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  1. I had mentioned this before and its back again. When i go into web access and i try to do an invoice, it gives me this error shown in the screen shot.. If i do it from the program on my mac itself, no issue. Very frustrating.
  2. Well this is weird, its not doing it now.. I had to recreate my Web user becasue i couldnt login and i guess it fixed it. Weird, but thanks for the help guys.
  3. I just noticed this as i went to send out my invoices for my monthly clients and v 4.53 on mac has now a 15 character limit on company names? How is this possible, i have companies with WAY longer names then 15 characters.. Can this be changed in the custom invoice screen??
  4. Let me also add that when i put in my settings, EI says "Connected to Server" before it eventually times out saying the server is not responding.
  5. I use Axigen's Linux Email server, it does support SSL/TLS as that is how i connect to it via a multitude of devices and email clients. Express invoice says that the server is not responding. I do not want to turn off SSL on the server everytime i have to send an invoice out.
  6. Using the latest build (Free for 1 user), Running El Capitan. Even when the SSL/TLS box is checked the software will not allow me to email my invoices out unless i turn SSL off on the email server. Is this something that can be fixed? Its a real pain. Thank you
  7. By the way , even with the columns off, its STILL printing on 2 pages, now in Portrait.. Its like 1 item per page.. Wow, what a disaster.. What in the hell did you guys do? It was working PERFECTLY in previous releases..
  8. I did what you asked as a workaround, issue is now.. I use the discount column a lot so that has to stay. when i take the item code out, the description coumn now is squished and now goes multiline smaller then the discount column.. This is a disaster.. It looks awful honestly.. The only thing i can do now is put my invoices in the body of the email, but not all my clients can read them that way.. So I'm relegated to sending them excel spreadsheet template invoices.. When is the new release going to come out?
  9. PDF's generated are also now skewed right.. This has become unuseable for me.. What did they do?
  10. Found what it is, for some reason the thing is printing out LANDSCAPE.. But i can not find the option to turn it back portrait.. Odd.
  11. Ever since the latest version, all of my invoices that i go to print or email are put too far right, cutrting off the cents column.. Also, for some reason they are now printing on 2 pages with an enormous gap in the item lines? Its set for standard letter paper.. Any Ideas?
  12. Just wondering, the windows release has had 3 versions since the last osx update.. Will we be seeing a mac update soon?
  13. Just wondering, the windows release has had 3 versions since the last osx update.. Will we be seeing a mac update soon?
  14. Actually hold that thought, i had 3.06 installed, now that i upgraded to latest it has expired on me too..
  15. It is free, but what expires is the Web Server for the ability to use it over the web.. It did the same to me..
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