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  1. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to add a certain logo image in a video (in VideoPad). It should appear in a bottom-right corner of the video, overlayed. In the VideoPad, I've managed to add that image to the sequences (following these instructions), but it wouldn't save according to the scale I applied to it. When I try to export, it is still a big image that covers the video. I am pretty sure I am missing some little but important step (newbie here)... Any suggestion, please, on what I should pay attention to exactly? Thank you for any help in advance. Aella Runa
  2. Hi, Nat! Apologizing for a delayed reply. Thank you very much for taking time and patience to explain all this in detail. My poor explanation of a newbie worked for me, but certainly wouldn't have been enough for other users to understand properly how to proceed. Great job in providing assistance, from your part! Have an awesome day and thanks again Aella Runa
  3. EDIT: Problem solved, and - ahimé! - it was so easy. Posting this for other users, just in case: This is how I proceeded to remove the blank sequence: 1. Uploaded a new file from the Upload File icon in the menu. 2. Drop the new file (video) in the Sequence(s) Field. Here the blank sequence will appear as the 1st one. 3. Used the red vertical liner: moved it to the end of the blank sequence, then dragged it backward in order to select (the selected area appears in a blue transparent color). 4. At this point, a menu with tools appears next to the selected area: used
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