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  1. I continue to hit this problem but have developed a workaround that has worked so far. During Project A I inserted Video B at 1:32-1:42 and Video C at 1:53-2:01. Upon Exporting, there was freeze from 1:43 until 1:53 (the frame AFTER Video B finished was frozen lasting until Video C started). I replace Video B with Video D for the exact same amount of time in the same spot and got the same freeze. Workaround - I cut Video B/D out of the Sequence (but left them in the Project) and exported with only Video C (which worked fine the whole time). I then renamed my project to "P
  2. To the Developers: LOOK, something is wrong. Clearly. You have multiple people all talking about the same thing... just look at the titles of the last 25-50 posts in this forum. After render we're getting either frozen or blank or combination of things. How many people will have to complain? Are you telling us that it's all on us to PROVE to you this is happening? If it's different on your system but we're having an issue then that's still not on us. I just took a WORKING video combined from two other videos. I did nothing to it but change the entire 5 min video to car
  3. I just logged in here to discuss EXACTLY the same thing. This does not appear to be a frame rate issue The only "interesting" thing I've done on this video is take two videos that were already together and chopped them up to rearrange them. I also added a "split screen" for about 30 seconds comparing the two. I do have one portion of one video now playing in reverse slow motion...again though, that should NOT be causing this error. The only solution I see is to render the video.... then go back and cut and paste the "broken" sections from the original materials and
  4. Just to be clear, I want to see Alfred's face in the "Effects: Newman.jpg" box next to the effects list the way it used to be.
  5. I very much appreciate your patience and walk through this step-by-step. Sadly, you confirmed that what I'm doing now is as close as I'm going to get to the old functionality. This "upgrade" is, as you very aptly stated, "clumsy." I find myself constantly "peeking" over the effect window, rearranging/resizing windows, etc. Does it work? Well, yes in the strictest sense, I can make it all "work." But I do a LOT of effects editing and what was a strong aspect of VP is now one of its weakest. Perhaps this is all personal preference and I'm the only one disappointed with the change. (I
  6. OK... the above did not work...this is becoming a show-stopper for me. I'm already starting to investigate some competitors. I REALLY need this function back. It makes no sense that it's gone. How much longer until it is restored????
  7. Strangely enough, I have nearly the same computer (mine has a few more HP but in the same league) and the same problem. I was excited to see 4.08 show up to see if it might be resolved. My work around up until now was to drop the FPS to a small number (10) and then render - increase FPS - watch - repeat until I found a balance of "non-freeze" + "watchability" Unfortunately the problem seems to be the same. (to be more specific, I am not doing subtitles but am using multiple transparencies to create a strobe effect) I also have an nvidia card...given that our systems are so similar I'l
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