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  1. I now have another issue. ES as I understand it does not support mp4. I converted my mp4 to an mp3 using itunes. However ES will still not load it - any suggestions?? Thank you.
  2. Thank you Chris - the mini player does now stay put! The foot pedal seems to be another problem which as you suggest I will take to NCH.
  3. Not sure if this oos one issue or two. The mini window will not stay on top of my word processing page. Also the foot pedal keeps cutting out - so I have to click the ES icon each time then it kicks in again. I am using Mac with El Capitan and Infinity pedal with paid version of ES All help appreciated
  4. How do I raise the volume on playback - it seems to start on the slider at minus 48Dcbs - I need to take it to the very top to hear just normally - I am listening through my computer speakers (which are fine when i listen without ES) I am new to ES. Thank you
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