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  1. Hello. I, too, was enjoying the Master's Edition that I purchased a couple years ago, when suddenly yesterday the Express Burn feature stopped working, telling me that the trial version was over and I needed to upgrade. There were no changes to my computer - the "trial version" message merely appeared. I could not find any way to communicate my problem to the NCH software people - that venue does not exist unless you pay big bucks for their trouble-shooting service. I decided to download their free Express Burn feature, but it didn't work, so I uninstalled it. When I uninstalled it, my origina
  2. kgogolewski


    I just noticed that the April 30th reduced rates have just been extended until May 15. I wonder if they will be extended again after May 15. There is so much fishiness going on (see other posts).
  3. kgogolewski


    This is copied from my purchase page. I chekced WavePad Sound Editor Master's Edition and Express Burn Plus Edition. I have, however, the free versions: Buy Software Secure Purchase Buy Now for Cheaper Prices - until 15 May only Save around 30% off the normal price if you buy online on or before the 15th of May 2009. * Only valid for Visa and Mastercard purchase option through this page. Qty Select the Software you Need Normal Price Discount Price WavePad Sound Editor Master's Edition Unlimited user license for all Master's Edition features more info... $76 $49.40* Add
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    MORE LATER: I purchased the WavePad Masters Edition again for the April Price of 49.40 and the Burn program for 19.10. What I got was NOT the Masters Edition - I got the FREE sound editor. Is this a scam? I know what the Master Edition is like - I owned a copy for two years. And the burn program isn't working. I burned an mp3 file onto a CD, and when I try to play it both in a CD player and in WavePad, there is no sound and no sound waves visible in the WavePad program. I burned the file onto another CD with the same results. I looked to see if I can change the file format when it burns, but I
  5. kgogolewski


    I purchased WavePad a couple years ago. Today, when I attempted to BURN an mp3 file onto a CD, I received a "trial version" message telling me I must now buy the program. Since I had already bought it and been using all the features successfully, I perused the nch site looking for a way to communicate the glitch, the bug. I then found a free download for the burn program and downloaded it. It didn't work - again I received the "trial version" message. So I uninstalled the Burn program, which uninstalled my Masters Edition. I then had nothing. There was no way to communicate to NCH support shor
  6. I would really appreciate some help. The trial version message (that my time is up) is reappearing after I open WavePad. Your suggestions have not worked. Can I start over? Please? Or extend the Key Id # and registration info, whatever it is, so I can get the program to function again. I bought it a year ago. I'm happy to upgrade for Vista, if that's what I need to do, but I have not recieved instructions from the download, so not sure I need it. Kathe Gogolewski kgogolewski@sbcglobal.net Okay. I purchased Wavpad about a year ago and recently started receiving a message that my trial v
  7. Hi, I bought the Master's Edition of WavePad about a year ago, and now after using it for a year, I get a message when I try to open it telling me that my trial version is over, and it asks me to enter my Key ID, which I didn't save from my purchase. How do I get the trial version message to go away so I can use the program? Can you provide me with my KEY ID #? Thanks. Kathe Gogolewski kgogolewski @sbcglobal.net
  8. Hi! I purchased the Masters Edition of WavPad about a year ago, and now I must reload Windows on my computer. This means that I will need to reload all my programs. I have CDs for all of them except WavPad. Do I get another download if I've already purchased the program? Is there a CD for this program? I will purchase another computer in about a year...how do I avoid purchasing a new WavPad program every year? Thanks. Kathe Gogolewski
  9. Kathe says: true. It does save to wave file even though I specify an MP3 file. It's one of the reasons I think it's glitchy. The good news? I've learned how to turn off the slow motion feature. All my files were loading with it, though I never clicked on the "Play Slow Speed" under control. I must have inadvertently hit a Function key.
  10. I have the following receipts: On Apriul 7, 2006, I paid 46.00 for WavPad Software (WavPad Masters Edition). On April 10, 2006, I paid 47.37 for NCH SwiftSound (which is Switch Sound Format Converter). The only thing I have on my computer says "WavPad Masters Edition." I think my program may be buggy. I so need to make this work in order to keep a committment. I am ready to recommend the program if I can get it to work. Please respond. I only need to perform some basics. Thank you. KG
  11. Hi, I've lost my opportunity to create a podcast for my publisher, but it's not too late for a writers' conference, so I'm still chasing this. How do I create a small file and keep the sound integrity of the original mp3s (which are small files - aroudn &MB). Also, recently, while trying to learn your system, I saved a test file in every format, and since that excercise, every file I open is heard in slow motion. How do I fix it? It's not the reason my files are so big because they were saving as huge files before this happened. Is it possible to uninstall the program and get a ne
  12. That drop down menu (that you took a snapshot of) appears when I make no changes to the file and click on "save as." I just performed the experiment again, and saing an mp3 file to an mp3 file turned it from a 6.33 MB file to a 50.7 MB file. Too big. I can't email it. Plus, whatever file I load, I hear it in slow motion. How do I fix that? They all sound that way, no matter where I get the file from. Thanks, Kathe G
  13. Hello, Thank you for your response. I have not found any of the items you lis (.wav, .mp3 etc) in a pull down menu anywhere, and I've click on everything I can find. What I do is this: I upload my mp3 file to edit. I edit it. Then I choose "save", and it saves as a file that is ten times bigger than the original, though I've cut out part of the hour long file. So I try it again (load original file and edit), and I try a "save as". I get a blank window under "save format as". There is no pull down menu with mp3 on it. So I type in mp3 and click on ok. Then I return to the windows wit
  14. Hello, Thank you for your response. If I had found an MP3 file in the choices under "save as," I would have used it. There is none in my version, which is a Master's Edition. If it is a wav file, here are my choices in the ":save as" drop down menu: ACELP.net CCITT A-law CCITT U-law DSP Group Ture Speech GSM 6.10 IMA ADPCM Microsoft ADPCM Microsoft G.723.1 PCM Windows Media Audio V1 Windows Media Audio V2 And if I am using an MP3 file and click on "save" to keep it as an MP3 file, it saves as a wav file. The last time I checked in with you, I was asked what format I was
  15. Hi, Thanks for responding. I loaded an MP3 file from an audio conferencing service. It was 7 MB. After I edit the file, I save it, but it doesn't stay an MP3 file, but changes into a Wav file. And the file increases to 128 MB automatically. I tried a 'save as' but had to save it with 16 mHz, 16 bits and mono to get the minimum requirement for sound quality. It still saves as a very big file (70 MB). When I try to attach either one to my email, it loads all day. I had it going 9 hours yesterday before I canceled the action. So my question is - how do I compress the file so that I can send i
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