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60fps issues after exporting

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Hello everyone.


This is Gabriel from Brazil, I've used Videpad Editor since about an year ago and I'm very pleased with it, haven't had any major problem until now. A week ago I started recording 1080p60fps videos and, after I edit them and export, the file exported has a pretty good quality but it doesn't maintain 60fps at some points.


Every 20 seconds or so, the framerate decreases a lot, you can notice if even if you're not an expert. Any help of what might be happening? My setting are correct, 1080p, 60fps, Constante Framerate and 15.5 compression.


Thanks a lot.

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You may want to try using different formats to export the videos to confirm if this happens across all formats or if it is tied to one specific. Also, check if the issue happens with videos of all length or if this would happen mostly with larger videos. Try playing the videos using different media players to confirm if the frame drop happens with one specific player. In case the issues remain you may want to contact NCH Software support team to get more assistance.

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