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  1. Hi Pretty sure there is a fault here. Your video should fill the preview area and be central. If you have the original installation file, uninstall VP and reinstall it. Nat
  2. Hi What's the version number? When you tried to export your video to your PC, what format did you try? The free version will only export in a couple of formats. I think if you set your export to Custom/.avi/one of the TV settings /constant frame rate/ It may work.. Obviuously come back if it doesn't Nat
  3. Hi Thanks for the info. Nat
  4. Hi I normally use DVD-R 16X 4.7Gb sp 120 min or DVD-RW. (Rewritable) Both should work with VP and play on normal TVs. Nat
  5. Hi NCH After replying to a question regarding changing the speed of a clip/part of a clip, is there any possibility that a SPEED effect could be incorporated into the FX "Motion" options. I can see this being useful where a gradual acceleration or deceleration of a clip could be achieved using keyframes. Currently this can't be done without chopping up the clip into small pieces manually and applying a different speed to each. Nat
  6. Hi This can't be done in clip Place the clip on the timeline and Split it where you want to start the speed increase (or decrease). Split the clip again where you want to return to normal speed. (In effect you are creating a short length of the clip.) (Note....A join between clips is considered as a split) Right click the selected piece of the clip and then on "Change Clip Speed" Change the value shown to increase or decrease the speed. Click Set VP will automatically adjust the clip's length. If you don't want the audio in the section to alter pitch then tick the box. Nat
  7. Hi You can also place everything on the timeline and treat it like film. Use Split to cut out the bits you don't want and "resplice" (so to speak) using Close the gap. This is in many ways more intuitive and obviates the need to reselect and retrim the same clip in the clip preview window. Nat
  8. Hi To empty the timeline..... Left click the first clip on the track. Keep SHIFT key depressed. Left click last clip on the track All the clips will now be highlighted. i.e. selected Keep SHIFT key down and Right click last clip again. Click Delete from the displayed menu. All clips between your selected ones will be deleted leaving clip bin unchanged.. Nat
  9. Hi You should be able to cut and paste text in Czech into the subtitle option of VP. e.g. (Please excuse the translation...) However I agree this is not the same as importing an srt file but at least this option seems to work here. For this test I translated a text line with Google (hence sorry for any errors :-)) and then copy/pasted that into the VP subtitle window where it appeared as shown in the image above. To check if the font etc. was retained I then saved this subtitle as both an SRT file and an SSA file. Cleared VP and reloaded both file types with the same video. Both reloaded OK except that the SRT file needed to be reformated in size. The font (apparently) was fine. The test used the ARIAL font. Nat
  10. Hi Why you have 10 clips (different clips that is) with the same thumbnail in Storyboard mode is a bit odd. Slecting the particular thumbnail to show is however a bit confusing. The intention I think is to use this option to select the frame as the thumbnail seen in the Clip Bin before it is placed on the timeline..perhaps to prevent confusion between similar clips being selected in error. The procedure envisaged is apparently as follows..... Add the clip to the VP clip bin. Normally the first frame of the clip will be displayed as the thumbnail. In Clip Preview play, or move the cursor along to the frame required Right click the Clip preview screen image and select "Use this Frame for Thumb frame" The thumbnail image shown in the clip bin will change to the selected frame displayed in the Clip Preview screen. If the clip is already on the timeline then toggling between Storyboard mode and Timeline mode after making the selection seems (sometimes...on occasions.....may....or may not ) change the Storyboard mode thumbnail to the clip bin thumbnail. As I mentioned its a bit confusing......but the first bit works. Nat
  11. Hi OK. So far you have created a basic video and this will be on Video Track 1 (and possibly on higher tracks if you have overlaid clips) and if it has an associated soundtrack, this will be directly below it on Audio Track 1. From what you desctibe you also have an audio clip that you wish to play with your edited video. The first step is to add the audio file to VP using the Add File button on the toolbar. It will then appear in the audio clip bin. At the BOTTOM of the VP interface screen beneath Audio Track 1 you should see an unlabelled track with the text........ "Drag and drop your audio clips here to mix" If you cannot see this line your preview area need to be reduced in size a bit. So, grab the five small dots beneath the preview screen and pull them up to reduce the height of the preview space. This will then reveal the next unlabelled audio track mentioned above containing the line of text. Now drag and drop your audio clip from the audio bin to this track which will become labelled Audio Track 2. Move it left/right to the point where you wish it to start playing. Alternatively put the cursor line at the start of the video, select your audio clip and then click the black down arrow on the Place tab and use the "Overlay on Sequence at Cursor " option at the bottom. This will place your audio onto Audio Track 2 (even if it remains hidden.) Note that both tracks will play (mix) so if you want to silence one of them you can mute it by clicking the microphone icon at the left end of the to the FX button and ticking the Mute box. (You could also click the microphone icon at the extreme left of the track in question. OR you could also right click the track and select "Mute Audio" from the list.) Hope this helps. Nat
  12. Hi For a newcomer to video editing some programs can seem very complex even at the outset. On the other hand, VP for a beginner is pretty intuative with an all in one interface. The basic principles are easy to grasp and implement.,,,in essence just like handling cine film...Load your video/Place it on the timeline/Cut and remove unwanted bits/Export your result ....but like any program there are more complex areas. The help videos on Youtube for example, are not always up to date with the latest version (or the operating system) and often being silent are difficult to follow. However, help from within VP is available since by Tapping F1 it brings up a help page where all of the many functions are displayed and their use explained, As with any new program of this type it takes time to learn but VP lets you get going at a basic level very quickly. At the end of the day don't hesitate to write to this forum with any editing problem or "How to" query. Don't worry about it being a completely "naff" simple query. Someone will nearly always help. Where do you want to start? Nat .
  13. Hi These steps should give you what you want..... Open VP and then use Tools/Options/Disk. In the box labelled "Save snapshots to:" enter the name of the folder where you want your images to go. (Use Browse to navigate to a suitable file or folder...e.g. The desktop) You could also create a folder beforehand if needs be. Load your video and place it on the sequence line (Video Track 1). Play it, or drag the red cursor line to the point where you want to save a snapshot of the frame. Make sure you are in SEQUENCE PREVIEW. Click the SNAPSHOT button below the preview pane. (It's got a camera icon on it) The associated down arrow will provide a choice of resolutions. The frame displayed will now be decoded and a .png image will be copied to the VP image bin ready for insertion into your timeline if required. A copy png image labelled "Snapshot - 1" will be placed in your selected folder. This is what you are after I think. Note .png images are in some ways similar to .gif images but you can convert them to other formats if required. Nat
  14. Hi It's not normal. What you see in the preview is generally what is exported.Does the defect you are seeing occur with a particular effect or is it random.? Nat
  15. Hi Calm down! Just explain what clearly the problem (or observation) is and somebody contributing to the forum will most likely reply. With regard to the "previous frame" difficulty; This is linked most probably to the FPS of your clip and the VP setting used to display the timeline. The smallest increment with VP is dependant on the FPS set under Tools/Options/Display If this is low (e.g. 15 fps) each click will move the cursor 0.067 seconds, if set to 60 fps the time increment will be 0,017 seconds. It means that clicking the "Next Frame" repeatedly may show the same frame until the cursor has moved sufficiently to actually show the next frame. As your video may also have be shot in a 29.7 fps or 25 fps etc. synching the next frame on the timeline can result in uneven clicks to see the next frame... e.g. 2..then.3...then.2...then 1..etc. What other errors are you seeing? Nat