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  1. Hi Borate I have been doing that, but I have to unlink the audio from the video. When I do that I can't relink it back and then editing causes issues. In my reply to Nat you'll see my work around. Thanks
  2. Hi Nat To get around it I export as mono. That works. It's just that during editing it's awkward because on some clips I hear stereo, on others mono left only. I have also noticed that if all my clips are mono then it plays back on both channels. But if I add just one clip that's stereo then all mono clips now only play in the left channel. Another solution is to never use the built-in mic on the phone, and I think that's where I'll go.
  3. Hi I create some videos with my iPhone using the built in mic. Others I use a mic plugged into the lightning port. In VideoPad, when I listen to either clip the audio comes out of both channels. If I add the one using the built-in mic to the timeline it is fine and the audio comes out both channels. But if I add a clip created using a mic plugged into the lightning port to the timeline I only get a left track. The interesting thing is that outside of VideoPad the clip sounds fine, and listening to the clip in VideoPad it's fine, but as soon as I add the clip to the timeline
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