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  1. After pressing the l key to make a cut, the audio is gone. After pressing ctrl-z the audio is back. But it's gone again when making a new cut. Is this a known issue with version v8.91? After a restart of videopad the issue is still there, so I guess I will have to start over
  2. Why does it take so much time to import a few clips into videopad. Looking at the windows performance tab, it's not the cpu usage, memory or disk. And it's not generating cache files, because that process start the moment you drag a clip on to the timeline. So why doesn't it use more computer resources for the import. I have feeling this should go much faster. Using v8.91
  3. Thanks. Unlinking and moving the audio down, then extending the audio to full length and selecting the part I want to use, then shortening it and placing it back on track 1 worked fine for me. But it would be a nice feature if I could just drag the audio to the left or right while keeping it on track 1.
  4. I want to add an -0.25 exposure fx to all the clips in the timeline. But when I select all the clips (crtl-a) and add the -0.25 exposure fx it only applies this the clip that was active. All the other clips get a plus 0.25 exposure compensation effect. This default 0.25 is ridiculous what genius came up with that?? Same goes for the colour temp effect. Why not set is to zero like a normal program? (I know about saving fx but that's not what I want to use) Update. When is select an other clip and click the fx button, now I can see the green trick mark to apply the change to all clips.
  5. I will give that a try. But I was hoping for an easy way to just unlink the audio and drag it to the left or right. Without moving things to track 2 or creating gaps.
  6. I have a short clip in my timeline and I want to use a different section of the background noise. So basically I want to move the audio to the right in relation the the video. Is there an easy way to do this without extending the length of the used video? I think I tried most key combinations, (shift, ctrl, alt)
  7. Re-watching my video, notice the audio is still sped up but the video is no longer. Pressing ctrl-z does not go back far enough so videopad screwed me once again I did not make enough saves, and I should know better. Because you can not trust this program. Update: I think this problem happened when I applied a colour temp effect to most of the sequence, but I am not 100% sure about that. I ended up deleting the effected clips and reinserted them in the timeline. After that I applied the speed up fx and colour temp fx. And all was fine again. It only cost me an hour extra I thing
  8. I'm getting a bit pissed with the moderation on this forum, BORAT! I was giving some serious feedback about the cpu power hunger of videopad, and it's gone it's again. I appreciate your feedback but not your style of moderation!! I do like v.p. especially the interface and I hope it will get great one day. But you have to admit it's not the most efficient program out there. I tried multiple computers and the amount of cache file generation is just crazy. So lady get the fastest computer you can afford.
  9. I've never done that, but I suspect you need to put the background on track one. And you green screen footage on track two. Next you need to make the green colour transparent with an fx and something like that should work
  10. After a restart the export at exactly the same setting is fine. All elements are there. I had to check carefully because I can not trust v.p. to things right. Next time I will restart my computer before I export a project. To bad closing v.p. can take a long time, and then I also need to reopen the project. My computer restarts quicker then v.p. closes. And that is a bit ridiculous i.m.h.o. But at-least I did not suffer any new issues? (picture zoom is still rather slow)
  11. It's only a 23min video but it is 11.6GB data and that would probably take a couple of days to upload. But I just did another export after making a slight editing change And now the pictures (plus zoom fx) in track 2 are missing. The text clips in the same track are there. Although I did not thoroughly check, because I saved my project and now I'm going to retry again with the same setting Going crazy here :)
  12. So what is the bug? All I saw was a bombastic video game intro! Be more specific and to the point
  13. Working on another project and I just did a quick h264 export to do some quality control. And this time everything above track 1 is missing again! The h264 export I did an hour earlier was fine. And I did not make any change to my computer. I will restart and try again. So this is starting to behave like a random problem. Sigh. WHY DO HAVE THESE WEIRD ISSUES AL THE TIME? ideas, suggestions? Update: I just exported the project again, again using the h264 codec, and everything seems to be there again. I only did a computer restart and used 3000 instead of 2500
  14. Is there a way to move media from one bin/tab to another. Or do I have to delete it and than reimport the media into the correct bin/tab I created? I made two bins/tabs and like to move the pictures to the existing pictures bin.
  15. We all know size matters :) I just did the same test on a old dell i3, and that was a bit slower then my pc. (not much) At least it wasn't faster, because then there was something wrong with my computer. I guess v.p. is just slow and inefficient
  16. I just tried the same thing as in the video with the preview screen un-docked im my second monitor. Just al much lag, just as slow. I really think my pc should do better, or is it v.p. that should do better. This was only one picture, not much for vp to re-code
  17. I'm sorry I should have mentioned the picture size. Its 2608x2592 (a 16:9 crop on 16mpx sensor) But should size matter, since v.p. makes low resolution cache files for everything? The media is on a old spinning type HD but the v.p. cache is on a ssd. The access time to the old HD could be a bottle neck in my system. But this was only one picture b.t.w. I use windows 10, have 8 gb ram and a Gforce gt740 and a 3.6Ghz i7 of the 6th generation (I believe 10 is the latest gen)
  18. If only vp would keep up with my editing prowess Video to illustrate how slow it is to adjust a zoom effect on my pc: https://youtu.be/zHdqJ0Z7Pv0
  19. After reinstalling the latest nvidia driver, the same version I was already using, the h265 export problem is fixed. They only thing I did on my system was trying out v8.95 but when I ran it to ssues I undid that upgrade using windows system restore. Somehow something get messed up? But my zoom fx is now also working again and some other overlay issues that I noticed after I reverted the system back v.p. 8.91 are gone. Zoom fx is still a bit slow i.m.h.o. Changing the size box should be smooth but it is still rather laggy even at low cpu usage. Anyway I can continue and will stay away fro
  20. I notice that I also had other issue with simple text edits. It still worked but they overlay that is shown when changing the font size did not work any-more. So I just reinstalled the latest nvidio driver, same version that I already had, but the problem is gone now, to my surprise. Somehow something got screwed up, and I only installed that new v.p. version. All very strange. Hopefully this will also fix the h265 export issue I'm having. But it takes a few more minutes for that export to complete. Video to illustrate how slow it is to adjust a zoom effect on my pc: https://youtu.be/zH
  21. Thanks I'll give that a try. b.t.w. I use the same version. I just did a h264 export, without making any changes, so directly after the h265, and that worked fine. Everything seems to be there. -0-0- I'm sorry but I do not seem to understand what you are saying Dangerfreak. I only have on sequence so how do I export one after the other?
  22. I had a stack of 3 clips near the beginning of the project so that why all next clips were placed on track 4. Because track 4 was out of sight I kept dragging the same text clip on the time line and ended up with 2. With this test placement rule in mind it should be easy enough to work around it
  23. I thought I just posted this. But because I have to wait till v.p. becomes responsive again I will do it again I just exported a project using the h265 codec and everything above track 1 seems to be missing. Any ideas how to prevent this? Because before I did a quick h264 export found some spelling errors fix them before the final export, and now this. Seems like unreliable v.p. is wasting my time again Update: I deleted the v.p. cache file and exported again using h256, this worked previous when I was missing elements. But this time no luck. So thanks v.p. for anoth
  24. I just discovered that al my simple text edits were placed on track 4. Track 4 was out of sight so I dragged them to the time line in track 2. Now I got everything twice. How do I prevent this from happening? can I force those text clip to be placed on a certain track? Also, there is something wrong with the text overlay. I now longer can see size changes on screen. Looks relatable to my zoom issue.
  25. I had a core2duo before. Bit faster, but with the internal videocard No big file, I just opened that same 30 minutes project before. I tried to apply the zoom effect to a 12mpix photo. And trying to set the grey outlines on the zoom effect has always been slow for me (but before it was working, not it's not) It's like vp is starting the cache recoding process while still adjusting the wanted size. It always felt somewhat clumsy and sluggish. b.t.w. I just want to select a 16:9 portion of the photo and zoom out using key frames.
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