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How do I raise the volume on playback - it seems to start on the slider at minus 48Dcbs - I need to take it to the very top to hear just normally - I am listening through my computer speakers (which are fine when i listen without ES) I am new to ES. Thank you

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On Express Scribe if you right click on the dictation you may select Special Audio Processes > Extra Volume Boost Selecting this audio process will increase the volume of the entire file by 10%, and you may run it several times until you reach the desired volume level.

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Have you tried adjusting the volume under "ExpressScribe, Preferences, Playback"? Make a note of the current settings for volume level, volume auto-adjust, and clarity low frequency cutoff method. Then try different settings to test the result. My current settings are -8dB, None, and None, and I am getting a clean, strong recording with room to increase volume on the multi-channel display.


Please let us know if either this suggestion or the one from Chris75 solves your problem.




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