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Distortion suddenly started


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Sound Tap 2.31

Win 10


Full version. Worked fine until today. No audio settings have changed in Windows. All WIn audio sounds fine. MP3, 192 kpbs, Recording audio from YouTube video. Sounds 'overmodulated', distortion no matter the bitrate settings.



High quality encoding.


Video is:


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Hi David,

The level at which SoundTap records is dependent on both system volume and the volume of the application playing the audio (in this case YouTube via your browser). I notice in the video you linked, the recording level is quite high which means that perhaps with your normal volume settings it is playing too loud and distorting. To get a better recording you will need to reduce the volume of the track by either turning down the YouTube volume or your system volume. Take note of the dB level meter in the main SoundTap window and aim to have your recording only peaking into the red section occasionally.



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I have turned down my Windows 10 system sounds - I have adjusted the speaker volume, and the system sound settings in Control Panel but no luck. The volume appears to affect only volume output, and when I turn it down even to 4 % the distortion remains unchanged.


I have tried another site (Piobaireachd.co.uk -requires a login to listen), but the effect is the same.


Is there a way to universally adjust the input sound that will affect the Edge browser input? Also, I have tried the same file on Chrome (Version 47.0.2526.106 m) same results.



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I had the same thing happen to me today while streaming from an online source.


My preferred output is 320kb, stereo, include CRC. No system sounds.


It's intermittent and only noticeable on playback.


It sounds a lot like the random clunks and ticks one would hear on crappy vinyl during the quieter passages but the sources are all digital.


I, too, tried lower output bit rates without CRC with no improvement.


Then I streamed from my own hard drive audio sources that sound excellent and the new copy did the same thing on playback.


I tried Find & Play for the original file on my HD and it played flawlessly through SoundTap.


So I think bandwidth and volume are not factors.


Obviously, the encoding is going awry and it doesn't realize it.


I rebooted and tried again. No change.

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Hi ypdave,

Has this problem just started for the first time? If so, have you added/removed any hardware or changed any hardware settings recently? Especially anything related to your soundcard? Or perhaps you may have done a driver update?



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  • 7 months later...

Please allow me to add to this topic. I purchased a license for SoundTap in 2014, and while there were no popping sounds in the source, playing back the recorded music had quite a few popping sounds when the volume is higher. I gave up at that time.... I have tried this now on 3 different computers and the problem persists. It seems there is no adjustment to lower the input volume into Soundtap... I have just downloaded the latest version, and tried a number of different settings for the soundcards - on 2 different computers (Lenovo desktop and HP laptop) to no avail. I tried a number of music sources, including a CD in my CD drive, and it also popped on loud sections. The only visible indications are the red blinks to the right of the volume indicator while recording.. using Soundtap to play the recordings actually shows more red blips on the volume indicator (up to 12) and they appear to coincide with the popping sounds. It appears the soundcards put out more volume than Soundtap can handle, causing the popping sounds. Another topic suggested to turn down volume, and I have tried to find a setting in the computer to do so, but the Soundtap volume indicator does not seem to be affected by any volume settings - you can turn off (mute) the PC speakers and it does not affect the volume indicator in SoundTap . This suggests to me the "hook" into the sound device is prior to any volume controls. This also suggests a driver update anywhere on the system affecting the sound hardware/software could alter the volume...

I will be happy to pay for a working version of this software that works without popping sounds... is it possible to add a volume adjustment to the INPUT into Soundtap? If that is possible, I think it should solve these problems....

Thank you for your support - the idea behind Soundtap is a great improvement allowing me to create music collections I enjoy for my personal use.

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  • 9 months later...

Like many of the other discussions regarding pops, clicks, speed changes in recorded output from Soundtap, I also get all of this.  The demo software worded fine.  I have no changes No changein the Realtek sound card, or updates.  I have tried volume levels in both youtube and the system sound controls that are so low that I can barely hear the music.  No improvement.

I tried including one of these recordings for your perusal, however it won't let me.


Looks like from the dates on the other posts that this is a problem that has been unaddressed for a long time.  How do we get functionality that we collectively all paid for.

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Software has worked geat in XP and also did for a few weeks on W10, but then I get godawful distortions on playback.  And: when I look at my recording folder in file explorer it immediately puts up a file in the usual manner with usually around 1000 kB (or was it B?) then just sits there and does not increment with time as it's supposed to.

The simultaneous sound frm the speakers is fine so the digital data feeding the DAC is obviously OK.  So somehow soundtap takes that digital data and screws it up royally before dumping some horrendous facsimile of the original sound into my folder.  The original music is BARELY recognizable and mercifully cuts off prematurely.

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I just got the same problem.  Music out of speakers is fine so it's some kind of software problem (the DAC input is obviously good so why does st put trash in my file?)

Als, looking at the recording folder, the instant I start recordng a file name pops up with some duration which then never changes.  hen I click on the file the sound is horrendous distortion with barely recognizable music.

To screw up good digital data that way must take some doing.  How hard is it to take DAC samples and convert them to mp3 anyway???

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