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  1. Hello,

    The reasons why the video and audio may not be as expected could vary, did you try using a different web browser to open the stream you are trying to record? Did you check if the stream has any copyright protection or Digital management rights? If the stream is copyright protected or if the source uses a low encoder to stream it will affect the result you get.

    Also, you may want to try different formats to record the stream, including the fast capture mode.

  2. Hello, 

    Sadly there is no option from the program or an easy way in windows to remove the shell extension. The only way to do that is by manually removing the shell extensions for the files you are trying to use on the registry editor.  Now, if you are not familiar with how to use the Registry editor, you may not want to try it. But if you are, then you can do a search for WavePad on the registry and delete all the Shell extensions linked to the formats you wish to clear.

    If you need more specific assistance on how to use the Registry editor, you may want to contact Microsoft support.

  3. If the recordings you are making with MixPad are not perfectly synchronized with each other, then you may have hardware latency issues. You can specify an offset in milliseconds in the program which will automatically adjust your recordings.This option is only available if you are using an MME recorder. The issue of latency should not affect you if you are using an ASIO capable sound device and selecting the ASIO drivers for both playback and recording.

    To set the offset recording you may go to MixPad > Options > General > Audio recording.

  4. Hello, how did you save the project? You may want to test the program creating another slideshow presentation and if the issue happens again with the second slideshow, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team for assistance.

  5. MrFinn, in this particular case, you may want to contact the NCH Software team so you can be properly assisted on this matter.  It is likely the conflict is caused by a mismatch on the program's driver and your computer's audio driver.  Contact the support team and they should assist you properly on this matter.

  6. In order to record using a MIDI keyboard you may want to plug the keyboard to your computer, launch MixPad and confirm your computer recognizes the MIDI keyboard.  Then, click on Options on the track you want to record, click on record using MIDI device, select the keyboard you want to use.  On MIDI playback options you can select different VST instruments if you wish to hear different sounds from the keyboard on the recordings.  

    After you have set the MIDI keyboard as your recording device, you need to click on the record button on the track, and then on the record button on the playback buttons on the bottom on of the program's window.  As stated before, the recording will start once the program detects MIDI signal coming in.

  7. I have tested the latest version of the program and I do see the play button at the bottom of the program's window.  Here is a screenshot showing where I found the play button.

    Remember that if you have selected one note from the score, when you hit play it will only play the selected note and not the whole song.


  8. Hello Neil, are you able to play the original .wma files using your media player, or on Switch before you convert them?  If you are not able to play those files, then converting them won't fix the issue. 

    Also, when you are converting the files to mp3, click on Options next to the output format option (mp3), use the constant bitrate, set it to 192, and click on OK.  Convert the files and test to confirm if they play fine on the computer and mp3 player.

  9. Hello Virago, the issue with the audio and video being out of sync is because they are recorded at different speeds. Sadly, there is no specific settings you can try to overcome this issue, but you can try recording using different formats and encoders.   It also depends on the source you are recording from, so you may want to check if the source offers different playback options or if you are trying to record from a web page, you may want to try using different web browsers to open the stream you are trying to record.

    If the issue remains, you may want to contact NCH Software support team here Software Technical Support

  10. Hello. Sadly, MixPad does not have the option to create MIDI events to send to external instruments. The only MIDI functions supported on the program is to playback or record audio.

  11. Hello. I'm not sure what you are trying to do with Crescendo and it may be better for you to contact directly the NCH Software support team for further assistance on this issue as it may require a screenshot showing what you are trying to do to confirm if that is something you can do with Crescendo.

    To contact NCH Software support team you may follow this link Software Technical Support

  12. Hello,

    Crescendo is intended for writing music and offers the option to use the midi player to play the score back, but the dynamics and other accidents on the score won't be read by the midi player.   

  13. Hello,  Sadly, MixPad does not offer the option to load drums loops to be used from the beat maker, however, if the drum loops are recorded in audio files then yes, you can add them as any other audio clip on the tracks and loop it or repeat it as you may need. 

  14. Hello, and although the camera is capable of making good pictures, you can change the settings on the camera to adjust the quality of the images.  In any case, when you export the slideshow as video file, could you try using the preset HD 1080p and click on create and confirm if the quality improves. 

    For better assistance on this matter, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team directly through this link Software Technical Support

  15. Hello, Express Scribe uses your computer's speech recognition engine to convert the audio to text. Now, this Speech recognition engine requires "training" to learn how to understand the intonation an accent of the person speaking to achieve better results. The more you use the program and do the corrections needed,  your computer's speech engine will make the adjustments to transcribe more accurate text.

  16. Hello, do you have any headphones or external speakers connected on the computer when you try to record? If so, unplug the headphones or speakers and reopen Debut, then launch the streaming you want to record and test the program.  if you are able to get audio playback, then you can reconnect the headphones or speakers and continue recording. 

    In case the issues remain, you may want to contact support for further assistance.

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