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Unlinked audio and video clips can be placed anywhere on the timeline with respect to one another, creating splits.  Timeline clips can be copied and pasted as well.

To avoid affecting tracks other than the one being edited, LOCK the other tracks.  Right-click at the left of a track to see that option.

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I unlocked the audio in two adjacent clips, and Now I want to extend the video of the clip on the left over the clip on the right, while not changing the audio. There is plenty of unused hidden footage for this. It's just not going to happen :( The video of the second clips keeps moving to the right. Is possible to freeze of fix a video clip on the timeline and not make it move automatically?

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Here is an example of L split with two clips...


  • Unlink the audio/video for both clips
  • Move cursor to point where video 1 is to stop
  • Use the scissors down chevron under the Sequence preview screen to split Video Track 1
  • Step the cursor along to the end of clip 1
  • Grab the split off section from clip 1 and drag it to an upper track...you are going to use this as a measure so...
  • Move it along so it lines lines up to the right of the the cursor.
  • Jump the cursor to the end of this split off bit
  • Use the scissors down chevron under the Sequence preview screen to split Audio Track 1
  • Now delete the split off bit that you used as a measure.
  • Now delete the audio section... The timeline should look like this...The two gaps have identical durations...
  • zz.jpg
  • Close both gaps..
  • L split is complete
  • gg.jpg



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And I was thinking it should all be done on the first track. Bit like a cross-fade effect. Moving things to a separate track was a bit of an eye opener for me :) Thanks.

If could only find the source of the weird cpu usage and save a bit more often, VP might be perfect for me.


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