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  1. problem

    Hi " I'm not sure exactly how to set this up how you did. If you can explain it to me, that would be much appreciated. " Click Export tab Click Video File. (Can be changed. There are a variety of options) Browse to a folder to save to. (Can be changed) File Format mp4 (Can be changed) Resolution 320 x 240 (Low Resolution) (Can be changed)..This is the lowest resolution Frame Rate 29.97 TV NTSC (Can be changed) Encoder Options ...Restore Defaults = H246 and Quality 18 (Different settings can be chosen) OK Create Crop or resize (If asked) You should now see the Export queue and progress bar. VP will export and save the Mp4 to the chosen folder. You can change the export parameters as required in order to get a different format and quality. Nat
  2. Hi Sam Of course! Obviously got a blind spot! Thanks. I knew I had done it before. Nat
  3. Hi Borate Yes. Thanks. That removed the templates.OK. I'll see if I can reproduce the effect again. (Now I can remove it .....although I had the feeling that there was a delete option somewhere) Later..... Hmm. It worked OK. I can only think I ADDED the template to to the default transparency effect (50%) without noticing. I've edited my post...DOH! Nat
  4. Hi NCH Just checking a few things in Beta Version 5.01. Can an Effects Template be deleted from the effects list window? I have a fade in fade out template that I created by altering the Transparency effect Preset "Fade In and Out" so it had smoother curves instead of the straight lines. I did this by opening the Transparency effect and pulling up the shoulders of the preset and then saving it as an effect chain template. However when this Template was used it placed TWO effects onto the clip. The 50% default Transparency effect The created Fade in /Fade out effect As both these effects are present, the clip only faded in to 50% before fading out. I was puzzled for a start as the keyframe graph looked OK showing 100% opacity in the centre. I then realized there were two transparency effects in the window. .Why did this happen? Was the method I used to create the template using the preset or .........IS THIS A BUG.? Obviously the effect created by altering the preset worked OK as is...this seems to have occurred when saved as a template. I don't have to pick this template of course but as it now shows up in the effects window how is it removed? (I am sure I have removed test templates in the past but the only option I can see is to add it to the page under the favourite heading.) Nat Sorry! It would appear I inadvertantly added a second Transparency effect (my template keyframes) to the default transparency effect (50%) and didn't notice. .....
  5. Hi As you noted...On clicking the subtitle from the list the cursor will jump to the end of the highlighted section but as you pointed out this is not logical and will not display the subtitle in the preview screen. As a quick workaround....... Add the subtitles. They will appear between the IN/OUT markers whose section which will be highlighted.) Click the subtitle you want to check in the list on the right. The cursor will jump to the end of the highlighted section. Click the Go to Start button ( I< ) This will place the cursor at the start of the highlighted section and display the first frame of that subtitle. You can now easily verify its position. If it is not in the correct place use the Previous Frame or the Next Frame buttons to step the cursor line forwards or backwords and then the Start button to reset the IN point. Nat
  6. Hi My "Clear out" volume is set to 3000 (3 Gb) Try changing the value and see if it cures the problem. I don't think it IS the problem as it only clears out unused files. i.e. those not in the loaded project. But give it a try anyway. Nat
  7. problem

    Hi Well it shows it works for a smaller video. But it won't hurt to clear the cache and try it again. How to clear the cache...but first save your project.... Open VP. With your work loaded to the timeline. Click "Tools" at the top of the window Click "Options" Click the "Disc" tab Click "Clear Unused Cache Files" button This will delete all the unused cache files leaving only those in the current project. This MAY cure the problem and is worth a try. Nat
  8. problem

    Hi On occasions when exporting to the PC with some earlier versions of VP (latest is 5.01) it would export and then come up with "Export failed" when 100% registered. (Even 99%). In fact the exported file was actually all complete and in the designated folder. Try another export to your desktop. Is there an mp4 there when everything stops? If there is, does it play? Nat
  9. Hi Your post seems to suggest you are creating a slideshow and so will probably want to have a transition between each slide. You CAN do this manually one at a time but that's a bit labour intensive with so many photos. So... Before you add your images check their default duration time. This is found under Tools/Options/Media. Set the default image display to something suitable...say 8 seconds. Now set the default transition duration under Tools/Options/Editing to something a bit less. ..say 4 seconds. This means there will be around 2 seconds of transition at the start and end of each image. With these values each photo will display for around 4 seconds Once you have got all your photos onto the timeline as outlined by Borate above, click the first image on the timeline to select it. Press the SHIFT key down. Keep SHIFT pressed and click the last image on the timeline. This will select ALL your photos. Now click the tab on the top toolbar marked Transitions. Slide the cursor down to the Fades option and in the next menu select Cross Fade. (You can select ANY type of transition but Cross Fade is OK as a starting point.) You will be notified now that you have selected multiple clips. Click "Apply to All". If you have just photos on the timeline then from the next option that comes up select "Freeze clip location". If there are video clips in your selection select "Move clip location" You will now see that VP has placed a Cross Fade between each of your photos making a much smoother slideshow. You can manually change any of these crossfade transitions for a different transition if you wish or change the duration of individual transitions or the duration of individual photos by going into storyboard mode where the time values are displayed. Nat
  10. Hi NCH If I group (or select) a number of clips on the timeline I can only use the drop down list under the Transition tab to add a selected transition between all the clips chosen (VP informs the user that multiple clips have been chose etc and follows the choice with the style of transion) but it will be the same transition between all the clips.This menu does not have Random listed. If, however I select or group the clips and then use the X between any two to obtain the transition window then Random does appear but any transition chosen cannot be placed between all the selected clips only between the clips either side of the X. How can one add a Random transition between a group of selected clip/images or is this waiting do be developed? (On the other hand I may have forgotten a step somewhere....... ) Nat
  11. Hi It would seem that you have selected a section of the timeline by dragging the red cursor line along either the Video Track or the Sound track. The only options you now have by selecting a region in this way are to split both tracks at the start and finish points using the icon that appears immediately, or Right click and select "Delete Selected Region" (As shown in your image.) This deletes the selected region on both tracks and closes the gap. There are no controls to mute the audio. The intention here is to allow a more rapid method of cutting sections from a clip and all the tracks at once and not realy to isolate different tracks.. Follow the instruction in my earlier post. These outline how to mute or delete a section of a clip or a section of an individual track. Remember, you can unlink the audio from the clip and deal with them separately. You will find it pretty easy to learn the basics of editing with VP; it just takes a little time to get to grips with the more advanced features. It's best to start with some short clips and images on the timeline and try the different features out. If you do get in a mess use the Back Button (The undo arrow) to get back to the start. Nat
  12. Hi "PS. What keyboard shortcut to mute the selection? " It doesn't need a keyboard shortcut... This is the procedure to mute a section of a clip on the timeline. With your clip on the timeline, move the red cursor line to the start of your section to mute. You can play it to this point or drag it or refer to the audio peaks. Use Split audio track. (Or you can split all tracks if you want) Move the red cursor line to the end of your section to mute. You can play it to this point or drag it or refer to the audio peaks. Use Split audio track. (Or you can split all tracks if you want) Right click the section of the audio track to mute and select "Mute Audio"...Job done! Nat
  13. Hi VP version 4.58. Here are the basic steps to add text..... Place your video clips/images onto Video Track 1. Above this track you will see a narrow band annotated with "Drag and drop your video,text and Image clips here to overlay" This is the overlay track where your text will appear. Move the Red cursor line along the timeline to the position where you wish the text to appear. Click the "Add Text" button on the Home toolbar which will open the text entry window and place a blank text clip in the Image bin and also at the red cursor position on the overlay track. Note this only happens if the timeline already contains clips, otherwise the text xlip only appears in the image bin. (You can click the + at the left end to expand the track.) Set up your font/size/colour/position etc. in the text window and type in your text. It will appear on the text clip in the image bin and from now on it can be considered as an image clip. As mentioned above If there are already clips on the timeline VP will automatically place the text image on the overlay track (Video track 2). You can now grab the text clip and adjust its position and add effects etc. like any other clip. Correcting the text. If the text is not correct or you want to change it, click the text clip in the image bin which will open preview pane. You will see a small box under the preview screen containing your text. Click this to open the text entry window. Now simply add to the text or highlight the text you wish to change. (Press the left hand mouse button and move it over the text) and once a selection is highlighted you can change its properties.(size/font etc.) The text clip will automatically update as will the clip on the timeline. Hope this helps. Nat
  14. Hi Note: The 2D to 3D anaglyph produces a pseudo stereo effect making the resultant anaglyph image appear to be behind the plane of the frame (or any text if present.) The image itself remains in 2D. The amount of plane shift depends on the separation of the Red and Cyan images. With standard anaglyph glasses (Red lens over the left eye,) moving the Cyan image to the right pushes the image behind the frame. The VP export setup "Anaglyph Image Red-Cyan" does this. If you export as "Anaglyph Image Cyan-Red" The Red image is pushed to the right making the anaglyph appear to be in front of the frame or text.. Note that If your anaglyph glasses has the Red lens over the right eye, the effect is reversed. The intensity of the pseudo 3D effect is dependant on the separation of the Red and Cyan images, the more the separation the greater the 3D effect. Here's a typical pseudo 3D image created with a graphics program....... Using anaglyph glases you will see the 2D image is behind the text Unfortunately there is no user control for this separation as VP creates it during export. In practice it is quite small and so sadly the 3D effect is not particularly striking. Nat
  15. Hi Sam I just replied to Borate with some further details to my suggestion.. Nat