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  1. Increase track volume - already set to 100%

    Hi RB Version 4.3 doesn't add an effect to multiple clips unfortunately (AFAIK). Still, glad you got it working OK. :-) Nat
  2. Increase track volume - already set to 100%

    Hi Try this...(there are other ways.....Grab all the audio clips on a track ... Left click the first audio clip. Press the SHIFT key down and scroll to the end of the project Left click the last audio clip. This will select all the clips on the track. Keep SHIFT down and right click the sound track. Select Effect from the list. Press the Green Plus and add the Amplify effect. The effect should now affect the whole track not just the clip selected. Nat

    Hi How many audio tracks are you using? I can't think of an option that will mute ALL the audio tracks at the same time and grey them out with a single button press. Is the loudspeaker icon at the left end of the track/tracks (or any of the individual clip sound tracks red? If it/they are then you will need to click each one again to remove the mute effect for that track/clip. Have you made (enabled) one of the tracks solo by clicking the icon at the left that looks like a group of pawns. This will temporarily mute all the other tracks and grey them out. If you've inadvertantly done this you need to re-click the button. Remember you can always step backwards using the back arrow provided you haven't made a lot of editing changes following your mistake. Nat
  4. Time Lapse from video (Automated)

    Hi Presumably by "Time Lapse" you mean a film made up of images taken at regular intervals throughout an event. e.g. a Flower opening or a building under construction. This usually involves exposing hundreds (if not thousands) of individual images. Usually this is done automatically within the camera that is making the video and not during editing. In effect, with time lapse you are speeding up the action. VP is quite capable of speeding up the action of a video clip but this means that you would have to film the whole event without a break from end to end continuously. Not very practical as the event might last several days (or weeks) However, if you have the images already...say taken by a still camera automatically exposing at regular intervals you can quite easily load these into VP and create a time lapse clip. You can do this en bloc but they should be in order or alphabetically/or numerically named. here are the steps..... Decide on the Default still image duration and set this under Tools/Options/media (e.g. 2 images per seconds = 0.5) Use the Add file tab to load all the images to the image clip bin. (Select All and drag and drop directly into VP) Select them all in the bin (SHIFT and select first and last) Drag and Drop the selected files onto the timeline. They should now appear in order, each play for the time duration selected as the default in step 1.. If you should now decide the "lapse" is not correct and want to change the duration for each image you will either have to start again and reset the default duration value before loading the images (Blast!!) or individually change the duration of each image in storyboard mode (Double Blast!!)............ That might seem logical and of course will work, but much easier and quicker is to simply create a Sequence of your time lapse video and then reload the sequence back. (The timeline is cleared when you create the sequence) As the sequence will now play as a single clip you can simply right click it and change the clip speed until it looks correct to you. Hope this helps Nat
  5. How to reduce the volume of sounf in part of a video clip

    HI I have usually found that keeping the background soundtrack at a constant lower level than the narration is somewhat better than dropping the volume every time the voice comes in. The latter makes it sound like there is automatic gain on the soundtrack which can be annoying particularly if blocks of narration are close together. But if that is what you want Borate's method (and yes, I have used it :-)) ) will work. So, record your narration live while watching your video using the RECORD option. It will appear on Audio track 2. Left click the loudspeaker icon on Audio track 1 and then slide the general volume down to a suitable level e.g. 25 - 30%. Play the video and then adjust the value so the narration comes over clearly. Live narration in this way can be a bit of a pain. It's easy to "err!" all the time or say the wrong thing, fluff your words or get behind with the visuals. .....Alternatively you could watch the video and write a script that describes the action and which has the correct timing. Record it separately as short sound clips. Put the clips onto Audio track 2 and move them into position to match the visuals. Now adjust Audio track 1 so your narration comes over OK.. Nat
  6. Can't find files after exporting

    Hi What was the file path in fact? i.e. When you exported to your PC what did you have entered into in the "Save to:" box as shown below. The text shown would be as Borate says and similar to that shown here...but you could have used the Browse button to navigate to any folder or drive. Following the export did you get the following window? Did your video... 1) Show in folder 2) Play in your PCs default player when you clicked "Play" If it did then you should be able to find it on your PC in the location you set up in the top screen image. If you haven't changed anything since your failed export, VP will send further exports to the same location. Just export a short clip or image with the same settings and note your "Save to:" entry. Nat
  7. Hi What format and settings did you use for your export? Just clicking the CREATE button will export your video with the settings shown which may be the default settings or the last user settings,...and yes...depending on the length and complexity of your video, the format chosen and the speed of your PC, exporting can take some time (mins to hours!) I would suggest this........ Set up a named folder, say on the desktop and then from the File menu "Backup your Project Files" to that folder. This will save a copy of everything you used in your project as well as a project .vpj file. You can then reload your work from the project .vpj file after trying a quick test as follows........... Now load a short clip with sound (around 30 seconds or so long) and repeat the steps you have outlined in your post which look essentially correct. However, when you get to the Export Video File setting screen use the following settings from the down arrow menus... (Setup a temp file "Save to" file for your export or just browse to something suitable like the desktop) ENCODER OPTIONS COMPRESSION SETTINGS Click the OK buttons and then CREATE. A short 30 second clip will export very quickly. This should play OK in WMP. You could also try playing it in VLC. Let us know how this comes out. Nat
  8. Change background colour

    Hi Have a look at a similar question from April..... Nat
  9. HI NCH Whilst replying to a previous post regarding ways to outline or mark in some way parts of text or objects in video clips I noticed that whilst there are lots of useful clipart images in the NCH clipart library, there no simple empty geometric outline shapes that could be used for this purpose. e.g. different sized squares, short and long rectangles; circles ovals; round cornered rectangles etc. Currently one has to either adapt font images like Webdings, (which is very limited) or specially create or download something suitable from dedicated websites. Any chance that the libray could be expanded to include such outlines? Nat
  10. " Is there a way to change the defualt duration of each subtitle added? " Place the full clip on the timeline Click Tools/Subtitles Move red cursor to start point of first subtitle. Enter subtitle. Red and Blue end markers will appear and thumbnails will highlight default duration of subtitle Move red cursor line to required end point of the subtitle and then click the blue end point button. Blue marker will move to the cursor position. Your subtitle will appear in the highlighted length of clip. Click green ADD cross. Move red cursor line to start of next subtitle Enter next subtitle Move red cursor line to required end point of the next subtitle and then click the blue end point button. Blue marker will move to the cursor position. Your subtitle will appear in the highlighted length of clip.......and so on. Subtitles will be of any length you select with the cursor positions. Nat
  11. Putting circle or underline word in a video.

    Hi Adding circle or square is relatively simple and quick... Place your text on Video Track 1 if you are just using text, OR...if you have an underlying video clip place your video clip on Video Track 1 and your text clip on Video Track 2 so it overlays your video....The example here is just two text clips on Track 1 and Track 2.... Click "Add Text" and type a capital O. If you have it installed use "Century Gothic" font but any round "O" will do. Place your "circle" on Video Track 2 or Video Track 3 (as appropriate) Apply the "Position" effect to the "circle" and drag it to surround the letter or object required. If it is too small or large simply alter the font size and then re-centre........ If you want a square (and have the font) then use Webdings "c" ..... A rectangle or Oval is not really feasible with this method as the scale effect is limited to 3X in the horizontal direction and at the same time it thickens the vertical sides of the square. Borate's suggestion of using underlining or a downloading a suitable png image in this case may be more appropriate Nat
  12. Hi Pretty sure there is a fault here. Your video should fill the preview area and be central. If you have the original installation file, uninstall VP and reinstall it. Nat
  13. More newbie questions

    Hi What's the version number? When you tried to export your video to your PC, what format did you try? The free version will only export in a couple of formats. I think if you set your export to Custom/.avi/one of the TV settings /constant frame rate/ It may work.. Obviuously come back if it doesn't Nat
  14. Possibility of having "SPEED" as an EFFECT option.

    Hi Thanks for the info. Nat
  15. DVD media for TV video

    Hi I normally use DVD-R 16X 4.7Gb sp 120 min or DVD-RW. (Rewritable) Both should work with VP and play on normal TVs. Nat