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  1. Hello,  SoundTap does not have the option to record directly from the URL, it will open the stream with your internet browser. 

    Regarding the length of the recordings, that will depend on the available free space to store the recordings.  Also, if your computer losses the audio signal the program will stop after a few seconds. 

  2. EdwardF is right, if you don't have any other means to control the audio level during recording, like an interface, pre-amp or any other external input device, then you need to go to the Sound Control Panel on your windows computer, select the microphone or device you are recording from, click on properties, level, and adjust the volume level there.

    Markie, regarding the issue with the playback through the Blackstar pre-amp, in MixPad you may want to go to Options > General > Audio Playback and confirm the pre-amp is selected there as the playback device so you can hear your mix.

  3. Hello odehfreelancer,  Thank you for the information you have shared with us.  Sadly, at this moment the special characters like Arabic language are not supported in the PDF print. 

    Regarding the invoices, that .dat format is what the program will read, but you can only restore the invoices when you restore from a backup folder. 

    The program does not offer the option to save the invoices in excel format. you can only export it in PDF format. 

  4. If the camera is not recognized on Debut nor other applications, then the issue could be another program like an anti-virus or other security settings that prevent some programs from accessing your camera. Also, if you are using an external webcam (USB), you may try connecting the camera to a different USB port on the computer, restart Debut and test again.

    You can also consider contacting the NCH Software support team for further assistance on that matter.

  5. Hello Djames, have you tried using a different channel for the voice microphone?  You may also want to check if the microphone needs phantom power and if your mixer supports it. Other than that, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team for better assistance on this matter.

  6. Hello Chuck, there is no setting in the program that you can change to make the DVD readable on any DVD player, it will depend on the DVD player's specifications. One thing you can try to do is to burn the disc at a slower speed or use a different brand and type of DVD disc and burn at a slower speed. 

    Other than that, there is really nothing else in the program that can be altered to try getting a DVD compatible with your particular DVD player.

  7. Could you test opening the program DeskFx first, then launch the streaming you are trying to enhance and test it. In case the issues remain, it will be better if you contact the NCH Software support team for better assistance on this matter.

  8. When you create an audio CD, it does not matter if you are converting the vinyl to mp3, wav or flac.  When you create the audio CD, the burning program you use will automatically convert the audio files to CD format.  Now, to change the format that Golden Records uses to record you may go to Options > Audio settings > Post recording action and select the format you want to use.   Currently, you can select either Mp3 or Wave.

  9. Hello, I tested the latest version of the program again and confirm that the microphone cannot be recorded from Zulu.  I apologize for the confusion on this case.

  10. Is this issues you are reporting happening when you preview the slideshow or after you have exported the video?  Have you tested exporting the slideshow using other formats and encoders?  Have you tested the program using the same transition on the slideshow to confirm if the issue is with all transitions or just with one particular?

  11. When you export or save the video, are you using the H264 encoder?  Have you tried using the MPEG4 encoder when exporting the capture video?  Could you also try playing the exported video using another media player?  Also, you can try exporting the audio using a different bitrate, for example, 192 kbps and test again.

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for contacting us and to record from the microphone you may want to open Zulu, click on File > Options > Audio > Microphone and select which microphone you would like to use for recording.  After you have set up the microphone, you may to back again to Zulu main window and on the central panel, you should see a microphone icon, you can click on it to turn the microphone on and off.

  13. Hello,

    Thank you for contacting us and this may be something you want to discus with the NCH Software support team.   Also, have you tried using a different template for the invoice to confirm if the custom field can be removed.

  14. Hello LucaBilla, sadly, the program does not have any HTML5 version.  This program has not been updated since 2016 and that is the reason why it still uses Flash Player.  Unfortunately, the program only offers the option for Flash player to playback the music. 

  15. Hello Pauline, in order to edit the unit price for one item, you may open Express Invoice and go to View > Items, select the item you want to edit, and click on the Edit button. Once you are on the item's detail window you can enter the unit price and then click on OK to save the changes.

  16. Hello, would this issue happen when you work with one particular mp3 file or with any file. Also, could you tell us if you download the program from the App store or from the NCH Software website.  You may also want to contact the NCH Software support team for further assistance on this matter.

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