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  1. Hi, I have just installed and tried PictureToExe. It works fine for me. Have you ticked the checkbox "Play background music" in Project Options->Music tag in PictureToExe? If you can play the file with Windows Media Player then the problem must be related to PictureToExe settings.
  2. Unfortunately, you can't record and play a file at the same time with WavePad. You need to record and save your new sound as a seperate file, and then mix it with the current file by using Edit->Mix File.
  3. What version are you using? Download the latest version from our website and try again. File playing problem is usually related to sound card. File opening problem is another issue. See <a href="http://www.nch.com.au/acm/support.html">Sound File Formats Support</a> for more information.
  4. nchngoc

    Cannot record voice

    Yes, you do need a microphone to record your voice. Just follow these simple steps: ~ Click "Record" button, the record dialog will be displayed. ~ In the record dialog, select microphone as the audio input channel by selecting "Microphone" in the second pull down list on the left ~ Plug your microphone in now and speak. You should see the VU meter on the right moving as you talk. You can also record from other sources (such as CD Player, phone, line in, etc..) by selecting different audio input channels.
  5. There is no restriction on playing a file in the free version. So if WavePad can open the file but there is no sound, then remember to check your sound card settings. To do that, use menu File->Settings and select page Audio Processing. Well done!!
  6. Yes, you can do that. Please refer to the section "Bookmarks, Regions and the Assemble Tool" in WavePad Help File for more details.
  7. Unfortunately, you cannot click on the Minimize button to minimize WavePad while it is recording. We will take this into consideration in the future releases of WavePad. But I am not sure what you mean "if i call up the desktop, it comes up once only".
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