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  1. Have you tried any other browsers on your Windows machine?
  2. From the Accounts menu select View Accounts. You may delete and edit any of your accounts information from there.
  3. This is the current implementation for scheduled transactions. A new release will be available in the near future that will allow scheduled transactions to be split when they are posted. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. Have you tried turning on small sizes fr receipts in the Options. It's in the Receipt section of the options.
  5. We'll look into see if something changed in this recent version that puts the two addresses so close together. As a temporary fix you can add blank lines to the Contact details field in Options. This is in the Options->Company->Contact Details.
  6. If you have an order set up, you can go into that order and edit the prices before you receive the stock, but I believe you are looking at just the receive stock option and you cannot edit the cost from there at this time. We will look into making that editable, but for the time being you may want to look into using the orders system which will allow you to keep track of all orders as well.
  7. Moneyline attempts to suggest what a particular payee's category will be, but you can change that in the transaction window. Additionally, if you make one transaction to a payee but you purchased both gas and groceries during that transaction, you can use a split transaction to categorize the single transaction into two categories.
  8. You can add custom fields to items. Open up the Options and select the Item tab. Here you can select and enter the names for the custom fields you would like to use.
  9. SuBDivisions - We have looked into this and will be fixing this in the next release, but for the time being I have a potential solution for you. When there are too many columns in the invoice being displayed invoices are being printed in landscape. You have control over displaying some of these columns in the Options. Open up options and select Invoice Layout->Content. Here are the options for what is displayed on an invoice. The Three items you want to look at are: [ ] Show Item Code column [ ] Show Discount column [ ] Show sales tax rate as column on invoice Unless you are in the UK you can almost without a doubt turn that last one off. It's required for some businesses in the UK with VAT taxes. The other two are up to you and what you want to display. Most likely you can turn of the discount column as well. If you apply a discount directly from the invoice creation screen it will display, but turning it on here means that column will always display even if there is no discount. Hope this helps.
  10. Not a problem stevenomg. The way to have multiple users on different machines is just how I described it up above. You will need to go to the Options in Reflect and set up Web Access and Web Accounts. This will allow for multiple users to access Reflect's data from the web interface.
  11. We have changed the start up process slightly since my last post in this thread in May. You are now given the opportunity to set up three accounts when you install MoneyLine. If you decide to wait until later to set up accounts you will need to do it manually by going to the Accounts menu and selecting Add Account. You can also click the icon labeled Account with a plus sign from the main screen. Hope this helps. Seeing as this is causing some trouble for users, we will look into making this process simpler. We constantly enhancing our software to make it better using the feedback that we get from users. Thank you.
  12. You can access Reflect remotely using the web access feature. Set up can be found in Refllect's options and will allow you to access your data from a web browser.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into making it so that you can add new lead sources, this seems useful. Keep an eye out for a new release. Thanks
  14. I believe that version will allow you to export to an OFX or QFX file, both of which can be imported into MoneyLine using the import feature found under the File menu.
  15. Hey Nigel - A few questions for you that might help get you what you need. What version were you using and what OS are you using now?
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