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Express Accounts Free Download - for companies with less than 5 employees


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Just curious -- on the Express Accounts home page - there used to be a link for the free version for companies that had less than 5 employees.  I used to regularly use this link to update my version of Express Accounts for my wife's embroidery business (single employee-business owner business).   I no longer see the link and was wondering where the link is to download the free version of Express Accounts so I can update her version to the latest version.  Is the software still free/available for single employee-business owner businesses?  Thanks for the reply.  

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I downloaded the free version but it appears to default to paid version when you install it! Is this intentional? I am doing it on behalf of a not-for-profit entity with no employees, spent the day setting up the accounts and entering all relevant data but now a pop-up tells me the demo is over and I have to pay. What happened to FREE?

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Yes. As stated, the link and file name both indicated I was downloading the free package but when the program was installed it changed it's name to Express Accounts. It appears the link may have been connected to the wrong software?

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I have a couple of thoughts.  You say you downloaded and added a whole bunch of accounts.  It's possible that if you downloaded the paid version first - that now when you download the free one - that there are remnants of the paid version still on your machine - so the software automatically reverts to the paid version.  I think you should do the following:  

De-install the paid version.  When you de-install, make sure you use a good de-install package to get all old remnants of anything you had before off your system.  This would include any registry entries (if you are using Windows).  If you are using MAC - I cannot speak for that one.   After you have de-installed the paid version and run the de-installer to make sure the old remnants are gone, now install the free version and it should work.  The way you will be able to tell is that the screen asking you to certify that you have less than 5 employees should come up when you open. 

I have been running the free version for over 4 years for my wife's embroidery business (she is a sole proprietor/operator).  It does an excellent job. 


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The free version is the best kept secret!  I am trying to get a refund for MoneyLine personal accounting software (it's full of bugs)

I am a one-woman business (an artist) and I'm wondering if the paid version of Express Accounts PLUS allows you to download bank transactions?

Even MoneyLine did that, but I don't see the option of Express Accounts basic.


I'm also wondering about Support?  Do the free software users get free tech support too?


And finally, I'm wondering what the heck "Platinum Support" is and what it costs and why it's needed?

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