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  1. The distortion happens from time to time when I used it, and it made me discard this recorder. Maybe you should try the audio recording software for mac I'm using now. It's TunesKit Audio Capture, which can retain the original sound quality. Plus its price is reasonable,so. Hope it helps.
  2. What software are you recording the audio from? 'Cause maybe it's the problem with the target software. Anyway, I have been using a mac streaming audio recorder called TunesKit Audio Capture, and it is compitable with win 10 and my brother's win 8. You might want to switch to this software? Hope it helps.
  3. Maybe you should change the format or adjust the sound quality by adjusting the bit rate, sampling rate, etc. If that doesn't work, maybe swithcing to another audio capture called TunesKit Audio Capture? It is able to record the audio in 6 different formats without quality degradation, so it might solve the problem. At least, I haven't heard strange noises in its recordings during my last 2 months usage. Hope it helps.
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