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  1. On further experimenting, the 32-bit release does create mpg files properly (with both audio and video). I guess I will take it. I am not too unhappy about the quality of the output file. Since winxp is not my primary OS, I guess we will let it rest. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Borate! Facing the same problem in winxp as well. Installed the 32-bit release (before that I had installed 10.88 which was creating output files (wmv) without audio). With the new installation, not only is there no audio in wmv output, it just doesn't create mp4 or avi files, citing some error. So I tried looking for components (as you had guided me for win7) but I just didn't find this AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Components path at all. There was an application data folder but it didn't have any roaming subfolder. So I have essentially come up against a brick wall there. Can you suggest a way out of it? Would you like me to send you a project folder as I did for win7?
  3. Thanks so much for all the help, Borate!
  4. What frame rate was selected? Was the video length 2m19s? If the frame rate was 25 and the video length is 2m19s, I would certainly like to know how come your file size is only 55 MB at 1280x72 rez while mine with the same settings is 140 MB. There was only a 20MB difference between 15 fps and 25 fps here. 15 fps is not even an option because of dropped frames but I did it just out of curiosity. The settings I chose were nothing new....always 1280x720, 25 fps, quality 90% (I leave this default setting as it is). True that mp4 in general has a smaller sized file. I guess I'll try this format. -0- My observation with the earlier versions has been that the files created in VP in winxp tended to be about 20 percent smaller than those created in win7. So I tried to install the latest version that you sent in winxp (my computer has dual operating system). I got a "~.exe is not a valid win32 application" message. Is this version available for installation in winxp?
  5. hi Borate! First let me thank you for working tirelessly to find solutions to problems. Really appreciate your dedication. Yes, it works now!! The only thing worrying me is that the file size is ridiculously large. This particular video of 1m19s duration is 140 MB (at 24 fps matching the original's frame rate), whereas in the earlier version, a 1m24s video was only 40 MB. There doesn't seem to be any appreciable difference in the quality between the two.
  6. It is working in mp4 format! The above encoding settings display by default when mp4 is selected. However, my preferred format is wmv. Can we fix it so that audio works irrespective of the output format? Just in case there is a misunderstanding, it is not that the audio is missing only on uploading to youtube. VP exports (now I know, only wmv files) without audio to begin with. Till such time as we find a solution to this problem, I guess I will export videos as mp4. I notice that my windows media player plays only the audio of the mp4 file created in VP. It plays both video and audio of other mp4 files Ditto with avi export.
  7. Thanks for checking. your video plays beautifully...on my PC, the audio is playing just fine on the timeline. Definitely not a matter of volume being muted on player. I was so busy testing all the features in both 10.87 and 10.88 that I didn't create any files in that period. One file I did create using 10.87, I took for granted that everything was fine with it only to realize a few hours ago that audio was missing in it. Too bad I uploaded it to youtube without the audio. You can check this out for what it is worth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo0q1WiUeVA&t=19s What do you suggest I do? Thanks for the tip on fading at the end of the video. -0- Sorry I was mistaken. I created two files using 10.87..this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBS6X1qEihI was created before the one I sent you in the last post. Assuming everything to be fine, I never played back the exported file.
  8. ok...looks like I managed to upload the folder. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eOddHdtTxVhzbqTvhYxH0GNPdkBuWhKi?usp=sharing I selected Anyone with the link.
  9. Thanks for the prompt response. I am using google drive....the project folder size is 249 MB. How do I check if I have enough space on google drive? Uploading is underway but it is taking a long time. 10 minutes since uploading started and it says still 20 minutes to go
  10. I didn't realize this at that time but this problem was there in v10.87 as well...VP exports sans the audio.
  11. My desktop is where I would like it to work. In the meantime I'll keep trying any new versions that are put out. Hoping this will get sorted out too. Many thanks for your help so far.
  12. Hi Borate! I am happy to report that ALL the masks are working in 10.87. However, the Diffuse video effect still causes VP to crash. I have filed the bug report as suggested by you.
  13. Win 7, 64 bit OS CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 610 Free space: 222GB Can I have v10.86 please? Do beta releases behave the same way as non-beta releases?
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