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  1. Received a new version 2 for Copper software and it seems this request for having a Sales Profit Report is not been included which a common feature that users want and most of POS application have. So do we need to wait for another year or so and additional upgrade price to have it?
  2. eroxas

    Dual Tax

    Hello, How can I include 2 taxes? I already set the "Tax" to Dual rate taxes but it only reflect 1 tax. Thanks, Ed
  3. Hello, Same here. No Sales Profit Report either in Copper or Inventoria. Hopefully someone from the "Admin" of this forum give us answer if they releasing a new version where we can generate a Sales Profit Report. I think including it on Copper POS system will be great.
  4. Hello Admin, I'm also inquiring about the Sales Profit report which one of the important report for us. I sent several email for inquiry after buying your product but not receiving any reply yet. Just a question, do I have to purchase the premium support plan to get an answer for this question? Thanks, Ed
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