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  1. Have you tried adjusting the sound settings in Preferences? It's been a long time since I did it, but I vaguely recall having a similar problem. I tried a variety of adjustments until I got good quality sound again. Click on Express Scribe, then Preferences. You can adjust the volume level, volume auto-adjust, and clarity low frequency cutoff method. Currently I have these set at -8dB (level), and "none" for the other two. Good luck!
  2. Hi This is not exactly the problem I have reported but it is sort of similar. I have tried for the last two years or so to play MP3 2-channel recordings, and Express Scribe will play Channel 1 but not Channel 2. Like you, I know the sound was recorded as I can hear both channels on Quicktime and other players. ES just doesn't "hear" Channel 2. I have THREE paid copies of Express Scribe and the problem occurs on my iMac running El Capitan but it started with Yosemite. The odd thing is, I have the same configuration on my Macbook Air, and both channels play fine. A representative did reply to my first post in two instances but the reply was not responsive to my problem. I answered the post giving a more detailed explanation of the problem, but I never heard anything further. I agree with you that ES is a vitally important tool for me as I make my living as a transcriber, but the support has been lacking, unfortunately. I would gladly change to another foot-pedal-operated transcription app for Mac but so far I haven't succeeded in finding one. Frustrated! Patita
  3. Prema13, Have you tried adjusting the volume under "ExpressScribe, Preferences, Playback"? Make a note of the current settings for volume level, volume auto-adjust, and clarity low frequency cutoff method. Then try different settings to test the result. My current settings are -8dB, None, and None, and I am getting a clean, strong recording with room to increase volume on the multi-channel display. Please let us know if either this suggestion or the one from Chris75 solves your problem. Cheers Patita
  4. Thank you, Josh. No, it's not a single channel. It's a 4-channel MP3 recording. As I explained, I can play it using "The Record Player" from "For the Record," but that only works in Windows. I would prefer to play it using Express Scribe on my Mac. I have no problem playing 2-channel MP3 that I have made myself using a Marantz digital stereo recorder. Regards, Patita
  5. I have Express Scribe 5.7.0 (paid version) on my MacBook Air and iMac, both running El Capitan. It plays 2-channel MP3 recordings. I have seen references on the NCH site to both 2-channel and "multichannel" recordings ("multichannel" is not defined) in Express Scribe Tutorial 3: Discover Advanced Features." Incidentally, I tried to check the list of file types in the Preferences settings, but the File Types tab does not have a list of file types as described in that tutorial. It has two possibilities: "Set default RAW settings" and "Set default VOX settings" -- no file types! I thought I had seen somewhere that ES can play 4-channel recordings, but now I don't know where I saw that. Can anyone tell me if ES is supposed to be able to play 4-channel MP3 recordings? Mine are recorded by the court and I need to be able to isolate each of the four channels in order to transcribe, but Express Scribe plays all four channels together as Channel 1, so I can't do that. So far my only solution is to use "The Record Player" from "For the Record," which works only with Windows, so I'm running Windows under Parallels. This is not an efficient solution and it would be so much easier if I could use Express Scribe. I would appreciate your help!
  6. Hi, all Has anyone heard anything about compatibility of Express Scribe 5.77 compatibility with El Capitan? The NCH site states Mac OS X 10.4 and above. Since I had a problem running Express Scribe 5.7 with Yosemite (OS X 10.10.5) (for which a fix has just been issued -- and it works), I'm somewhat hesitant to install El Capitan. Thanks Patita
  7. Update. I said that reverting to ES 5.5.0 had solved my problem, but that situation didn't last long. The next time I used ES on my iMac, it was back to playing only Channel 1. Yesterday I was notified by NCH that it was offering version 5.77, "which has fixed many reported bugs (including this one)." So I installed it and Express Scribe now works properly - as it did for years - on my newer iMac. NCH never got back to me after their one response to my initial post last February. Now they say there were reported bugs, and now, in September 2015, they've fixed it. Of course I'm happy that they figured it our, but it sure took a long time! And just in time for El Capitan!
  8. Dear N_C_H_joshb As you suggested that maybe an older version of ES would solve my problem, I copied 5.5.0 from my older iMac and installed is on the new one. And it worked! Both channels 1 and 2 are loud and clear. Now I'm wondering what there could be about 5.7.0 that is incompatible with the 27" iMac Retina 5K. You would expect the newer version to be more compatible than the old version or at least as compatible, not that it would be worse. There is clearly something going on here that NCH should be aware of. I'd be very grateful if you could look into this. For the time being I should avoid doing any more upgrades. Thanks again Patita
  9. Thank you. No, it's not two different MP3 files. It is one MP3 file that has two channels. One channel is my voice (recorded with a Stenomask microphone) and the other channel is the recording of the actual proceedings (recorded on another microphone). On the Marantz, my voice is the "right" channel and the live voices are on the "left" channel. On Express Scribe, these two channels show up as "Channel 1" (live proceedings) and "Channel 2" (my voice). The problem with distortion and low volume has only occurred on this new iMac. I have played all the recordings that I have made since I bought that computer on my older iMac (late 2009, Yosemite, Express Scribe Pro 5.50 Intel) and on my Macbook Air (OS X 10.7.5, Express Scribe 5.70 Intel). The playback for both channels is crystal clear and sufficiently loud on both these computers. So there is no problem with the recordings. They are good, so it has nothing to do with either microphone. If you would send me an older version to try, that would be great. If that doesn't work, I'll open a support ticket as you suggest. Thanks Patricia Kealy kealy@telus.net
  10. P.S. I did try the solution proposed by Amorgwrites in the thread "Express Scribe malfunction(s) with OS Mavericks" but it didn't change anything.
  11. Hello, everyone I've been using ES for years and I have a brand new problem since I bought a new iMac 27" Retina 5K running Yosemite 10.10.2. I am a court reporter and I record interviews and depositions in the MP3 format using a two-channel Marantz PMD670 digital recorder. Channel 1 is the live audio track of the participants and Channel 2 contains my voice recorded using a Stenomask microphone on the other channel of the Marantz. When typing transcripts, I transcribe using Channel 1 but often switch to Channel 2 to check anything that's not clear on Channel 1. In my many years of doing this, I've never had any problem with the recordings. Both channels have always been extremely clear and with good volume and ES has played them perfectly. On the new iMac, for which I purchased new licence for Express Scribe, I am using Express Scribe 5.70. Channel 1 is still clear and loud but Channel 2 is almost completely muted. I checked all the input settings on Express Scribe and made sure they were exactly the same as the ones I had used previously on my old iMac. When that didn't improve things, then I readjusted the sound output settings in the iMac System Preferences. The output volume is set at maximum and the balance is set right in the middle. I tried increasing it to the right and increasing the volume for Channel 2 in Express Scribe. When I did that, Channel 2 was a little louder but it's extremely distorted and largely unintelligible. It's completely different than what I used to have. I can't understand why one channel is perfect and the other is useless. I had an older iMac (late 2009, 27") and had recently updated the OS to OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) and was using Express Scribe 5.50, and even after I installed Yosemite, it still worked perfectly. So I conclude that the problem is related to the new iMac Retina 5K, not to the Yosemite OS since both machines have the exact same OS. I've checked every setting that I can think of but nothing has improved the Channel 2 playback. This new iMac has been available for several months, and since NCH has obviously devoted a lot of work to making good software for Macs, I did not expect to have any problems with the new computer. I would have expected that NCH would have made sure that all its apps play well with the new models. I did find a few references to problems with Mavericks on other Mac threads but so far I haven't found anything similar to my problem. This is really frustrating because this is my job, and so far I haven't found any app that could replace ES. I hope an admin is reading this and can help me find a solution. Thank you Patita (Canada)
  12. Hi I've searched this topic and found that two people asked the same question last September but no responses have been posted. I've just switched to Express Scribe (I have version 4.33) from "The Record Player" from "For the Record." I'm used to being able to use hot keys to switch among channels (Ctr-1, Ctr-2 etc. to switch to channel 1, 2, etc.). The only way I can see to switch among channels on Express Scribe is the "Channels Control" window and it seems as though the only way to do it is by using the mouse. I checked the "Hot Key Setup" feature but I don't see any way to set up hot keys for switching channels. Using the mouse is quite inconvenient and slow. Have I missed something or is that really the only way to switch among channels? Aside from this apparent flaw, I think I would prefer using Express Scribe to The Record Player, but for me this is a major shortcoming in Express Scribe. Can anyone help? Thanks Patita
  13. Figured it out on my own eventually. It's my lack of experience with the Mac way of doing things that was causing the problem. Express Scribe works fine and does exactly what it's supposed to do. The menu is at the TOP of the screen, not in the program window. When will I remember that?
  14. I've just bought my first Mac after using PCs for 26 years! I used Express Scribe with no problems on my PC. Now I've downloaded the Mac version (I have a MacBook Air running Leopard). I had no problem loading an mp3 file and getting it to play. The problem is that it's a two-channel recording and I want to be able to isolate the channels and listen to just one at a time. I was able to do that on the PC. I've looked through the help files and didn't find anything about this -- maybe I missed it. Thanks for any suggestions. I should add that the version that is now installed on my Mac says "1:41 Express Scribe" at the top and it does not resemble the screen shot here: http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/screenshots/main.gif It does not have the menu bar: File-Control-View-Notes-Bookmark-Settings-Help and the tool bar is quite different. Also the "Welcome" from NCH Swift Sound is not there. I've tried downloading and installing the program three times with the same result. Thanks!
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