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  1. Software has worked geat in XP and also did for a few weeks on W10, but then I get godawful distortions on playback. And: when I look at my recording folder in file explorer it immediately puts up a file in the usual manner with usually around 1000 kB (or was it B?) then just sits there and does not increment with time as it's supposed to. The simultaneous sound frm the speakers is fine so the digital data feeding the DAC is obviously OK. So somehow soundtap takes that digital data and screws it up royally before dumping some horrendous facsimile of the original sound into my folder. The original music is BARELY recognizable and mercifully cuts off prematurely. Members 0 5 posts Report post Posted just now I just got the same problem. Music out of speakers is fine so it's some kind of software problem (the DAC input is obviously good so why does st put trash in my file?) Als, looking at the recording folder, the instant I start recordng a file name pops up with some duration which then never changes. hen I click on the file the sound is horrendous distortion with barely recognizable music. To screw up good digital data that way must take some doing. How hard is it to take DAC samples and convert them to mp3 anyway???
  2. Get back to XP, that does exactly that, stops if there is an audio lapse of about 2 sec, then resumes recording in a new file. I couldn't live without that feature. But it would be nice if the time interval were settable by the user, although as is it's pretty close to perfect IMO.
  3. I would guess it's your OS choked to the gills. Try re-installing W if you have the patience. I did with my ancient XP machine and it made a big difference. Compare with running a you-tube video. Does that use 100% cpu also? Does the video break up all the time?
  4. Yes, the reply to your question was not apropos. Hard to believe this would change with W 7,8 or 10 but on the other hand it would be just one more reason to tell uSoft to shove it with their abandonment of XP.
  5. Surely the software stops recording when the sound stops, then resumes with a new file when the sound starts up again? Which brings me to MY question - can the pause interval determining when a new file is started be set by the user or is his fixed? It appears to be fixed at around >2 sec. I'm a diehard XP'er and the software definitely stops recording when the audio stops for a presumably predetermined time which appears to be around 2 sec, then resumes with a new file when it resumes.
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