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  1. 2019 visiting this looking for the solution of these "quan" things and it seems still dead end.. I experiencing this problem since i input the item that are not exist in inventoria.. since that the quan message always appear and cooper wont sync again with inventoria.. First i do backup all the copper data, then I try to re install copper and start over agaIn and re sync with inventoria then the problem are solved.. But the transaction data are lost. So i try to restore the from the backup data, the transaction are exist but the quan message appear again. SO MY TIPS IS
  2. i have expcerienced there no tab sync in the copper, so i try to re download the software in official nch web, and the tab sync are appeared..
  3. I just want to share my experience using NCH apps especially inventoria, express acc and copper. At the beginning my first impression of NCH apps is focused on the report that not suit with my need. the report are limited and we have to process the imported csv file to make the report that we want. Previously i dont have sufficient knowledge on pos system. My interest is only to record item stock correctly. so i only use Inventoria for all in out stock record. Inventoria allow us to make purchase order, make sales, setting supplier, setting item location, even you can see the gross profi
  4. i dont think it is possible to prevent ip changing
  5. first you have to delete all transaction in : - order - receive - transfer i use mac, i only select all item by hilding command and then right click then choose delete.: all item will be deleted except the item that recorded in some transaction
  6. to view the profit report i would suggest to you using express account.. you have to define the role of apps respectively as follow : - to manage your stock you have to use inventoria - after inventoria is set, then you have to sync it with copper (sync with express account are optional) - after all is synced, then put your sales in your copper - and then see your sales in copper report, let say today you earn 100 dollar of your sales.. and then input the sales in express account by clicking receive payment.. - you have to pay salary, internet, etc, then input it in e
  7. if i may suggest : for example today you earn sales 100 dollar, and the shipping are 20 dollar as input in copper then what you have to do in express account is clicking receive a payment and put : 100 dollar sales and also 20 dollar freight collected.. and it will appear in your journal.. i would suggest that in your xpress acc you dont have to think about inventory stock.. i use those 3 nch apps as follow : - inventoria as stock management. - exp account as accounting software. - copper to input daily sales
  8. i have a problem in here, when i put selling or purchasing in express account, the stock in inventoria wont change ? why is that ?
  9. Hi Gekker, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately item sales report only contain the sales amount. it doesnt show the profit we get from the sales. Though if we see the "view item" menu they put the price value and the sales price, but why they dont provide the report of profit sales.
  10. I recently use express account, even though i am not an accountant but with a little guidance from my friends (which accountant) i can run this software. I have online shop that sells many variants of product, and i still cannot find where I can have report that can explain the total profit from sales / net profit of each product. Example product A, cost value 5,000 and price value 10,000, and where i can find the report that contain the 5,000 as the profit from its margin.
  11. if -for the example- we use inventoria as a server, than the IP will change every time it closed. Than maybe the solution when we re-open the inventoria we have to renew the ip on the copper or other program that synced. CMIIW
  12. Same issue with me.. copper records transaction but not profit report, meanwhile inventoria records sales profit but not the transaction that recorded in copper (even it already integrated with copper)... I cannot understand what is the purpose of each program in term of this matter. But I think the software creator designed copper for the employee who better don't know about the things that should be considered as a company confidential such a : profit report, cost value etc.. you can imagine what happen if the employee knows about the profit or cost value.. so copper was designe
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