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  1. Hi, Has this feature been added? Thanks, Federico
  2. Good day, Is there a way to mute all tracks audio in a go? It is a bit tedious to mute one track by one track but for the time being, I will just use that method. I have tested select multi tracks and try to mute, but only one track is being muted. Thank you. Jane
  3. Some time ago, I created a video, added a music track to it, and was able go back and add narration and the music track automatically faded in and out when I spoke. I can't remember how I did it nor can I replicate the action. I have tried using the 'add narration' function, but the music sound track remains at full volume and over-runs my narration. What am I missing?
  4. I bought an older version of VideoPad, and am constantly having to roll back to it due to auto-update issues that then tell me I need to pay for a newer version. Very annoying! The Support team told me to install an older version and sent me a link to a page that doesn't even have my older version. See here: http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/ I need 6.29, safe install, no additional ware or viruses. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  5. Current Version = 10.24 I try to take a snapshot of a certain frame, but instead it gives me a snapshot of something many frames ahead... I tried to work around this by going back a few frames so that it will skip ahead to what I need, but that doesn't work either. Instead, it does what it's supposed to do, and gives me a picture of the current frame. It doesn't work any other time... I JUST bought this new version, too...
  6. Please help! I have a 9 minute video which plays back in Video Pad fine but when I convert it to MP4 the audio is fine but the video is flashing, going too fast and awful. Can anyone help me sort it? Starting a new file I am wondering if I should convert the mov. files from my XT30 camera to MP4 before I make the videopad file? Any thoughts?
  7. Hi I have some rendering issues, i have edited a half hour video shot in 4K and on rendering it as mp4 at 2K which is normal for us without problems nearly the entire video has a strobing effect, completely unusable. some renders still have the strobing but alos the audio is way way off, like minutes. I have tried all sorts of different rendering options, 2K, 1080p, fps, AVI etc etc, all more or less the same. I have just installed an earlier version i think 10.10 and waiting for it to render now, i have notice when the export button is prssed i see in the top bar 'not respondi
  8. I am reviewing a video documentary to send comments to the video editor. I have bookmarked certain places in the video. Now I would like to send the text of the bookmarks with corresponding timelines to the editor. I do not wish to make a DVD. I need to email my comments. Or export as a soft copy. Urgent please help
  9. I edited a sequence 1 and copied the complete content to sequence 2. Now audio and video is shown as one piece without any cuts. Next, I would like to apply some audio edits to the whole track But when I press the FX button shown on the wave form, the option I get are for the video stream. Something's wrong here!
  10. Hi, I have a selection of still photographs of my own and am trying to apply Pan & Zoom to them. Chose the first rectangle, then the second. Worked a treat. Then did that to the next picture. Worked a treat. But on the next one it decided it would apply the Pan & Zoom to the previous pictures as well as the one I was doing. So I had 'double Pans & Zooms' on those first pictures. Yes, I can go back and DELETE those 'extra' Pans & Zooms that have been applied .. but I have 18 photos and that would take ages to do! So how do I stop a Pan & Zoom applied to one
  11. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iBPYvmxERunesygweoH7l_c73ZIebSHb?usp=sharing I've tried reinstalling, restarting my laptop, rendering in different formats (mp4, MOV, AVI) and different resolutions. A new resolution sometimes works for one or two videos but them it gets bad again. It's a mystery to me. Any help out there? Back up folder link is above.
  12. Hi. I´m new to VideoPad. My first project contains a video on Track 1 and a few occasional still photos on Track 2. My problem is that my photos have another aspect ratio compared to the video (which is more wide screen). When the photos are showing I want black stripes on each side of the photo. I DO NOT want to see Track 1 as stripes to the left and right of the photo. On my very first attempt to export the film I got exactly that - black stripes left and right. So I know it can be done. Now, after a few adjustments to my project, I cannot achieve that anymore. It looks allright in th
  13. First video went fine. Second video I made not so much. I added a gif with a transparent background and it looks fine in the editor but when I export it the gif is inside a white square. I tried googling the issue but I could find anyone with my exact problem. This is what im getting out but if you look at a few other videos on my channel I used vp and gifs and never had this issue. Please help! I'm now a day behind and my sponsor is very strick about dates. Here's this, thank you so so much for any help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHizVq4IITQ&ab
  14. Okay, so let’s say that I placed a video on my timeline. It was exactly at 1:10.000 when I initially made it, but when I opened it today, it was at 1:09.993. Has anyone had this happen to their projects? EDIT: Also after the video has been exported, sometimes, if not most times, the video seems to get displaced in terms of time. In my case, I had my subtitles show up at a precise moment in sync with what happens in the video, but in the exported MP4, this gets desynced. What could be the cause of this? Any help is appreciated.
  15. As a test I placed 2 clips on project, preview plays fine as well as individual files. Exported mp4 is unusable. Project rendered on 10.24 Paid version. I have backed up the project ready to be shared, if support want to look at it.
  16. Unable to add file. Why?
  17. When i am using colour curves effect (videopad version 8.63) it crashes. Please help asap thanks.
  18. Hey borate, I'm having an issue & it's been happening since the month of Feb 2021, prior to that, everything was fine It's so annoying having to unlink then drag/adjust the sound to match the video on all video clips When can we expect an update from VideoPad to resolve this issue?
  19. Hi, I recently downloaded the free version of VideoPad Video Editor to edit a clip for my Youtube channel. However, when I tried to upload it, it says the app is only for non-commercial purposes, and I was hoping somebody could explain to me what that means. Can I still upload it to Youtube? If I can't will I have to start over editing?
  20. Hi, I read that using a serial key twice will result in the serial being banned... Can I only use once or can someone let me know if they've installed with their serial twice and this wasn't an issue? Edit: I do have proof of purchase btw. My serial key is also for version 9, and I can't find the download link.
  21. I'm able to make the video track fade out, but the audio doesn't fade with it. So figured out how to make the audio fade as well, but both audio and video aren't fading together. I set both to 15 second fadeouts, but the audio starts fading before the video? What am I doing wrong?
  22. I have stabilised my video, but now the black box surrounding the video wobbles all over the place. Can I get rid of the box?
  23. Hi everyone. I am editing a video for YouTube, and for one of the clips, i want to add a red tint to make it look angry. However, tint doesn't work in the latest version of VideoPad. Instead of making the video look redder, it will just make the entire video a red screen. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks
  24. Hello, I need to import a typography that doens't exist in videopad. How can I do it please? I don't want to use "time new roman" or the others that are available Thank you
  25. Quick question- I thought the software was free? It’s now asking for me to pay as free trial is over.
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