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  1. Hi " Is there a way to make the outline on subtitles thicker? Without changing the font? " The outline is fixed in size. " Also, is there a way to decrease the space between subtitle lines (not by changing the font size)? " In short NOT WITH A SINGLE SUBTITLE ENTRY. The work-around for this if you want more than one line of text with closer (or greater) separation than the standard two line subtitle is... (and it's a bit phaffy...) Set the cursor to the position for the first subtitle line Enter the subtitle. Use the Adjust Margins box to move the line of text up the screen to a suitable height from the bottom screen border.. Reset the cursor to the same position (Go to start) I< Enter the second line of text. (Add) Reset cursor to start again and both lines of text will appear in the same place one on top of the other. Select which line to move up or down and use the Adjust margin value for that line to move the subtitle line in question. You can separate the lines as little or as much as you want............ e.g. from a slight overlap....... ----------------------------------------------------------- very close........ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- separated. Nat
  2. HI Obviously your title should play. Not knowing your settings I suggest you try creating a dummy title just to see if things are correctly working and check if you have missed something out..... Save your project as a .vpj file. Close and reopen VP and set up a New project. Check image display time....Click Tools/Options/Media. Change Default still image to a suitable duration for the test e.g. 5 seconds Add some clips to the test project and drag them to the timeline. Add a title... Click Add Text Set Font and size. Colour/ border etc. Text in centre. etc. No scrolling etc. Type the text. As you have clips on the timeline the text will be placed at the start on Video Track 2 (the overlay track) and the text image will be placed in the image bin. Your title will overlay the first clip as shown below... Play the sequence. Your title will (should) play from the start for 5 seconds superimposed on your first clip If you want it to play on its own before the first clip you can simply drag it from video Track 2 and drop it at the start of Video Track 1. (Below) In the above example the title plays for the designated duration on its own before the first clip. If this seems to work for you then reload your project from the .vpj file. Delete your title image (or clip) from the sequence and/or the image bin and try again using the above steps. Nat
  3. Hi Ok. Ignoring the sound aspect.....With say, three clips on the timeline you should be able to. Grab a 4th clip in the clip bin Drag it down to the timeline (Video Track 1)..Don't let it go yet... Here it will be shown as a light blue ghost with grey arrows on the trailing edge.......... You can then drag it left or right to any Start position and then release it VP will now insert the clip in the selected position. The timeline will split and your insert will be made. It doesn't need to be at an existing join, it can be at any point. Nat
  4. Hi The top and bottom bars will not appear in a normal video but will appear in an image of a screen dump used in a video,or a direct video copy is made of VP in action. In the latter cases the two strips will not be moving and can easily be removed by using the Crop effect. So do the crop first............. Select the clip on the timeline Click the FX Click the green PLUS Select the Crop effect. Set the AR required (See note below) Using the preview screen as a guide, Drag the top and bottom of the red crop rectangle so the offending strips are excluded. Note: Cropping the Top and Bottom strips will alter the AR of the frame. If no restraint is used then only top and bottom are excluded. If the AR is set to 16;9 for example cropping will also crop the sides in order to maintain the AR chosen. For the blurred area you can stay on the effects pane......... Click the Mask button (Small green Plus with the black dot to the right of the big green PLUS) Drag the corners of the dotted red rectangle so the outline surrouns the object to mask. You can drag at any part of the dotted mask line to make different shapes. This creates in effect an "image" (or object) within the frame. With the "Mask inside " box ticked it will take the focus of further effects. Click the big green PLUS Select the Blur effect. This will blur the masked area. like the top image in my previous post. You should now have a video with the strips at the top and bottom cropped off and the sensitive area suitably blurred. If the sensitive area actually moves in the video you will have to use keyframes to keep the mask positioned correctly as the clip plays. Hope this helps Nat
  5. Hi Inserting a clip is the same as... Putting the cursor at the required point. Spltting the timeline Dragging the clip to the split and releasing it. VP will move the right hand section of the timeline to the right and place the new clip into the space created. If the timeline clip has a soundtrack this will be split as well. If the inserted clip has a soundtrack this will aso be placed into the newly created gap. The gap created in the soundtrack is maybe not what you want so..... If you drag and drop your new clip onto an overlay track it will play over the timeline clip when the sequence is played..(It will overlay the main track) This will insert the new clip without disrupting the main soundtrack. However if the new clip has a soundtrack it will mix where the overlap happens, so you will need to mute the overlaid track. (usually audio track 2). This method will obviously lose the main track video content during the overlay but this is unavoidable. If there are no soundtracks the insertion is easy as in the steps above. You should be able to grab a clip that is on the timeline and drag and drop it at any other place on the timeline. VP will splt and insert it automatically. It doesn't have to be at the cursor line necessarily. Check also that you are not dragging anything accidentaly onto the overlay track.. Nat
  6. Hi " I have crop, then blur then mask in that order. " The order in this case is important. If you crop first and then add a mask, subsequent effects will act on the masked area. Inverting the mask by unticking Mask inside and any subsequent effects (like Blur) will act on the area outside the mask. If you want to blur a section out of a cropped frame there is no problem. Crop the frame Add the mask and shape to fit over the object in the cropped area. Tick Mask inside Add Blur effect. Ticking Mask inside, will apply the effect to the mask . (See above) e.g. Unticking Mask inside will invert the mask and the subsequent effect will act on the cropped area e.g. The order here is Crop/Mask/Blur. I am not sure why NADWW is suggesting to clear the mask. If you apply Crop/Blur/Mask this example will not work. What are you aiming for precisely...? Nat
  7. HI " how do you apply more than one effect to a clip at the same time? " Select (left click) the clip on the timeline that requires the effects Click the FX box on the clip in question to open the effects window. Click the green PLUS to add an effect. Select the effect required (e.g. Crop) Click the Restraint box and select the aspect ration required for the crop. Ignore this if you are cropping to a random size. In the Clip Preview pane adjust the rectangle size and position. The clip will be cropped as you do this. When it appears as you want it click the green PLUS one more and select the Blur effect. Both effect panes will appear one above the other with Blur at the top. Use the slider to adjust the blur. Both effect will now be incorporated in the selected clip. More effects can be added in this way. This includes adding a mask......I replied to an earlier post re: using a mask: To isolate the masked area (now blurred) you must remember that the unmasked area should be made transparent. If you don't do this the mask will not be seen. So you need to (in effect) invert the mask and then apply the Transparency effect to everything but your blurred mask. (The reverse would render the mask transparenty) You may find my link regarding this useful. Note: VP now has a pixel blur effect for areas of clips (only round or rectangular). Nat PS. If you require a moving blur then you should create the cropped blurred mask from the clip and place on the overlay track with the full clip lined up below. You will then require to use keyframes to update the mask position so it keeps the relevant area of the main clip constantly covered.
  8. transition removed

    Hi I can't reproduce this with 5.01 but when you created the transitions, which option did you use for them.....Freeze or Move the clip location. (although I tried with both settings.) Also what length were the clips and what was the transition duration applied to them? Nat
  9. Hi Could be a codec problem with the older version of VP that you are using. VP version 5.01 will load and play .webm videos with vorbis encoded sound track with no problems as shown below.. ......... you might need to upgrade to this latest version. Nat
  10. Hi Borate I don't see a "Custom " preset box under the Zoom effect... (VP 5.01) How did you get it up? Nat
  11. HI Place your 16:9 clip on the timeline. Click the FX box in the left lower corner of the clip. This opens the Effects window Click the large green + sign and select "Zoom" from the list. This opens the Zoom effect window and places a dotted box around the preview image with handles at each corner and on each side. The side handles, if used will alter the AR of the frame;the corner handles will alter the size of the rectangle. You want to retain the AR at 16:9 so........ Click the Restraint box down arrow and choose 16:9. This deletes the corner handles of the rectangle leaving just the side ones. If required, slide the red cursor line in the zoom effect window (or play the clip in the preview pane) to the where you want the zoom to start. Adjust the zoom to the required size and drag it to the desired position. It will retain the 16:9 AR. Click the Add Keyframe tab. (Small green + ) This sets a keyframe at the current zoom settings at the start position. Slide the red cursor line to the zoom end position and adjust the size and position of the zoom rectagle a second time. Click the keyframe tab to fix the end zoom position. Close the effects window and play the clip. Your clip should now play to the start position selected, zoom in (or out) and finish zooming at the second keyframe position. It will retain the 16:9 AR throughout. Nat
  12. Hi (VP v. 5.01) If you go into Tools/Options/Display then click the Preset box down arrow you can select the preview display resolution from the list. This will remain in force until you decide to change the values or reinstall the software. Edit Nat
  13. problem

    Hi " I'm not sure exactly how to set this up how you did. If you can explain it to me, that would be much appreciated. " Click Export tab Click Video File. (Can be changed. There are a variety of options) Browse to a folder to save to. (Can be changed) File Format mp4 (Can be changed) Resolution 320 x 240 (Low Resolution) (Can be changed)..This is the lowest resolution Frame Rate 29.97 TV NTSC (Can be changed) Encoder Options ...Restore Defaults = H246 and Quality 18 (Different settings can be chosen) OK Create Crop or resize (If asked) You should now see the Export queue and progress bar. VP will export and save the Mp4 to the chosen folder. You can change the export parameters as required in order to get a different format and quality. Nat
  14. Hi Sam Of course! Obviously got a blind spot! Thanks. I knew I had done it before. Nat
  15. Hi Borate Yes. Thanks. That removed the templates.OK. I'll see if I can reproduce the effect again. (Now I can remove it .....although I had the feeling that there was a delete option somewhere) Later..... Hmm. It worked OK. I can only think I ADDED the template to to the default transparency effect (50%) without noticing. I've edited my post...DOH! Nat