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  1. I ended up replacing part of the video with a blank clip and the adding a fade in effect on the next clip. I should have tried key-framing the Transparency effect, that might have been easier. (I did have a look at the exposure effect, but that did not allow me to change the video to pure black)
  2. I want to fade in a clip but not a the start of the sequence and I don't believe I can use a transition because the previous clip will also be blacked out. Or can I perhaps create a "unbalanced" transition? I found the fade options under the fx button. But now I have a follow up question. The fade from back does not happen at the moment I want so can I cut up the clip and make it back? Or do I need to replace the video with something that is already black?
  3. I tried the subtitle function once. It works fine but it is lacking in customisation options, so plenty room for improvements there. When exporting in h.264 or h.265, it is not a problem to set output bitrate.
  4. Try moving the clip to another track, adjust the end points but keep the same length, then move the clip back in position.
  5. In my experience, you need to keep an eye on videopad, especially to what it is doing elsewhere on the time line when working zoomed in. Often things get misaligned when you're making small changed. Example: Items on track two are no longer where they are supposed to be. This happens most likely because of the auto ripple feature. I find it useful to place "markers" on the time line. I'm talking about a stack of audio and video clips that needs to stay aligned. I place them on strategic placed on the time line and check them now and again. If they become misaligned I press
  6. Videopad can be rather busy in the background. What exactly does "usually a video to computer file" mean? What is your hardware and what is the resolution you are working on? If you just cleared out the videopad cache it can take a long time for the audio working again. I have had to wait well over an hour on a project to become "editable" again. (1080p video) And I'm using a 6th generation i7 processor. But on older hardware it will probably seem like forever.
  7. If you use the option "backup project files to a folder" the resulting backup seem to be using relative paths. Meaning, you can copy the backup to anywhere. Open the included .vpj file and it all works. (using relative paths for project files by default would be a nice feature)
  8. Perhaps there is an issue with your disk drive. In my experience the disk drive performance had a big influence on the cache file generating in videopad, especially with bigger projects. I can really bug down vp.
  9. As usual a video to report on he video editor issue. I find this ironic https://youtu.be/DjWX2mGySlE
  10. Delete the videopad cache and reboot the computer. In the past this has worked wonders for my export issues. (missing elements in the export)
  11. I can feel your pain :) Videopad is probably trying to balance the workload between cache file generating and editing. All this can be rather slow, probably to keep it workable. 1440P is also a rather high resolution. I guess we could all use a 64 bit update. Hopefully they will also overhaul that ridiculous cache file engine :)
  12. What kind of GPU tech does videopad use? Cuda, OpenCL? And what is the minimum version required?
  13. I ran into a similar issue a few times (with different versions) I recommend deleting all the cached files and restarting the computer before doing a final export. This seemed to fix the issue for me. And now, as a precaution, I do this almost every time before exporting.
  14. Depending on your project size it can certainly take up to 30 seconds to load a v.p. project. I recommend getting a faster computer or at least run from a solid state drive. Not starting at all, I never experienced that. But it can take a long time to process all the sound.
  15. Videopad is probably the number one cache file generator out there It filled up the free space on my SSD C drive a couple of times. And I now have a separate 128 GB NVMe drive just for videopad. It is not uncommon for the cached file size to become bigger than the raw video footage. Over 100GB As far as I know, noting you can do about this I hope they will overhaul this cache system in the new 64 bit version.
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