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  1. I have to lodge a complaint. When installing the latest version of Express Accounts (this has happened since Version 4.59), the install changes the associations of my .zip files to associate with the Express Accounts which in turn attempts to get me to buy the ZIP product that NCH sells. First of all, I have been a WINZIP customer for many years and I am perfectly fine with having my product. To automatically change the associations to your product is somewhat underhanded -- and it borders on almost acting as a malware product. You should not change the associations unless I allow it -- and if you want to do it - I should be asked upon installation. In addition, adding the NCH additional program groups upon installation is also not playing nice with the installation. Again, I should be asked if I want those program groups -- they should not be automatically added. If you want to be more professional -- you should not do these things -- otherwise it gives the impression of second-rate development.
  2. OK Not 100% how you are setup -- but you need to go to the chart of accounts and setup an account in the 6300's for Travel expenses. If your client needs details by type of expense (i.e., Air travel, hotel, rental car, etc.) you may want to setup one account for Travel Expenses and then detail each out on the invoice and charge it all to this account. Secondly, in the "items" you can setup an item called expenses. For my consulting business I have two basic items -- consulting hours and expenses. Once you have this item, you can charge in on the invoice. THe rest should be self-explanatory. Make sure your expenses get charged to the Travel Expenses account. You will do this once you apply the customer;s payment. Make sure you apply the expenses portion to the expense account you setup in the chart of accounts. Hope this information is useful.
  3. Yes -- I think that is what I would do Enter the balances as of 7/31/2011 and then one journal entry that would represent the net for the year for each of the operating accounts. Make sure to setup in the options that your fiscal year end is 6/30/2012 (before you start entering the journal entries). It is in the options. Lastly, I am no expert here -- but this seems the way to "get started" with your system intact and converting the numbers so that you can start using as of a point in time (like today or this month). When I set mine up - I just started at the beginning of the year and started from scratch. My fiscal year was from 1/1 to 12/31. Couple of things of note: My belief is that there are no "fiscal year end" procedures. I think you have to do those manually yourself. Basically it is a continous accounting journaling system. The Balance sheet is always as of the date you chose and unless you do the year end entries yourself -- it just continues. You can always back-date the journal entries to reflect the year end processing if you need to. Second, at the bottom left of the screen - that little screen with the Checking account balance and A/R. A/P, income and profit is for the current month. It is a snapshot for the current month only. Hope this information is helpful -- again -- I am no expert -- but this is what my experiences have soon using this program.
  4. OK -- I might not be correct here - but from my understanding here it what I would do: 1. Enter all balance sheet accounts and verify that the balance sheet reflects all NON-operating item accounts correctly. 2. Now start entering the operating items (invoices, expenses, etc. - as of today) 3. The balance sheet should now reflect the correct balances and the operating expenses and sales should show as of today for this month. My belief is that the P&L only shows the operating figures for the period being reviewed. If you are looking at the income statement report for this month - it will only show the operating items that have occurred this month - as opposed to the balance sheet report which will show an accumulated effect. When looking at the income statement report, it only shows the operating items (sales and expenses) that have occurred for the period being reivew (this month). The second thing to look at would be the period you are reporting on. The Balance sheet report will give a snapshot as of today. The P&L will give you the ability to look at the report over a period of time (this month, last month, last quarter, last year, etc.) Hope this information is useful -- hope it helps.
  5. Graham I remember that I had issues with the header way back in version 3 or something. Here are some things that may help: On the "COMPANY" options page -- I have a report logo height as 0.75 On the "INOVICE" options page -- I have a logo height as 0.75 On the "Other" options page -- Margins and other report settings as : Side 0.75, Top/Bottom 0.75; Margins small are 0.25 for both. If I remember correctly, I fiddles with these numbers and my logo and it finally all fit back then -- and after that I had no more header issues. Hope that helps. Ken
  6. Graham I got 4.48 today. Tested to see what the statement looked like. Here is a copy for you to see http://s1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa348/pyz01/?action=view&current=nch-statement-448.jpg As you can see -- I did not have any issue on the header. However, I did have the double underline see: http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa348/pyz01/nchcapture2.jpg So I got 1/2 the bug you got. Still don't know why you are having problems with the header. But the underline is annoying. Cheers -- Ken
  7. Graham Iwent today to download to test it and I still get the 4.44 version (which I currently have). Since, according to the site, 4.44 is still the official version, is it possible you have a beta preview version? If yes, hopefully you can let them know and they can fix it before official release. Ken
  8. I think you are being a little unfair to NCH. Apple is only one platform. First - As long as you have web access - you should be able to get to the accounts. With respect to an APP -- I think what you are asking for will be out later this year -- a tablet that runs Windows 8. Once this comes along - ALL PC apps will be able to run on a tablet and it will make the iPad seem like a toy compared to the real tablets that will run Win 8. I just think you need to be a little patient -- what you want is coming soon enough.
  9. Hi Graham -- I noticed that as well. I was one of the lucky ones --- it did not effect my invoices -- but I can see if someone was tight on space where it could make a difference. You are correct -- it is frustrating to have to test the invoice printing every time they update. I updated several times and, each time the very first thing I do is print an invoice to see if it is still OK. If it is -- I go with the update. If it is not - I revert back to the old version and use it until the next update. The other frustrating thing is the inability to alter the margins of the columns in the invoice and customize ALL the printed columns. Why not allow someone to choose every column they want AND how large they want the column. I understand that this is like placing a separate print module in the program and that would be more costly -- but they really need to do a better job with the invoice printing. As for the change in functions -- most changes, that I have noticed, have been OK (i.e., I am happy with them). But I definitely agree,the invoice printing is hit or miss. Hope you find a happy medium. -- Ken
  10. Hi Graham Interesting. I am having no issue except that if I uncheck the box and leave the two addresses the same - the program detects no change and does not print the SHIP-TO. As long as I uncheck the box and make sure it is different - it works. One thing I did notice -- the Ship to prints very close to the right edge. I have not tried it -- but it makes me wonder if the ship to were long (i.e., longer that the space they have provided for it to print -- if the program would recognize that it is too long an not print it.) I may try that to see what happens. Could again be some sort of printing issue based upon the size of the ship to field like it was in the header. Of course, the best thing to do in this case would be for them to wrap it instead of suppressing it - but it would not surprise me. I will let you know if I get any results similar to yours.
  11. Graham -- I was also able to take an existing invoice - uncheck the box and changed only the zip code on the ship to. The invoice showed the shipto and it printed. SO I guess if they ship to and the bill to are EXACTLY the same -- it will not print. Make sure they are different and it should work. Let me know your results -- mine were good.
  12. Hi Graham I see your issue. What I was able to do was to print a packing slip. This has both the ship to and bill to on it. It is not the same as an invoice - but hopefully that will help your situation. Print a packing slip to place in the package and print the invoice to send to the payer. Not ideal -- I agree there should be a way to print the ship to on the invoice -- but I think you would have to request this as an enhancement to the programmers. Hope that helps. Ken
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    Graham On the OPTIONS - COMPANY tab - I have a REPORT LOGO Height of .75 inches On the OPTIONS - INVOICE tab - LOGO HEIGHT - I also have .75 inches On the OPTIONS - OTHER tab - Margins and other Report Settings Side is .75 and Top/Bottom is .75 The LOGOS themselves are standard .jpg files. But on both logos I did fiddle with the sizing to get them right. All I did was use standard Microsoft picture manager to reduce the sizes until they fit the way I wanted them to. I think the key here is to size the logo correctly and it should work. In other words, I made the logo fit the report instead of the other way around. Hope this information is helpful. Best of luck in getting yours to work.
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    Thanks MCGCS Try here for the two screenshots http://s1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa348/pyz01/
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    OK -- I have two separate screen shots - unfortunately, I have no where to upload to. On the one, logo is LONG and we placed the detail address under the logo. On the other, the logo is shorter and it is next to the logo. I believe the combination of the logo size and the address is what is happening to you Graham -- not sure I see an easy solution. However, if you want a large or long logo - you can always place the details under the logo. Hope that helps. Ken
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