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  1. Okay, that answers that part of it. Thanks, borate. Do you know if pressing it again hurts anything, or is just redundant? I looked up the instructions for animating a mask on NCH page and it said to hit the + to create each keyframe point. Those instructions were from some time ago, so maybe outdated now.
  2. National and borate, Thanks for checking it out. I have the feeling it's another symptom of my wonky VP install. I'll have to decide if I just need to reinstall now and finish the project later or try to push through. I have one clip to redo the masking (the finished video I have now is not very smooth) and then possibly another clip to apply masks. So, I don't know.... Couple of things for National: 1. I don't think it's a PC performance issue as I just upgraded recently and can process the masking even in full screen fairly fast. 2. I know going full screen for the clip window hides the effects pane... but what I was doing was only moving the points while in full screen and then going out of full screen to go back to the effects window.. to set keyframe or move to the next position, etc. Speaking of which, I'm glad you brought this up. I have tried this both ways... You have to click to create a keyframe initially to get it started, but then after you slide scrubber to new position and immediately click to create a new keyframe, then move the points; *or* after sliding scrubber to new position and move the points first, which seems to create a keyframe automatically. But sometimes it only creates 1 keyframe instead of 2 as it does when you manually click to create one (I'm not sure if it's the feathering or position that it creates). I have also tried to manually click keyframe after one has already automatically been created and then usually I'll have both. I hope that's clear enough... I tested both ways this morning when working with the "normal window' and it seemed to work either way, but is one way more correct than the other? I'm going to write out that last part in bullet points so it will be clearer. Choice A 1. Click to create keyframe 2. Move points to create mask shape 3. Move scrubber to next time point 4. Click to create next keyframe 5. Move points, etc, repeat or Choice B 1. Click to create keyframe (has to be first step to get it started) 2. Move points to create make shape 3. Move scrubber to next time point 4. Move points to change mask shape (which sometimes automatically creates a keyframe) 5. Click to create keyframe for mask shape you just made I'm not sure if VP sometimes automatically creating a keyframe when you begin to move points (when you release the first one) is supposed to happen or just my wonky system.. but putting that aside for the moment: is it more correct to move point then create that keyframe, or create the keyframe first and the move the points?
  3. I am still trying to make it through my current project before I reload my system (due to VP suddenly started acting erratic). But I am having some issues with using animating masks that I'd appreciate some feedback about. As you know, the way it's supposed to work is that you create a keyframe, move the points around to create your mask, then move forward to another point in the timeline, create a keyframe, move the points around to the new shape, repeat, etc. Then when you move through the clip using the scrubber, you see the mask smoothly "move" as it goes from point to point. The issue I am having is that it is either doing 1 of 2 things: It doesn't animate from point to point, but just suddenly changes over to the new shape when you reach the next point. Or it will animate, but then when you slide past point B the mask suddenly reverts back to the shape from point A. It doesn't retain the point B shape as you slide through the rest of the clip as it should. I had about 5 minutes to test this morning and what I found out is: if I leave the clip preview window (where you're adding the points) to normal size within the VP interface, it worked perfect after doing 3 or 4 tests. But when I tried moving the points around while the clip preview window was maximized (double clicking in the window) that's when the issues would occur. So I don't know if: 1. this is a bug. 2. VP wasn't designed to create points when the window is maximized (which would be really inconvenient) 3. or if this is just another symptom of my unstable VP load. BTW, I using the latest version - 7.00.
  4. Thanks Borate. I will look into all those options after I redo my system. VP is still crashing, just not as often. Its also exhibit other weird behaviors. I manually deleted the install folders and reinstalled twice now. The first time it came up with a completely different menu layout (example, the load clips from a separate peoject was missing) even though the About... screen showed ver 6.32. A second reinstall brought it back to normal. Im about finished with my current project, so I'm going to limp along to finish it and then do a complete system redo.
  5. Well... apparently the system backup / restore function is mostly meant for Windows 7. You can use it in Windows 10 but it doesnt create restore points automatically like it did in 7. I would have had to have enabled it. I worked with my project for a few hours today and no crashes, even when working with masks. So.... maybe it fixed itself? With these intermittent issues it's dufficult to know for sure.
  6. Thanks, Borate. I think I might start adding that to my regular PC maintenance. Since I hadn't before, I'll see what Windows system restore can do for me. It's worth a try! I just wish I knew what caused this.
  7. Okay, the oddness deepens. I cannot change (or even view) the permissions for the VideoPad folder. I tried everything suggestion I found in searches, but it just refuses to even consider letting me have control again. So I found a utility that searches what process is tied to files / folders. It said that BrCntCtr (Brothers control center - for my printer) was tied to it - as well as my other NCH folders. I killed that process and now the VideoPad folder is gone! However VideoPad still runs. I'll have time to test tomorrow to see if it's still crashing.
  8. Yes, navigate to the NCH Software directory and see if you can open up the VideoPad installation folder. I get an error message that it isn't accessible. I can't look at the containing files and I can't delete it to start over.
  9. Yes, I've done all those steps. Would you check if your VP installation folder is accessible? My Wave Pad, Express Burn, and VideoPad installation folders are accessible, but VP isn't. I don't know if that's intentional or if that's a sign something's wrong.
  10. Long story short, I posted yesterday about using masks crashing VideoPad. I have found out today that it is not the project I'm on, because it crashed on a much simpler project as well. One time it crashed and I wasn't even doing anything with it, it was just up in the background while I was previewing a video in Media Player. I uninstalled it (vs. 6.32, but I had this same issue with 6.31) and reinstalled it, but noticed something strange. I wanted to manually delete all the files in the installation folder but I got an error message that I couldn't access it (c:\programfiles\nchsfoftware\videopad ... or whatever the exact wording is). I have 3 other NCH Software programs and I can access all their installation folders. I wanted to install to a different folder, even a different drive, but the installation process seems to just pick a location and you have no choice. Just now, it crashed while I was exporting a video. I have never had this problem with VideoPad before. I have done all the normal steps for crashes (updated driver, clear cache, etc). What's my next step?
  11. Outdate post edited to remove crash cause assumption later proved to be false and also an aggravation-fueled rant against the masking function.
  12. Okay, I've had it with thing for the night.. I"ll resume this project tomorrow. Thanks for the response, Borate. I eliminated all your suggestions (I clear out the cache anyway, my video driver is constantly updated to the newest, I'm not running any other apps, and my system is a Ryzan 7 2700X so I'm good there) except for toggling the hardware acceleration off. I turned it off, but still crashed. I mainly wanted to know if anyone's had any issues while trying to work with masks, maybe specifically while using keyframes. It's the only time the program crashes. It seems to be mostly random but it will happen within 5 minutes of working with a mask (a lot of the times while moving the points around to create a new keyframe).
  13. I am suddenly experiencing constant crashes. The only good thing is that it gives the option of loading the auto save which brings me back right where I was at, so not having to redo a lot of work. It seems to be related to using masks or possibly that combined with keyframes. I am moving a mask around an object every half second or so using keyframes and at some point while doing this, the program will crash. I submitted a report, but it suggested installing the latest version (6.32?) which I did, but still crashing. Any ideas?
  14. Miggy

    Using mask

    Thanks, Borate! Right-clicking a point does in fact delete it.
  15. Miggy

    Using mask

    When clicking on points on a mask to move them around, I invariably will inadvertently create new points no matter how careful I am to click the already existing point. Over a period of time of working with a mask, doing key frames every couple of seconds or so, I can end up with a bunch of unneeded points. Is there a way to delete these extra points? I tried highlighting one and clicking delete, but that deleted the whole clip!
  16. I thought a video should be made that actually had the lyrics, so this resulted in my latest VideoPad project. And if you're never experienced Sammy the Christmas Snake, then you're in for.... something! Sammy the Christmas Snake ETA: I realized from a response I got on Facebook that my wording was misleading. I wrote it with the thinking that people were familiar with Sammy, but I realize that's probably not the case. I didn't write / produce the song. I discovered it in a local radio show about 15 years, but I read that it originated in the 80's. No one seems to be sure who did the song, though.
  17. Yes, you have a certain number of exports until you'll need to purchase a license. If you're going to be doing video projects even occasionally, VideoPad is well worth the price.
  18. I installed 6.30 and now a modified overlaid video track appears correctly in preview. It was either something with my install, or a problem with 6.23. EDIT: I found a bonus in the new version! A big thanks to the devs for the default export destination setting. I always work with a bunch of small clips treated as separate projects and it's so much easier (and a big time saver) not to have to keep pointed it back to my work directory.
  19. Thank you both for checking. I'll try updating to 6.30 and see if it works.
  20. Okay, the wife wanted to finish her show before we left so I had time for a quick experiment. Overlaid a clip on top of another. Any section deleted from the middle of the overlaid clip will disappear when the project is previewed (picture reverts to the "base" clip during that blank section). But when I delete from the end of the overlaid clip, it continues to play the overlaid clip just as if it was still there.
  21. Okay, so I have a clip I'm overlaying on top of another clip. I am editing out parts of the overlaid clip and was not getting the results I was expecting. I eventually realized that, even though I have deleted sections from the overlaid clip, they still play in the preview. I should clarify that there were sections in the middle of the overlaid clip that I deleted and the preview worked properly. The problem seems to be when I tried to delete the end of the overlaid clip. To put simply, the last 10 seconds of the overlaid clip continues to still show in the preview when playing even though it's deleted from and does not even appear in the sequence. I can click off the "eye" so that the overlaid clip doesn't show, and then the "base" clip will play as normal. I don't have time to experiment now, I have to be going (thought I could do these quick edits before I left) so I don't know if it would actually appear correct if exported and this is just a preview glitch. I'll have to experiment more later, but thought for now I'd see if there is an error on my end or if this is a known issue.
  22. This is why I needed the targeted zooming ability. You may or may not be familiar with TCAP, but I think you'll get the idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ4KACLEmVU
  23. Yeah, in the original they were just random channels I was flipping through. I got the idea to use VP's scale and positioning to put the Plan 9 trailer on the TV. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself ? If you notice, my counterpart walks in front of the screen at the end, so that took a bit of careful editing to get just right. One of the things that turned out just as I had hoped it would.
  24. I share with you my big project that I put together with VideoPad. I made a movie some 20 years ago with a friend and with the features of VP was able to put together a new version from original master takes and add 2018 special effects. I imagine you will spot the VP contributions And so, as if the world was clamoring for it, here is our sequel to Plan 9 From Outer Space. NOTE: Best viewed on a computer with good stereo speakers. Plan 19 From Outer Space
  25. Miggy

    Deleting Unused

    I don't believe so, as VIdeoPad uses "non-destructive editing". You can pull the needed 10 seconds down into a sequence and then export that to its own video. Then close the project (so VP is no longer tied to the 2 minute video) and then delete what you don't want directly from your hard drive.
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