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  1. Hi, ELK. I use the defaults. In any case, the problem does not look to me related to the parameters you specified. She doesn't show up every time either. Frequent, but not always. Thanks for trying to help anyway.
  2. Sorry, Nationalsolo. It didn't help. The cube resured on the next use. So I must deal with it anyway. Thank you for trying to help anyway.
  3. How to prevent export queue dialog from popping up in any export of video? It just bothers me. I couldn't find a way in OPTIONS
  4. I'm capturing a full-screen video. Almost every recording has several pictures from the previous recordings left at the beginning of the recorded file. I have to cut them and it takes time and sometimes hits the beginning of the recording
  5. Imanuel

    video editing

    It's very simple for VideoPad users. I only purchased Prism & Debut, And I thought by the description that it includes everything or at least what free software includes. Do I need to purchase 5 tools to perform a simple operation?
  6. Imanuel

    video editing

    I want to remove a clip from the middle of a video. How to do that? All I see is the possibility of trming the beginning or the end. Even in simple free software I can do "trick" and divide video into several parts and then join only desired parts.
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