing become an issue, I think you should shutdown the machine and let it cool down for a while.
  3. The new GPU pipeline has been released with the latest version v10.21. VideoPad now supports hardware decoding and encoding on all GPUs (if the hardware have video processing capability).
  4. We've just had a new release v10.18. The "failed to load file" issue should be fixed now for Windows Store build. Sorry again for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience.
  5. We've realized that there is an error in current Windows Store build (v10.7) that causing issues on loading video files. We have fixed the issue. It might take a few days for going through the testing process before the fixed version gets release. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting the issue to us.
  6. We are improving project templates. We also testing changing the name to "Video Maker Wizard". Half of the download will have the name changed.
  7. Hi Russ, I've asked around about 16-bit TIF. We don't support processing 64 bit per pixel formats.
  8. The best way to avoid quality loss is to use lossless export - by leave the default export options. VideoPad support lossless transcoding for h.264 and MPEG4 codecs. Video data are simply copied from the input video to the output, without the trimmed section. Please note that if the input and output format does not match or the codec is not supported, the video must be re-encoded. Re-encoding is always lossy.
  9. Hi Takis, Thanks for reporting issues to us and sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please try out the 32 bit build for v10.16? Update: We couldn't reproduce the flickering using your project. Could you please also try use the debug build below and export the project? It will generate a trace log file in: C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\trace_VideoPad.txt Please also check your PM for my email address. Thank you.
  10. We used a separated data set for each export progress. Editing the project will not changes previous export result. We will investigate these areas.
  11. It seems your bad experiences are mostly because of the performance of the user interface rather than video processing. We will investigate these issues and work on improve them. Thanks for reporting issues to us.
  12. Thanks for the info. May I ask what kind of graphics card you are using? v10.16 introduced a redesigned GPU acceleration pipeline which support encode and decode video files using your graphics card. In most cases we've tested this will help boost performance. If you find the issue persists please use the last stable version v10.12 instead.
  13. Please note that we have dropped Window XP support for 64 bit build. Please still go to our home page to download if you are using Windows XP.
  14. We were drawn to the pipeline work after this discussion and overlooked this idea. Thanks for bringing it up.
  15. We were unable reproduce some of the issues mentioned above. If it's possible, could you please share the projects files that can reproduce these issues, especially the ones present in v8.99? Thanks, VideoPad Team
  16. Are you using v9.04 which has some know issues. We have reverted the release to v8.99 on the web site. Please download it again see if that solve your problem.
  17. To anyone that encountered crash issue, if you are willing to help us to track down and fix the bug, please install and try using this debug build to reproduce the crash: If the crash happened in the debug build, internal information will be written into a trace log: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\trace_VideoPad.txt Could you please kindly PM me and post the text in the trace log to me? BTW: I've reverted this release since the crash issue so there will be limited number of users would encounter this issue.
  18. VideoPad v9.04 is released with a new video processing pipeline that would utilize GPU acceleration much better than it was. We are monitoring this release closely. If you found this version crash or any other problem please report the issue here. Thanks, VideoPad Team
  19. You have to do stabilize before aspect ratio conversion, is that because of you want to output back to analog TV format (non-square pixels)?
  20. Also, we will make some change the default export name in the next release. It will use the project name if you are exporting a single sequence without changing its name.
  21. I tried drawing a perfect circle around the car wheel. It does seems 640x480 is the right aspect ratio of the picture. 720x480 640x480
  22. It seems to me that it was the processor that converting analog to digital signal do the cutting and also corrected it's display aspect ratio. I can see the car wheels in the 720 frame are stretched to ovals.
  23. Hi Russ, Have you tried my suggestion in newer VideoPad versions: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/32049-problem-made-in-this-863-version/?tab=comments#comment-85628 If you really want the image being stretched to 720x480, which will look distorted, you can apply a "Stretch to Aspect Ratio" effect. Select "Auto Aspect Ratio"(default) then export to 720x480. Hope this helps.
  24. 64 bit build is currently in testing and bug fixing stage.
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