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  1. Hi, Just want to let you know that our new mixing product Mixpad has been released. You can download it from nch.com.au/mixpad.
  2. Hi, I will pass this to our sound recorder expert to look at it. He will get back to you soon. Thanks.
  3. Hi, It is impossible to remove the vocals perfectly without the original mix track. You will notice some instruments might be removed too and some vocal remain. The effect will also not work on some files which have previously encoded in a highly compressed form like mp3 (because this remove some stereo depth).
  4. Hi, Please upgrade to the latest version of WavePad.
  5. Hi, Please refer to this topic: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3229 You may also need to check whether you still have enough free disk space.
  6. Hi, To transfer a file to phone, you need to use cable or send via infrared, bluetooth. There is currently no option to send via email or internet in WavePad. We are working on it .
  7. nchngoc


    Hi, Please make sure that you have write access to the the WavePad working folder (look in File->Options->Audio Processing page) and the folder that you are trying to save the file to.
  8. Hi, After record a file, you need to do a Save As or Save.. Perhaps you should give us more details on the steps you did.
  9. Hi, for some reason these files have been associated with WavePad. You can remove this association by follow these steps: ~ Go to any folder (eg.c:\) ~ Select Tools->Folder Options from the menu ~ Select File Types tab ~ Go through the file extensions list and make sure they are opened with the application you want. Hope this helps.
  10. The fixed version 3.04 is now available to download from our website. Please try again and if you still have problem, please let me know. Thanks
  11. The fixed version is now avaible to download from our website. Please download and try again.. If you still have problem, please let us know. Thanks
  12. Hi, please download the latest version 3.04 from our website and try again. If you still have problem, please let me know.
  13. nchngoc

    two files

    Hi, unfortunately you can only play one file at a time with WavePad. We are working on an audio file mixing product which will be released soon next week. This tool will allow you to play multiple files at the same time. If you are interested to be its beta tester, please let me know. Thanks
  14. Hi, please check that you have the write access to the WavePad working folder (can be set in Settings->Audio processing page). Or you may have run out of disk space on your working folder
  15. We are fixing it now. The new version will be released very soon.
  16. We are fixing it now. The fixed version will be released very soon..
  17. nchngoc

    Losing MP3 Tags

    Please download the latest version of WavePad. It now supports id3 tag editing.
  18. Please tell us the format settings that you choose when saving a mp3 file. Thanks.
  19. Hi, Can you please confirm again whether you press the <enter> or <space> key? <Space> is the shortcut key for "Scrub".
  20. Can you please change to use a smaller font size to see if it is fixed? We will fix it in next release.
  21. Hi, Yes, the "save as ogg file" feature will be disabled after 14 days in the free version. In order to continue to use it, you will need to purchase the Master Edition.
  22. nchngoc


    Hi, our programs will be installed in C drive only.
  23. Hi, we will do some testing on Windows 2000 and get back to you soon.
  24. Hi, you can click on it to make it go away.
  25. Can you please tell me how long is the file?
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