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  1. i am giving up inventoria ... it is most unsuitable for my requirements although i have stuck with it for 2 years .... and the support is abismal. virtually dismissing everything ... obviously corporate clients are your market ... searching again now for another inventory system better suited to my needs. i did search thoroughly before purchasing inventoria but its been very disappointing. AND i purchased the other programs that went with it - express invoice and express accounts.
  2. thanks for a reply ... MY inventoria does not find all the items in my inventory ... so why is that??? - i click on 'find item' put in the item and it finds one .... it does not find any others that are there. the fact you checked yours and it works doesnt help me ... why doesnt mine work .... is there something other i should be doing? its not about 'cool' things ... its about useful .... wish i known how rigid the program was before i bought it and used it (for over 2 years now) what about the reporting system not carrying over the sorting that is done in the 'business' pr
  3. I like inventoria - i am an artist with an open studio gallery selling not only artworks but art supplies and workshop materials and such. just to give context to using inventoria. * the find item option is terrible - it only finds 1 of the particular item i search for and doesnt go to the others. ??? It would be good if the search brought up all those within the criteria - on an other screen? or drop away everything else .. printable, etc * how can i make a copy of a business so that i can work on it? Somewhere in the Inventory/multiple businesses/add/delete new businees <&
  4. yes a roadmap to upgrades would be most helpful. i am looking around everywhere to see what improvements and what is different should i upgrade. i cant find anything and dont want to upgrade without knowing what the extras and improvements are. thanks
  5. ok i found the custom labelling under PREFERENCES. but this attaches itself to individual items ... i want flexibility in changing those columns and headings that are on the front end of the program where it shows columns of ITEM, DESCRIPTION, CATEGORY, LOCATION, GST, COST, PRICE, QTY, MEASURE i want to be able to add columns that are useful to me and/or change those headings in the current columns. I cant see that it can be done.
  6. Two questions: 1. is there anyway of bringing together the reporting feature for multiple businesses ? i am using the multiple business option to show the different aspects of my business - art gallery. i have used one business for original artworks - and the categories that involves and another business for commercial product (and all the categories that involves). 2. how/what do you use to bring the reporting information into one accountant ready document? i have express accounts but will never use it. i am not an accountant and not interested in recording to such depths but w
  7. hopefully you have got your answer? if so, i for one (and perhaps many?) would appreciate you posting it here? .... its very frustratingly slow in this forum and i am sure many people just drop away which is a shame because there is nowhere else to find information on NCH software that i can find.
  8. thanks for that 'novice' but i cant see an OPTIONS ?
  9. within inventoria would be nice. i know you can filter to get categories and/or location but a search field within the list (of hundreds/thousands) would be nice.
  10. Hello ... i have been working my way slowly through inventoria on an as needs basis. That is to say, when i wish to record in a certain way i work it out in inventoria. my question : in the Inventoria Stock manager database view where you can add new items the database has the following categories: Item / Description/ Category / Location / Tax/ Cost/ Price/ Quantity/ Measure. is there any way to change the categories ? for example i want a date in this thing i have set up and dont need the price or measure. this leads me now to let you know how i am using the program. first
  11. Hi tfcardoso .... thanks for this prompt/bump .... yes i have had reply from NCH ... it would so be more expedient if they replied here directly but nonetheless i will post the email reply here for you and others .... (below) also ... a great reply at this link here http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=15983#msg16065 having received both instructions on the same day the advice from richpoor made the most sense - especially for learner beginners like me. reply from NCH support (which finally came
  12. fynearts

    Data Export

    i would like this answered also .... when i open up the inventory report and go to save it it only offers me a PDF and no other options, certainly not a csv. I have the latest version having only purchased it a week ago. before i tried anything i googled and found this >>> http://www.nchsoftware.com/inventory/kb/1536.html did as it suggested but hit a blank as i said - PDF only not csv. now what ?????? any ideas /suggestions? NCH support ????
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