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Registration code?!?!


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if someone can help me find my registration code on my downloaded Express Scribe software??? I signed up and paid with an email address that I cannot remember and need to move my registration to another computer.  Does anyone know if there is somewhere I can find it on my software that I currently have.  My computer keeps crashing and need to transfer this over ASAP!

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have different emails? Maybe they were not able to locate the license from the email you provided so if you have different emails you might want to contact them back and provide all emails you might have used to make the purchase. If you are sure you had a license they will definitely find it for you. 

Just create a support ticket here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html


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9 hours ago, BecM said:

I had a few at the time and none of them they can find. Not even with my name. So I guess I'll have to buy it again

Hi @BecM, aside from providing the e-mails you may have used for the said purchases, you may also present any proof of purchase, if you still have any — for as long as it shows the transaction reference number so that your purchase can be retrieved.




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