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  1. I did find if you go in to View invoices and apply a payment that way seems to work for me when making a payment with syncing to dropbox. I think the only way you can fix your problem as you said remove the payments and redo them via the invoice list and it should be fine
  2. Are you using this on one computer or more. If you using on more than one are you syncing by dropbox. There seem to be a problem if your when syncing with dropbox. I also found this happens when this option when making payment " Update Exress Accounts" and you dont have express accounts installed
  3. I have seen this but I was doing it on my Android tablet and had it synced with my pc via dropbox. it seem like it can take time for it to update. Can you let me know what way are you doing it ie on pc/mac or Tablet/ipad and are they synced to pc/mac. I mite be able to work it out.
  4. It does not. Sales tax is only added to the item price when its sold.
  5. You can export to CSV file by the following Reports -> Inventory -> Report menu -> Save as CSV Most reports can be saved as CSV files this way
  6. Good to hear you where able to sort it out.
  7. It looks like when the remaining of the payment was made it was not marked off the invoice or allocate to the invoice as in result it showing part payment. you may have to see where the money was put. you may have to look under payments to see what going on
  8. You could get it by payments of accounts payable report I know it will inc all payments but you could sort it by method it then will have all checks paid out together I know you will have to print all of it. Hope this is what your after
  9. Sorry about that just checked myself. Just want to to check it is the outgoing checks you want to print a list of
  10. If you are talking about out going checks then under banking or reports click on view -> checks Hope this is what your looking for
  11. The journal is the general Ladger and it can be printed and it also can be saved as PDF In express accounts go to reporting and you should see an option for journal and you also can view your trial balance under reports and also print it. I have just checked and I can print both from there You will have to set the start date and end date of them both ie from January 2020 to current date will will give all income and outgoings for this year so far
  12. Glad to be of help and also great to know your back up and running
  13. try and install this one https://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/easetupfree.exe this should be the free one
  14. If you are using windows have a look under C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\ExpressAccounts and you may see install files for 7.02 or7.03 If not I have the an old version of 7.00 it will be any good here is a link to version 7.02 http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/expressaccounts-7-02-2019-05-17.exe
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