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No Improve on the last Update, slowww

Yi Wen

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Just updated to 7.25

After years struggling with the slow on every part, I thought latest version would be a nice way out. And I found out that it is not, adding ONE item in new invoice still takes minutes [by browser - I use chrome]. 

This is truly a total disappointment.  Just burn out my $79.99 :D

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Just to make sure I understand you installed the latest version and when you connect using the Web Access it takes several minutes for the browser to respond when adding items in a new invoice? Does it become slow only when adding new items? When you do this with the actual program do you have the same issue? Do you know more or less how many items have you created in total? Have you tried deleting cookies and cache from your browser to see if it make a difference or maybe using a different browser, like Mozilla FireFox?


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Yup, my latest solution was that I created a new business and start all over again from 0 invoice, 0 item.

It also lagging on the actual program. Deleting cookies doesn't affect anything. 

For the record I use SSD for the server,  8G of RAM



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Let's try doing a clean install and delete all the cache of the program. Make sure that you have the backup data folder before start doing this. 

Uninstall your software first, then go to the folder location below on your computer then delete the Express Invoice folders:

C:\ProgramData\NCH Software
C:\Users\(Your computer profile)\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Express Invoice

If you can't find the AppData folder, set Windows to show hidden files and folders with the steps from this link: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14201/windows-show-hidden-files.

After deleting the Express Invoice folder, restart your computer then install it again from the next link http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/expressinvoice-7-25-2019-11-13.exe

That should do it. Please try it again after that and see if that fixes the issue.

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