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  1. Thank you. It's 09:25am here, I've worked the whole night at my job and got home at 06:25am to start editing a video using this software which I very unfortunately paid money for. 3 hours has gone and everything I do demands the software more than minutes to process. And before any Einstens here start asking whether my computer can handle it, it can. My computer is great, I use it for a whole bunch of various reasons, livestream using it and it has always got the job done. The problem is the software. Everytime I split a track, I cannot play the track right after it because it's too slow to reprocess everything. And the other day, after hours of editing, when it started exporting, BOOM! Another surprise: the exporting freezes in every cut of the tracks. It took 5 hours to export a 20 minute video because of many splits. I'm really done with this software. Never again. Worst waste of money I have ever spent. Thank you for ruining my day.
  2. Hello everyone. This is Gabriel from Brazil, I've used Videpad Editor since about an year ago and I'm very pleased with it, haven't had any major problem until now. A week ago I started recording 1080p60fps videos and, after I edit them and export, the file exported has a pretty good quality but it doesn't maintain 60fps at some points. Every 20 seconds or so, the framerate decreases a lot, you can notice if even if you're not an expert. Any help of what might be happening? My setting are correct, 1080p, 60fps, Constante Framerate and 15.5 compression. Thanks a lot.
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