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  1. Sometimes I use the clip preview tab to make a video selection. But at some point I accidentally press the space bar to stop playback and then it jumps back to sequence preview. I know this is going to happen, but I can not make myself stop pressing the space-bar and just use the on-screen buttons. Is it perhaps possible to change the behaviour of the spacebar when in clip preview tab?
  2. I want to speed up a piece of video on track2 so I can make it fit a gap in track 1. But after speeding up the whole sequence auto ripples, despite me holding down the alt key. I'm using v10.16 and I need to do this because videopad has a bug where it mucks up sped up video if you apply an effect after the video was already sped up. An annoying bug I some times forget about. It only seems to happen when the effect is applied to multiple clips. The a/v of the sped up clip gets screwed up. Was this bug perhaps fixed in a more recent version? I'm not that keen on upgrading since v.p will probably introduce some new bugs
  3. This issue is far from solved for me. Videopad is being a bit of a bitch. And I rebuild most of the sequence to get the result I wanted A work around that does seem to work; Grouping together the items (a+v) to the right of the picture I want to extend. Then I am able to move that group to the right making the rest of the items in the sequence also move a bit, and creating space for me to extent the picture on the left of the grouped items. It's a bit of extra work but it gets me the result I want. Note: turns out grouping things together is not needed, just selecting them before moving seems to be enough.
  4. I got some pictures on video track 1 and some audio on audio track 1. No I want to move a picture a bit to the right, by making the play length a bit longer Now how do I automatically make the audio clips move the same amount to the right so everything stays in sync? (I tried grouping things but that did not fix my problem)
  5. Listen, there was definitely a problem for me that got fixed by removing the fade in effect on the first clip. with the fade in effect on I could not set an outline for the zoom effect I wanted. I could only see a chequered pattern. I tried switching between clip preview and sequence preview that did not help. only disabling the fade in effect did help. For me this was an bug and not normal. Now lets forget about it :)
  6. I wasn't talking about that pattern in the timeline. I got that on the sequence preview window. It was gone after I removed the fade in.
  7. This jumping of the play-head is really an annoying bug in v10.16 and the work around for me is to disable the video tracks above the video I'm cutting up.
  8. Buggy v.p. stikes again I cleaned up audio track 2 and 3 and now I want to move the audio from track 4 to track 2 But every time I place the audio at the beginning of the video sequence, v.p. moves everything except that piece of audio to the right. Why? If I use track 3 things work as expected. But I want to save screen space by using track 2. If I move the piece of audio bit by bit to the right on track 2 at some point it just splits the sequence of video, making a huge gap. Sigh, why, sigh.
  9. Yes with playhead I'm talking about the redline. I reloaded the project and disabled track 2 and 3 and the problem was gone. But for a while it became rather frustrating. And it wasn't the first issue I had today. Earlier I tried to apply a zoom effect but I did not get the proper preview. For some reason I only got a chequered pattern that represents a transparent clip. The problem was gone after I removed the fade in effect on the first clip of the sequence. I think this might be a bug.
  10. I'm trying to cut an old video. But vp keeps jumping back to a certain position in the timeline (the end of a picture above in track 2) when I try to use the arrow keys to position the playhead. Is this a bug or is there a reason it keeps dong this. Because it is driving me crazy! I use v10.16
  11. I edited a sequence 1 and copied the complete content to sequence 2. Now audio and video is shown as one piece without any cuts. Next, I would like to apply some audio edits to the whole track But when I press the FX button shown on the wave form, the option I get are for the video stream. Something's wrong here!
  12. I had some issues with missing elements in the past. restarting the computer and manually deleting the videopad cache fixed the problem for me.
  13. Work slower, buy a new computer or go back to using a 240p camera. But seriously, videopad just keep adding things to do to its background work queue of cache file building. And at some point, if the video gets log and complex enough, it will grind down any computer no mater how fast. In my experience it's the disk i/o that seems to be the limiting factor. But it might be the CPU for you.
  14. Still, I would like to know what's so smart about this option. When exporting using this variable max 60 fps setting the files come out a bit smaller. Perhaps 5% That can be a lot on a shit internet connection. It looks good to me. But I'm not sure if it's smart to use this option. Since the footage I shot is only 50fps (I think variable 12.5 - 25 fps might be a better option) Also for some reason it keep changing to the variable frame rate to (30 fps min / 60 fps max) setting. What's that about? So, anyone out there, who can say something smart about using a variable frame rate?
  15. Yeah, but why is the 60 fps option called smart? And when would you use a variable bitrate. Would it be a good idea to use a variable bitrate for footage without a lot of movement? (static tripod recordings) To save some upload time.
  16. So what exactly is so smart about the smart max 60fps output setting? And why is there not a max 50fps option? My camera only does 50pfs, like most in the 50hz regions.
  17. Borate, can you say anything about the hardware and the version prefered by videopad? Cuda, OpenCL, NVENC, Quick Sync and all that jazz. What does v.p. favour? Intel or AMD? (especially for laptops)
  18. Sound like you are overloading the system. When ever you apply an effect new cache files need to be generated, and that takes time. Go for a coffee break and try again. Hopefully the processor usage will have come down again after v.p. has worked trough its back log of things to do in the background. v.p. is o.k. for small simple video edits. But it can easily grind down any system with its background work queue.
  19. There might not be an option you can configure. But 64bit versions have been notifying me about a cache clean-up when ever I close a project. This also happens at other times when v.p. is running. You can either wait or press the cancel button. I think this would qualify as an automatic clean-up, you can not opt out from.
  20. VP is deleting cache files all the time. Only since recent updated they added a notification about this process, with the option to cancel it (best update) You are probably better of deleting the cache files manually using windows file explorer. Go to bed and let v.p. generate new cache files. At some point the amount of files in a folder will negatively effect any windows program. They should put all that cache stuff in a decent database instead of relying on the file system!
  21. Upgrade your computer! VP is extremely resource hungry when the project gets longer or when the editing gets more complex. Sadly the 64 bit version won't make a huge difference. v8.56 is not that old. At some point the amount of cache file generating / deleting will bog down any system. The whole cache file system is in a desperate need for a complete overhaul i.m.h.o. (Waiting minutes to delete some cache files is just ridiculous)
  22. My mistake, don't know what I was thinking there. Please delete the post
  23. I want to do a fade to black effect on a text clip without affecting the track underneath. Is this possible or did I find a bug in v10.12?
  24. Whenever I run into export issues I delete the videopad cache files and restart my computer just to be sure.
  25. This worked out fine for me, thanks borate. Although there was a bit of confusion with the audio. I had to go in to sequence 2 to mute the clip. Not a bit deal, just something you need to do once
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