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  1. This wasn't a big issue for me but it was a bit weird and unexpected. Don't trust v.p. the quality control of releases seems to suck!
  2. I have decent hardware. vp is just not treating in with a whole lot of respect, imho this zoom effect problem is just another glitch in a never ending series of issues
  3. It's not responding as quickly as before and a couple of times I had no reaction when pressing ctrl-z. I an up to date windows 10 system. 6th gen and a gt740 videocard. But my zoom issue is a bigger problem
  4. Applying a zoom effect was always slow to do but now it's just terrible. Preview screen becomes totally grey and it flickers when I move in the key-frame timeline. It's very annoying! And that's another disappointing update for me Update: After a vp restart it still won't work properly. These incremental, buggy updates, don't work! The developers need to come up with a better update plan, this just sucks!! Start with some proper quality control!!!! Rapid developers, sigh! Another Update: When I move the mouse over the preview to make a change the preview becomes grey. When I hove th
  5. So I just upgraded to 8.95 and loaded a finished/old project After it was finally done regenerating the cache, and there was some sound again, I checked for errors. I found no major issues, but the scale fx that I applied to some 4:3 inspection microscope footage was gone. Now is that Chinese Andonstar microscope footage a bit strange. It displayed as 16:9 using vlc, but the windows explorer thumbnail and videopad make me believe it's 4:3, and that's why it needed the scale effect. Maybe some exif information that is only applied correctly in vlc. Bit like those annoyi
  6. I just exported a clip with the video track set to blank. The video file I got had a black screen but the export went a lot quicker, and was a lot smaller. I edited the file in audacity and imported it back into videopad after making some changes. It's not perfect but I worked for me
  7. Thanks for sharing you process and experience Alan. For sure I could improve my work a bit, by organising things a bit better and using the media bins a bit more efficient
  8. I'm not using all those clips. Originally I was going to but after about 90 minutes the became really undoable. I will upgrade my storage and perhaps edit everything together at some point. I just finished my edit and doing a test export at this moment. I guess I could upgrade to the new version, because I need to clean out the cache anyway, since the c:\ is filling up .
  9. All the sudden half of my thumbnails are gone in the media bin. v.p. probably needs another restart, but am I pushing it to hard with 320 video clips and about 200 fotos? (I'm not even using 1/3 of that material) I just hit the X to close vp, hopefully it will close gracefully, because this restart is wasting another 15 minutes Note: There seems to be something wrong with the forum software, as my arrow keys are not responding anymore.
  10. I'm on a roll tonight Here's another first for me. While changing the play length of a picture in track 1 dragging the brackets from right to left. I see the audio waveform in audio track 1 being extended. Like it's zooming in at the same time. I don't think anything really happened, but it was a w.t.f. moment! I got video proof if anyone wants it
  11. Did anyone ever have any lag when pressing ctrl-z in video pad v8.91 Just experienced it for the second time tonight with only an medium cpu load, maybe 40% I just could not undo a couple of cuts I made. Pressed ctrl-z maybe ten times. Nothing happened. v.p. was still pretty responsive. I've seen worse. -0-0- 10/24 3:01AM With recent updates, using ctrl-z has become rather slow and unreliable. Anyone else noticed this?
  12. And now another problem: Cut the clip on track one and deleted part of it. Everything automatically moved to the left. But not far enough. It stopped at the and of the clip in track 2. So I right click the gap in track one and select close the gap in the track. Gap closed for track one but everting else stays put. The option close gap in sequence was greyed out. Unexpected behaviour and I worked around it by moving the clip in track 2 a bit to the left. If I wasn't paying special attention things like this could do real damage! The "marker" clips I placed on track 2 and 3 and audio 2 worked gr
  13. Update. So I'm replacing a clip on track 1 and adding a second clip on track 2 in more or less the same location. So far so good. But when I change the length of the clip in track 2 by dragging the bracket on the left to the right so the clips gets shorter. But then everything in track 2 including the audio and a text file I placed on track 3 (no typo) gets moved to the left. To work around this behaviour I avoided using the brackets and cut the clip on track 2 into pieces and used the mouse to move it into the correct position. Looks like I found the problem that cost me a lot of time I sugg
  14. About 300 video clips and 200 pictures in the media bin. The time line is at the moment little over 30 minutes long. And I just had to quit vp because it wasn't showing any thumbnails for my new clips. That's another 10 minutes gone And I'm doing this import for the second time tonight At least the thumbnails are there after the restart
  15. If I use the lock track option everything is locked and I can not make any changes. Besides I need to delete and reinsert a few clips on track one and I need to move everthing together (also track 2) with the changes I'm making. But I do not trust v.p. to do the right thing. And I don't want to check the rest of the time line all the time. Progress is slow already
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