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  1. I have turned down my Windows 10 system sounds - I have adjusted the speaker volume, and the system sound settings in Control Panel but no luck. The volume appears to affect only volume output, and when I turn it down even to 4 % the distortion remains unchanged. I have tried another site (Piobaireachd.co.uk -requires a login to listen), but the effect is the same. Is there a way to universally adjust the input sound that will affect the Edge browser input? Also, I have tried the same file on Chrome (Version 47.0.2526.106 m) same results. Suggestion?
  2. Sound Tap 2.31 Win 10 Full version. Worked fine until today. No audio settings have changed in Windows. All WIn audio sounds fine. MP3, 192 kpbs, Recording audio from YouTube video. Sounds 'overmodulated', distortion no matter the bitrate settings. High quality encoding. Video is:
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