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Getting profit report


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Hello Admin,


I'm also inquiring about the Sales Profit report which one of the important report for us. I sent several email for inquiry after buying your product but not receiving any reply yet. Just a question, do I have to purchase the premium support plan to get an answer for this question?




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Received a new version 2 for Copper software and it seems this request for having a Sales Profit Report is not been included which a common feature that users want and most of POS application have. So do we need to wait for another year or so and additional upgrade price to have it?

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to view the profit report i would suggest to you using express account.. you have to define the role of apps respectively as follow :

- to manage your stock you have to use inventoria 

- after inventoria is set, then you have to sync it with copper (sync with express account are optional)

- after all is synced, then put your sales in your copper

- and then see your sales in copper report, let say today you earn 100 dollar of your sales.. and then input the sales in express account by clicking receive payment..

- you have to pay salary, internet, etc, then input it in express account by clicking make a payment

- you have to purchase or restock your product than input it in express account by clicking make a payment.. and the purchased item also input into inventoria so that the stock will be updated

- and then all your income and expense are recorded in express account an you can see your profit 

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