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    Wavepad crashes

    Hi, Do you mean the File->Save project option? We have not received any report from customers about this before. Can you please give us more details? Thanks.
  2. Hi, what is the format and how long is the file? Please give us more details.
  3. "Time" column in the list shows the creation time of the dictation. "Duration" shows the length of the dictation.
  4. Which format did you save the file to? Can you let us know more details about the format settings you select? You should backup the file just in case something happens.
  5. nchngoc


    As I know, MPG is the video format not audio format. So you cannot load it into WavePad.
  6. nchngoc

    Trouble Recording

    Please refer to this topic. http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1648 Hope this help.
  7. Hi, try to lower the voice activated level (can be accessed from Settings->Record page). When RecordPad displays "Waiting" that means it is waiting for the audio input. You have the voice activated level set too high so RecordPad cannot receive any audio input.
  8. nchngoc

    File association

    Try these: ~ Right click on any file with the extension that you don't want WavePad to associate with ~ Select Properties ~ Click Change to select the program you want to open the file with
  9. Go to this page and try to install these files manually http://www.nch.com.au/speech
  10. We are working on the fix to allow you to load long files. Please wait for next release.
  11. It is fixed now. Please download our latest version.
  12. Hi, You should be able to record up to 4 hours. Do you have the Voice Activated Recording option (can be accessed through Record Window->Advanced Record Options) turned on? Try to turn off this option.
  13. The above bugs have been fixed in the latest version of WavePad. Please download it again. We will support editing long files in next release.
  14. You can find these in the Help file of Switch Audio Converter (nch.com.au/switch) or latest version of WavePad.
  15. nchngoc

    Illegal Operation

    We have tested this on our win98 machines and it works fine. Have you tried to select another wav format settings? Does it work? If anyone has a similar problem like this especially in windows 98, please feel free to contact us.
  16. nchngoc

    WavePad API ??

    Please look for Help topic "Working with WavePad Command Line Options" in the manual file.
  17. nchngoc

    WavePad API ??

    The new version has been released on last Friday. Please check it out at our website
  18. There is nothing preventing you from downloading and installing WavePad again. The question will be whether your WavePad Master's Edition registration and activation code will work with the current release of this software. We guarantee free upgrades for three months from date of purchase, and in some circumstances this can extend up to a year. You will have to send us the details of your registration and activation code (Name - Location ID - Key) anyway in order for us to generate a new Key for the code, so at the same time we can check and test the code to see if it will work with WavePad v 2.00. We recommend that you download and install the WavePad Freeware Version from www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html. This will give you the basic WavePad features plus a 14-day free trial of WavePad Master's Edition features. Then, if your licence registration and activation code turns out to be valid for the current WavePad Master's Edition release, the code can be entered into the standard WavePad software that you have installed to permanently enable the features of the Master's Edition
  19. Hi, Go to Settings->Record page. Enter the maximum recording time (eg.3:00:00) and select option create new recording to continue.
  20. nchngoc

    Audio Editing

    I think if you only need to edit, burn file to CD then the package WavePad + Express Burn is the best for you. For more information about other packages, please go to https://www.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/register.exe?software=wavepad
  21. Hi, you may try to select different record input channel in the Record Control window.
  22. Yes, you're right. We will check this function again. Thanks
  23. nchngoc

    batch converter

    Can you please check which version you have? This should not happen on the latest version which is available to download from our website.
  24. Please refer to this topic http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1448
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